Carving for different length of hair with a photo before and after

Hair carving is a kind of chemical wave, it is created by a special composition that does not spoil the hair. After treatment with means for carving, the hair is wound on curlers, for a chemical wave, the desired diameter. Withstand hair in this form for a certain time, and then wash off the product. Such long-term salon hair styling gives the hairdress an unusual texture and saves time every day to create flowing curls.

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  • Long hair
  • Medium length hair
  • Short hair
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Photos before and after

A bright selection of carving photos before and after will help the ladies to present the final result after the salon procedure.

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For long hair

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Medium length hair

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For short hair

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  • Carving does not spoil the hair( does not dry, does not break the ends).This procedure, unlike chemical perm, can be done every 2-3 months, and chemistry only once a year.
  • Hair after carving does not need to be sheared or straightened with harmful means, the curls themselves will even out in time.
  • Hair after the procedure does not require special care and purchase of special products, you can use the usual shampoos and balms.
  • Carving curls allow you to model different voluminous hair styles.
  • The carving mixture has an easy drying effect for the scalp( this is an excellent help to owners of fast-fading hair).
Carving lasts for a long time on short hair and medium hair - 2-3 months, on long hair, the wavy effect lasts 1-2 months.
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  • Carving is a gentle chemical perm, but still it damages weakened and clarified hair.
  • Carving is not suitable for light, clarified and newly-colored hair.
  • The procedure for creating ringlets should not be done on thin and visited hair, first you need to carry out full-fledged complexes for their restoration.
  • Sensitive scalp may cause various kinds of irritation.
  • You can paint your hair after carving for at least a week.
  • Carving is prohibited during pregnancy and during lactation.
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