Washing and instillation of drops into the child's nose, eyes, ears: algorithm, technique. The technique of washing the nose, eyes, and ear in children

Instilling drops into the eyes, nose, ears. Recommendations for washing the nose, ears and eyes.


  • Nasal flushing technique for children
  • Instructions for rinsing in the nose: technique, algorithm
  • Eye washing technique in children
  • Eye drop in the eye: technique, algorithm
  • Ear flushing technique in children
  • Instructions for dripping in the ear: technique, algorithm
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As a rule, young children are very negative about all the procedures associated with instillation and washing of the ears, eyes and nose. That's why sometimes parents have to go to little tricks so that the son or daughter react less violently to such treatment therapy.

But still, if you try to do it with some simple rules, then in the end your child will be more relaxed about these procedures. In view of this, let's figure out which algorithm of action will help you without any problems to rinse or drip ears and

nose to a small person.

Nasal Washing Technique for Children

Nasal Technique for Children

If you wash your nose for the first time, then remember that this procedure should be done only after both nares have been cleaned from the previously mitered mucus. If you do not, then no matter how hard you try, the medical fluid will not go out right.

Also do not forget that the washing liquid must be warm. If it is too cold or hot, it will cause quite a lot of discomfort in the baby and as a result, next time it is unlikely to agree to this procedure.

Yes, and remember that small children perceive almost all medical manipulations with bayonets. Therefore, it is better if before washing the nose you try to explain to the baby that it will not hurt, or even better show by own example that such therapy is completely painless.

The first way to wash the nose

If you want the nose flushing to pass as calmly as possible and was effective, then be sure to buy a special device in the nearest pharmacy. Outwardly, it looks like a kind of teapot, the nozzle of which can easily be inserted into the child's nostril. So, to begin with, prepare a washing solution and fill it with the device you purchased. After this, arrange the child in such a way that it was as comfortable as possible, but at the same time his head was turned to the side.

Next, pick up the filled device and begin to gently pour the liquid into the nostril, which is on top. Be sure to ask the child to hold his breath for the time of fluid intake. If you do everything right, the water will pass through the nasopharynx calmly and begin to pour out of the lower nostril.

The second way to wash the nose

If you want, you can carry out this procedure without using a special device. It can easily be replaced by an ordinary syringe or a small syringe. They, too, must first be filled with a warm solution, and then start using the same method with which we introduced you a little higher.

The truth in this case, you must remember that the liquid will not go by gravity. Therefore, you will have to constantly monitor so that it does not get into the nostrils under a strong pressure. If the solution is injected very quickly into the nose, it will injure the mucous membranes, which will lead to swelling and, as a consequence, even more nasal congestion.

Instruction of drops in the nose: technique, algorithm

Instruction of drops in the nose:

technique Many young parents consider the instillation of the nose a trivial procedure that does not require special skills. But in practice it often turns out that this procedure does not help much for a small child. What is the reason for this? More often parents instill their children with a nozzle without preliminary preparation and as consequence, the medicine simply can not render correct action.

Therefore, before proceeding directly to the procedure, be sure to clean the baby's nostrils from mucus and dry crusts. Also do not forget that the burial should be done in a certain position. At the child the head should be slightly thrown back. This will help to ensure that the therapeutic fluid will reach the furthest places of the nasopharynx.

Algorithm for instillation of the nose of a child :

  • In the first stage, disinfect the pipette, which will be injected into the nose. This can be done with the help of special disinfectants, which can be bought at any pharmacy.
  • After this place the child on a bed, sofa or changing table so that his head is located slightly below the trunk.
  • In the next step, rinse your hands thoroughly under running water and treat them with a disinfectant.
  • After this, proceed to cleaning the nostrils from the mucus and crusts. If you can not get them from there, then try to dilute them with a weak solution of furacilin.
  • Once the nostrils are cleaned, collect the drops in the pipette and, lifting the tip of the nose, insert it into one of the nostrils.
  • Release from the pipette literally 2-3 drops( on the outer wall of the nostrils) and gently press the wall of the nose with your finger.
  • Fix the baby in this position for one minute, and then repeat this manipulation with another nostril.

