Sea-buckthorn candles - an effective remedy for hemorrhoids at all stages

One of the most common diseases in men and women is the increase in hemorrhoids, formed on the veins of the rectum, in which the nodes move downwards, and even fall out.

Dysfunction is to increase arterial blood flow in the rectum, with a significant decrease in the outflow of blood through the cavernous veins. In this regard, damaged veins, filled with blood, stretch and cause a painful condition.

All this delivers tremendous discomfort to the patient, in connection with which the treatment of hemorrhoids is necessary at an early stage, when the symptoms just made themselves felt and do not wait for thrombosis of the nodes and their bleeding.

Doctors do not know the exact cause of the disease, however, heredity and sedentary lifestyle are considered the most probable.

Such factors as chronic diarrhea, intestinal problems( constipation), improper nutrition, smoking and alcohol abuse will provoke the appearance of hemorrhoids.


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  • Properties of sea buck
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  • Sea buckthorn candles and their place in the treatment of hemorrhoids
  • What effect does the body have?
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  • How to apply effectively and safely?
  • It will help almost everyone except extremely severe cases
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The stages of the disease

There are four stages of hemorrhoids development:

  1. In the first stage of ( initial) the disease causes a slight itch and is hardly noticed by anyone. When the vein becomes filled with blood and a nodule appears, acute pain begins to appear, which can not be removed by anything. This is the first degree of the disease. Painkillers or ointments are powerless here. Neither warming baths in the area of ​​the anal passage, nor enemas with healing solutions, will not help. Nodes can be internal or external, and observe a mixed hemorrhoid, in which both internal and external nodes are formed.
  2. The second stage of the disease is more complicated, because the nodes can fall out of the anal passage during defecation. But they can still be set inward independently, while the condition is much easier, but not for long.
  3. The third stage of hemorrhoids is when the nodes already fall out involuntarily with minimal physical exertion. They have already significantly increased in size. But they can still be filled in.
  4. The fourth stage of is characterized by a constant prolapse of nodes from the anus, and it is impossible to correct them. They can bleed profusely, thrombosis begins. Nodes that have fallen out can be infringed, causing severe pain, there is a strong swelling of the rectum. In this case, urgent help is needed proctologist.

Properties of sea buckthorn oil

Our ancestors have long noticed that a tree such as sea-buckthorn has useful for human fruits.

Northern olives are also called sea buckthorn because of the large content of various types of oils in its berries. Combining several substances in the optimal proportion and concentration, contributes to the unique composition of the oil.

It has regenerating properties, restores the internal and external tissues( skin) of the body. Among the curative substances:

  • carotene;
  • carotenoids;
  • tocopherols;
  • is linoleic and palmitic acid.

The composition of the sea buckthorn oil includes a huge number of basic, exchange-stabilizing vitamins - A, E, B and C, as well as, the most important trace elements - Mg, Mn, Fe, Ni, Si, Ca, K.

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Very important are organic acids, phytoncides, tannins. Yellow-orange color berries attached to a group of carotenoids. More than in sea buckthorn oil, they are not in any other oil.

Rich in oil and vitamin C - the main vitamin, without which there can be no complete synthesis and metabolism.

Sea-buckthorn candles and their place in the treatment of hemorrhoids

Candles with sea-buckthorn are the oil itself and wax, as an additional ingredient, which is added for curing suppositories from hemorrhoids. They are orange in color, greasy to the touch.

When injected into the anal opening, quickly dissolve and instantly begin to act.

It is obvious from the composition of the sea buckthorn oil that it has a wonderful regenerating effect. Also, substances can effectively fight viruses and microbes.

This predetermined the position of sea-buckthorn in the treatment of many diseases, including hemorrhoids. Candles with sea-buckthorn oil are safe, affordable and highly effective for patients of any age and sex.

Quite often cases of curing the disease in those cases where surgical treatment is already recommended.

What is the effect on the body?

The use of sea-buckthorn candles has a complex therapeutic effect on the body:

  1. Healing of cracks, wounds, ulcers in the rectum and their regeneration .
  2. Reducing the rectal mucosa occurs very quickly. Active substances help to speed up the work of immune cells. This helps to remove the inflammation, itching, swelling, pain.
  3. As a result, suppresses the production of histamine , which provokes and aggravates the inflammatory process, and pain and itching disappear.
  4. The antibacterial properties of candles destroy bacteria that can cause staphylococcus, E. coli, salmonella.
  5. The work of the components is to quickly suck them into the rectal mucosa, enveloping the affected tissues and to soften the burning sensation of the .
  6. The edema of , caused by inflammation, immediately disappears, the pain syndrome disappears. The cracks and cracks of the anus, caused by dry faeces, heal instantly, thanks to the magic properties of sea buckthorn oil.

