How to reduce the stomach? Diet, a way to reduce the stomach without surgery

The gastric sac has elastic walls and is capable of stretching if it is regularly filled with plenty of food. Stretched stomach - a direct path to obesity and a number of concomitant serious diseases.

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  • What is the normal volume of the stomach? Causes of stretching
  • How does a large stomach affect a person's weight?
  • How to reduce the stomach without surgery?
  • How to reduce the stomach, reducing appetite?
  • How to reduce the stomach: diet 5 tablespoons
  • Diet rules 5 tablespoons
  • How to reduce the stomach at home: Exercise:
  • Gastrointestinal surgery: benefit and harm
  • Tips and feedback on stomach reduction
  • Video: Gastric diminution

Reduce stomach canboth through surgical intervention, and independently at home. We will talk about all the effective ways of this procedure, their benefits and harm.

What is the normal volume of the stomach? Reasons for stretching

An adult healthy person at one time can eat 2 cups of food, which roughly equa

ls 500-600 ml.

IMPORTANT: Fold your fists together and you will know the approximate size of your gastric bag, if, of course, it has not been stretched.

Various reasons lead to the fact that the stomach increases in size.

  • Permanent overeating
  • Food 1-2 times per day
  • Drinking food with water and other liquids
  • Meal without feeling hungry. People tend to eat from boredom, during nervous shocks, stresses, anxious states.
  • Fast food on the run, while watching TV, reading, etc.

The above reasons help increase the stomach from a normal 0.5 liter to 1-4 liters.

How does a large stomach affect a person's weight?

Nerve endings that send a signal to the brain about saturation are at the very top of the stomach. Accordingly, in order to satisfy the hunger, we need to fill the gastric sac to the brim. Stretched bag must be filled with several liters of food.

IMPORTANT: Strongly stretched stomach causes not only the accumulation of fat, which many consider an aesthetic problem. The body mass index of 40 and above becomes the risk of coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension, joint diseases, stroke.

How to reduce the stomach without surgery?

Surgical intervention is an extreme method for stretching the stomach. Having flexible walls, the gastric bag is capable of both expanding and contracting. There are following ways of non-surgically reducing stomach volume.

  1. Eat often , but in small portions. One serving is 250-300 grams of
  2. food. Do not drink food with water. Take a glass of liquid half an hour before meals and another as much - 45-60 minutes after a meal. Water, soaking before eating, will create an additional volume, which means that you will eat less than usual. Wiping food, you only expand the walls of the stomach even more.
  3. Do not overeat .Eat slowly and thoughtfully, thoroughly chew every bit. The feeling of satiety comes in 10-15 minutes after eating. Dimensional absorption of food will allow you to satisfy your hunger while eating, and not to feel full after you quickly "tossed" the food and as a result pereeli.
  4. Learn to recognize your appetite and not be bored with , anxiety, nerves or company. A well-fed person should not feel the urge to have a snack after hearing appetizing smells.
  5. A diet of five tablespoons described on our website.

IMPORTANT: Food is fuel for the human body, not the ultimate goal of its existence. Truly, the true saying is "Eat to live, and not live to eat."

How to reduce the stomach, reducing appetite?

The mechanism that causes human hunger acts in the same way as other living beings on the planet. Animals, feeling hungry, go to the prey. This is especially true of predators, who are forced to hunt, temporarily consuming fat stores. When hunger signals become stronger, predatory animals become more active and resort to increasingly sophisticated ways of obtaining food.

A person has no need to engage in prey. A light signal of appetite - and you can go to a supermarket, a restaurant or just go to the fridge.

The abundance of food and gave rise to the problem of modernity - obesity, accompanied by a stretching of the stomach.

By reducing your appetite, you will help the stomach to gradually regain its former size. This process does not take much time.

IMPORTANT: By starting to eat properly, in just 1-3 months you will significantly reduce the volume of the gastric sac by bringing it closer to normal.

Unlike animals, a person is exposed to additional factors that cause appetite. These are stressful situations, depression, neurosis, insomnia. In the case of stress and depression, food works like an antidepressant. A sleepless person needs more food to support the body in a tone.