Eye Wash Technology for Children

Eye Wash Technology for Children

Eye wash, like any medical procedure, should be performed under the conditions of maximum sterility. Therefore, whenever possible, try to use for this purpose special solutions or antiseptic decoctions of herbs that have been thermally processed. Also remember that when washing it is necessary to change the wadded disk as often as possible.

Ideally, you should take another one immediately after you have once spent them on the places of suppuration. In case you do not have the opportunity to change it so often, then at least select a separate disk for each eye. If you do not, then one you will clear of dirt and pus, and another will infect more pathogenic bacteria.

Eye wash technique for a child :

  • Pour the eye wash liquid into a sterile container
  • Put the baby in a comfortable position
  • Put the medical gloves on your hands and proceed to the procedure
  • Moisten the cotton pad and slide them one eye
  • Move from the outer corner to theinternal
  • If the dirt can not be removed from the first time, repeat the manipulation again( preferably using a clean cotton pad)
  • As soon as the eye clears from the pus, blot it with a piece of gauze or dripgoy
  • soft tissue manipulation Repeat with the other eye

Instill drops in the eye technique,

algorithm Instill drops in the eye:

Appliances By burying the little child's eyes should be treated very seriously. Since in this case the drug will fall on very delicate mucous membranes, then this procedure is allowed only by sterile medication.

Therefore, it will be better if you do not prepare such funds yourself, but go to the pharmacy and buy the right medicine there. Yes, and remember that this tool must be selected by a qualified specialist. Only the doctor will be able to decide which particular drug you need and how much it can be buried in the eye.

Eye Dropping Technique:

  • Warming the medicine to the room procedure
  • Sitting the baby so that it gets a good light
  • Throwing his head and proceeding to the procedure
  • Putting on your hands medical gloves, with a sterile napkin pulling the lower eyelid
  • Next, ask the child to look up
  • Drip on the eyeball 2 drops of medicine and let the baby look down
  • After that, the eye can be closed and soaked remnants of the drug with a sterile napkin
  • The same procedure you need a dealand five different eye rinsing technique

ears of children

Ear flushing technique for children

If you decide to clean your ears yourself, then remember that you need to do this carefully. In case you will inject solution into the ear under a great pressure, then damage the eardrum and you will have problems with hearing. Also do not forget that the liquid you will use for this must be warm.

If it is cold, then you will probably subcool the auditory organ and as a result, you will have to fight also with otitis. Before carrying out the washing procedure, be sure to carry out special training that will help you soften the pressed sulfur plug.

To do this you will need to make a small cotton swab, moisten it in peroxide, and then lay it in the auricle. Just do not put it too deep. It will be quite enough if it only slightly will be in contact with the stopper. Even in this case, the peroxide will react with sulfur and as a result, the top layer of the cork will begin to break down. Leave a cotton swab in your ear until you hear a distinct hiss.

Technique for ear washing:

  • Be sure to warm the solution to room temperature
  • Place the child on a chair and slightly tilt his head
  • Put a warm liquid in the syringe, grasp the earlobe and enter its ear passage, start rinsing
  • Place under the ear the container in whichrun water with pieces of sulfur
  • Inject water as smoothly as possible, ensuring that the head is always the same
  • When the procedure is over, blot the ear with gauze or another sterile cloth
  • After thisturn on the dryer for warm air and dry the auricle finally
  • Try to keep warm air in no way blowing straight into the ear passage

Instilling drops into the ear: technique, algorithm

Instilling drops in the ear:

technique When instilling the ear, the baby is importanttake into account the fact that the means used should have a temperature that will not be lower or higher than the temperature of the human body. For heating, you will need to take a bottle of medicine in your hand and hold it for 15 minutes.

In case the solution is cold, immediately after instillation the baby will feel terrible discomfort in the ear canal, which can provoke severe dizziness.


  • Begin by boiling the pipet and cooling it to an acceptable temperature
  • Warm the drops and put them into the pipette
  • Keep it straight, so that the drops are only in the glass part
  • Put the baby on the desired side or just tilt his headin the sitting position
  • Grasp the hand by the earlobe and slightly pull it back
  • Bring the pipette to the ear passage and squeeze 3-4 drops of
  • Fix the baby's head in this position for 2 minutes
  • After the expirationthe time can allow the child to take a more comfortable position
  • Wait until the ear is completely dry and only then let him go out

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