Wide field of use

Sea-buckthorn candles quickly eliminate proctitis, microcracks in the anus, are treated for colpitis, ulcers and erosion.

Proctologists prescribe treatment of sea-buckthorn candles for all patients. Hemorrhoids can be successfully treated in all stages with using suppositories.

If the drug is regularly used together with a diet and other procedures, the treatment is successful, with a visible and noticeable result within 2-3 days.

Patients on the advice of a physician should adjust the diet or use a diet to prevent constipation. In the diet includes many foods with high fiber content - oatmeal, fruits and vegetables.

How to apply effectively and safely?

Before using the sea-buckthorn candles for hemorrhoids treatment, it is necessary to read the instructions for use. It is usually always in the package with the drug.

Apply sea-buckthorn suppositories mainly at bedtime.

Before the introduction, it is necessary to clean the intestines, the most practical way is enemas. Rectal suppositories are placed only after complete or partial clearing of the intestine.

Introduce a candle in the rectum as deeply as possible, for this you need to relax the body, take a pose "lying."

After the introduction of the candle, in this position remain about half an hour. Affect the affected area, sea buckthorn oil reduces pain, does not cause a state of discomfort. Only one candle can remove the edema, heal a microcrack, remove the itch.

It does not take much time. In the morning, there is already considerable relief. Rectal suppositories prescribed by a proctologist for acute hemorrhoids are applied 2 to 4 times a day. Duration of treatment is about 2 weeks.

Often, when entering the suppository inside the rectum, the patient may feel a burning sensation. This should not be feared, as this is a short-term phenomenon and it will pass independently after a while.

After watching the video, you will learn how to cure of hemorrhoids using buckthorn candles:

It will help almost everyone except extremely severe cases.

Effective remedy for hemorrhoids -gloves with sea buckthorn oil, are used only in the presence of disease.

They are safe and harmless in the 1-3 stages of hemorrhoids. They have only one contraindication - an individual intolerance to the drug, namely, sea buckthorn oil.

With the fourth stage of the disease, the operating method of treatment and the suppository are prescribed, practically useless in the treatment of the huge, bloody nodes of the rectum that fall out.

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Expert opinion

Having studied the opinions of proctologists, it is possible to find out that sea-buckthorn candles really help to cure hemorrhoids in the initial stages. Doctors prescribe them to most of their patients.

In the appointment of therapeutic treatment with suppositories, a rapid therapeutic effect is manifested and comes.

In the first three stages of the disease, the drug makes it possible to avoid surgery, which has a very positive effect on the patients' condition. The only thing that can complicate the treatment is untimely contact with a doctor.

Collected at the special forums

Patients note the high effectiveness of the drug. Candles with sea buckthorn perfectly cope with their tasks: relieve swelling and pain in the rectum, quickly heal wounds and cracks, stop bleeding and remove the itching - it is recommended to study individual reviews that confirm this.

I no longer hoped that the disease could be cured. Hemorrhoids have been torturing me for a long time, because I work 10-12 hours a day while driving a car.

The prescribed treatment with suppositories with sea buckthorn oil was very effective. Without interrupting his work, he underwent a course of treatment at home and the condition radically improved.


In the beginning of pregnancy, itching and burning in the rectum. I went to the doctors, I was prescribed candles with sea buckthorn oil. Has helped or assisted at once, in 2 weeks all has passed or has taken place.


Price of the issue

Candles with sea buckthorn oil are produced at 0.3g, 0, 35g, 0.5g, and the price for the drug, which starts from 80-120 rubles, depends on the dosage.

The cost also depends on the manufacturer of the drug:

  • Nizhpharm produces 5 candles in a cell package( 2pcs) and sells in the network for 119 rubles;
  • Dalhimfarm produces the same products, a pack of 2 packages, candles of 0.5 g in the same proportions, sells for 86 rubles;
  • Farmaprim SRL, Moldova sells suppositories at a price of 82 rubles.

Amazing natural remedy - suppositories, have become an excellent solution to the delicate problem. Sea-buckthorn candles are so effective that the expected effect exceeds all possible hopes.

They are harmless and natural, affordable and can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription.

Insidious disease can occur without any warning. To avoid being caught unawares, preventive measures should be taken.

Regular and balanced diet, avoiding hemorrhoids. Do not interfere with the active way of life and exercise. Abandonment of bad habits, too, contributes to the prevention of the disease.

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