Proper home care for leather shoes

Leather shoes are the most durable among shoes from other materials, it will serve not for one year, but its appearance will have to be taken care of separately. Proper care will not only preserve the integrity of the shoes, but also preserve the appearance of the product as if you bought the shoes just yesterday and it is still new.

  • Basic care instructions
  • How to wash
  • Drying the product
  • Than lubricating
  • Storage requirement

Basic care instructions

This includes the following maintenance requirements:

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How to wash

First thing after you came home andremoved shoes, it must be washed or wiped, depending on the degree of contamination. For this, it is permissible to use warm water, the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees. For cleansing it is allowed to use only the means intended for skin care, to use the same household chemistry is contraindicated, from it there can be divorces and attritions. Not too dirty shoes, including lacquered, will simply be wiped with a damp cloth.

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Drying the product

Many people dry their shoes, leaving it next to heat sources. This can not be done categorically. Under the influence of heat, shoes can deform, the skin will shrink, cake, lose structure. After washing, wipe the shoes with a dry cloth. If the moisture got inside, you can use the old grandmother's method - put a crumpled newspaper inside. If the shoes are very wet, then change the newspaper several times, as it is moistened. Do not forget to pull out the insole, if they are not leather, you can dry them on the battery.

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Than to lubricate

Clean shoes should be periodically moistened and treated with special means. Also for these purposes, normal glycerin is suitable. Applying it, let the glycerine soak, remove excess with a clean cloth or paper towel.

If the weather is hot and dry, then air conditioning is actual. Use the shoe conditioner for processing, it can be applied not only to dry, but also to a wet surface.

The shoe cream completes the care, it is advisable to choose it in quality and color. Begin using the cream at least half an hour after wiping your shoes. Apply a thin layer of cream, if the layer is too thick, the streaks will be visible, dust will begin to stick to the shoes. Allow the cream to soak and then you can wipe the surface of the shoes with a soft cloth, which will enhance the shine.

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Storage requirement

It is desirable that the leather footwear as little as possible is idle on the shoe mezzanine, even if now it is a season and you use it. It is preferable that the shoes, after the care procedure, be placed in separate fabric covers that were with it during the sale, and then into their box. This will reduce the risk of drying the skin. The same thing should be done after the end of the season. If the box is not there, store shoes in a place where direct rays of the sun do not penetrate, there is no dust and moisture. Put special straighteners in the shoes, and if they are not, then simply stuff it with newspapers, it will not let it lose its shape or wrinkle.

Periodically for the season shoes need to get and check its condition, treat with moisturizers if necessary.

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