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Shirt with a short sleeve is a popular thing for both men and women. It is chosen by fans of youth style, as well as lovers of bright and original images. Not everyone knows that such clothes can become an assistant in creating an office bow or even an elegant evening image. How to wear shirts with a short sleeve, so that the image always looked inimitable?

Women's shirts and their combination with

clothes Many ladies can not imagine their daily wardrobe without this important thing. On a combination with her everyday images are built, because the shirt looks both sexy and original, adding to any bow the share of youth chic. What kind of combinations for beautiful ladies can you think of?

  • Such a thing goes well with jeans and colorful trousers.
  • If the girl wants to create a more sexy image, then she should think about adding a shirt with jeans and leather shorts.
  • These clothes look great together with short jeans skirts.
  • Women's sleeveless shirt can complement the classic look, if combined with straight trousers.

It is very important to pay attention to the styles of women's shirts. So, for example, a model with a bright checkered pattern is unlikely to look great with classic trousers. This kind of clothes looks best within the framework of street style, and it can be supplemented with denim shorts or denim trousers. Bright monochrome models will look good with straight cut trousers or with jeans.

To create an office style, perhaps, only classic sleeveless shirts of reserved shades are suitable. If the lady does not want to choose classic white, then she should stop on menthol color, in yellow or light blue. Such models look restrained and emphasize ladies' elegance.

Now very popular models are made of denim sleeveless. Such a thing of light blue color will be perfectly combined with jeans of different styles. If a lady wants to add to this bow notes of freedom and relaxation, then she should supplement the image with slips or sandals at low speed.

Also the girl can try to create with the help of a shirt and an original evening image. She should choose classic trousers-puffs, which can be supplemented with a white or light pink shirt without sleeves in combination with a tie. Such an image, perhaps, will be too contradictory, but lovers of shocking the public will remain completely delighted with him.

A combination of men's shirts with an everyday wardrobe

Men's sleeveless models are a must-have for every mod. Sometimes it seems that without this element of the wardrobe does not do any image of a man in hot weather.

The most frequent option, which can be found on the streets of the city, are shorts to the knees of bright colors combined with a sleeveless shirt.

Color combinations here can be very different, however, if a man chooses bright shorts, he should prefer the top of more reserved shades. Otherwise, the image will look comical. To combine a fashionable shirt without sleeves to men it is possible with the following clothes:

  • with jeans of different styles;
  • with colorful trousers that have not gone out of fashion for several seasons;
  • with denim shorts to the knees.

Each of these options will advantageously emphasize the male style, in harmony with the inner "I" of the mod.

Shirts for guys usually differ in free style and brightness of the coloring. Such clothes should not be lavishly decorated with decorative elements, as this deprives the fashionista of masculinity. You should also avoid overly original shirts, for example, where the fabric is combined with the skin, creating a very bizarre effect. This element of the wardrobe is unlikely to fit into the everyday bow, and it will look ridiculous.

Men, just like the fairer sex, can easily fit such a shirt into the office style. That's only for this you need to skillfully combine this clothing with a variety of jackets. If the fashionista will use a sleeveless shirt with classic trousers, forgetting about the jacket, the image will turn out to be very controversial and not suitable for business meetings.

In cold weather, the can be supplemented with a bow with a similar thing using a leather jacket. This jacket, along with the shirt and jeans looks very stylish and youthful bold.

You can also supplement the autumn image with a coat of oversize size.

Shoes for such images with a shirt are better to choose on the brink of classics. For example, simple shoes with restrained colors or even classic shoes will do.

Children's shirts and their place in the everyday wardrobe

Baby models are great for those kids who are already starting to follow their style from an early age. Usually parents choose bright and colorful things, because they look very interesting on their children. With what is it worth combining such models without sleeves, so that the child at a young age stopped in the mod?

  1. Both shirts for the boy, and models for the girl can be combined with a variety of colors trousers of free style.
  2. Jeans also will perfectly match with this element of the wardrobe.
  3. Young parents can create a bow for a girl with a light skirt and sleeveless shirt.
  4. The boy can pick up free shorts to the knees, which perfectly complement the shirt.

Here it is very important to remember the basic practicality of things in everyday wear. The shirt should not impede the movements of the child or too tighten his body. Also, do not buy models from materials that do not breathe, as this will cause the appearance of sweating all over the body. Many parents refuse to purchase models of light colors, because young researchers manage to get them dirty pretty quickly.

As well as adult sleeveless shirts, models for children perfectly match with leather jackets and light coats. They can also be supplemented with a denim jacket, creating an unforgettable autumn image for the child for each day.

If parents want a child's bow to look extremely simple and practical, then you should supplement your shirt with ordinary jeans or denim shorts to the knee. If the jeans still have an interesting cut or an unusual print, the image will definitely be unforgettable.

Since sleeveless shirts are now at the peak of popularity in adults, parents can take care of the creation of paired family images. So, for example, mom and daughter can combine a similar thing with denim overalls and with slips on a thick sole. Two images that echo each other, will look extremely balanced and original.

With what not to wear such shirts

When wondering what you can wear a sleeveless shirt, modern mods are extremely confident that such clothes are combined with almost all things, just to match the color of the different items of the wardrobe. In fact, this thing implies its limitations, which you should know about.

  • Firstly, this shirt is not very suitable for combining with skirts with a length below the knees. The romantic style of the skirt itself contradicts the youthful insolence of the shirt, which makes the whole image crumpled and unnatural.
    If a lady wants to add something to a long skirt, then she should choose either a fitted t-shirt or an elegant blouse.
  • Secondly, fashionable pants-kyulots with such a thing just do not look, despite all attempts to give an optimal harmony. These trousers with a length just below the knees and with wide trousers can be supplemented with a blouse without sleeves or a beautiful body.
  • Third, men should forget about the combination of such a shirt with short sports shorts. This image looks very contradictory and not attractive. Combine such shorts should only be with free-style t-shirts and with T-shirts.

Often like a shirt they prefer to use as outerwear to complement a T-shirt or a crochet-top. This option is suitable for those ladies who are going to supplement the image with shorts or jeans. If the shirt itself has a colorful, bright print, then the color of the top should be more restrained, without unusual drawings. In this case, playing on balance between restraint and brightness, a girl can make her image extraordinary.

This kind of thing can be used to create an image in the cowboy style. In this case, it should be combined with jeans of free cut, with closed shoes on a small heel and with a cowboy hat. Onion in the style of the Wild West will always be relevant, and here the main thing is not to overdo it with the number of accessories.

Really stylish clothes are good because it can look different in a few images. Competently combining a shirt without sleeves, both man and woman can create an inimitable bow that fits into modern fashion trends. Here the most important thing is not to be afraid to experiment, having in your arsenal not only a large wardrobe, but also an inimitable sense of style that will not allow annoying mistakes in the formation of the bow.

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