IMPORTANT: The feeling of hunger is increasing, depending on the time of day and season. In autumn and winter, energy is required to warm the body, fat reserves are made. In the evening, there is also a tendency to accumulate energy before the night clock, and in the morning - to its consumption.

What can I do to control my appetite and contribute to this reduction of the stomach?
The advice is given by a nutritionist and psychotherapist Mikhail Ginzburg.

  • Stay in good spirits.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Do not starve, because after hunger or hard diets you will inevitably tear and your food will become messy.
  • Do not make severe restrictions for yourself. Eat everything you love, but a little.
  • Eliminate alcohol, as its use causes a desire to eat.

How to reduce the stomach: a diet of 5 tablespoons

A diet of 5 tablespoons is specifically designed to treat obesity and reduce stomach volume.

Rules of the diet 5 tablespoons

  • One meal is allowed to put no more than five tablespoons of food into the plate.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours, so that the body does not have time to get hungry.
  • In case of late departure to bed, eat, following the rules of the diet, and at night.
  • Eliminate sugar, sweet drinks with gas, packaged juices.

  • Drink from 1.5 liters of liquid. It can be pure drinking water, tea or natural coffee without the addition of sugar.
  • Eliminate foods that increase hunger. It's salty, spicy, pickled food, shop sauces.
  • Prepare yourself from natural and fresh products, give up semi-finished products.
  • Cook without adding oil and grease.

IMPORTANT: Tablespoon is just a symbol of control over yourself in this diet. Tablespoons differ in volume and can accommodate from 15 to 20 ml. It is easier to measure a portion in grams on a kitchen scale. One meal should not exceed 200 grams of any food.

How to reduce the stomach at home: Exercise:

There are sports that have a positive effect on the size of the stomach. Experts recommend yoga and belly dancing.

Try a simple but effective exercise , aimed at reducing the gastric sac.
Inhale deeply to expand the chest. Then let out all the air and, without inhaling, strongly retract the press. In this position, hold for 10 seconds, relax. Repeat the exercise 30 times, perform it daily.

IMPORTANT: Exercise is most effective on an empty stomach. It is best to practice from morning to breakfast, because in the evening even several hours after eating your stomach can not be called empty.

Gastrointestinal surgery: benefit and harm

IMPORTANT: As a rule, all people with a high body mass index( BMI) of the body have this or that degree of stretching of the stomach. To know your BMI, your weight in kilograms is divided by the squared height in meters( weight: height in squares).BMI to 25 says about the norm of your weight, over 25 begins overweight.

As for operations to reduce the stomach, they are shown to people whose BMI has crossed the border of 40. Also, surgical intervention is prescribed for diseases that do not allow you to lose weight through diets and sports.

  1. Ballooning - reduction of the stomach by 40%.This is not even the truncation of excess stomach, but the introduction of a balloon with a liquid that takes up space and thereby allows you to eat less. Ballooning is allowed with a BMI of 30-35.
  2. Banding - reduction of the stomach by 50%.The stomach turns into a special ring, in which, after 2 months, a saline solution is introduced through the tube, thereby reducing the gastric sac. Bandage is put forever. In some cases, the bandage is relaxed after a while. For such reasons, the psychological rejection of the fact that a day consumes only a few spoons of food.
  3. Truncation and shunting - a 60% reduction in the stomach. This is the most serious trimming operation that gives a lifelong result. A significant part of the stomach is cut off, which forces a person to lose weight by 50-60% of the initial weight in just 6 months.
    Such an operation is prescribed exclusively with a BMI over 40, when a patient who is obese and other ailments can not cope with the problem of extra pounds himself.

In addition to the undoubted positive effect - reducing the stomach and losing weight - surgical intervention has a number of drawbacks.
This is expensive operations, their high soreness, a long rehabilitation period.

IMPORTANT: After the operation, one way or another you will still have to change your way of life: exercise, watch for food. Add to this pain during and after the procedure. Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on such an important step as the truncation of the stomach.

Tips and feedback on stomach reduction

Stress is one of the most common causes of seizure in the modern world. Try to learn to cope with stressful situations without compromising one's health.

Get more rest and relaxation so that your mood is even. Try aromatherapy , soothing activities , meditation .Take bath , contrast shower , more walk in the fresh air , communicate with those people with whom you are comfortable .

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