How to pose on a photo shoot

In our time, you rarely see those who are negative about the art of photography. Yes, and fans to participate, both in professional and amateur photoshoots significantly increased. And the number of them is growing every day. But quantity, it's not always quality. In other words, to love to be photographed does not mean to be able to be photographed. The latter, unfortunately, the majority. To advantageously differ on their background, it is not superfluous to master the basics of posing.

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Why is it important to know

It's because of the amateur approach in carrying out professional shooting all kinds of social networks, blogs are simply filled up with low-quality shots that a sensible photographer would not even browse.

Of course, if you are photographed simply for yourself, without trying to implement the idea within the genre and style, then with you and bribes - are smooth. Nobody will judge ordinary photos. But, in the event that there is at least a hint of art, it is here that those who understand what they are talking about will come first.

Many admire the beauty and compositional unity of the staff with a portfolio of good photographers or models and want to get the same photo. But in this case, the result is usually not a good result, but a simple parody. Why is it so? The answer is quite simple. Professional photo session always involves preliminary preparation, which includes many aspects. It all starts with choosing an idea that is displayed within the style. This includes working out an image for a photo shoot: choosing a hairstyle, makeup, accessories, clothes, attributes, choosing a place for shooting( studio, interior, exit shooting) and, importantly, choosing suitable posing options.

It is superficial knowledge in terms of posing, sometimes make a photo shoot punning, because each style can have its own poses, which, more often than not already can not be used in other styles.

There is, however, and so-called, standard posing, which itself was synthesized in the world of gloss. The standards are set by fashion magazines and leading photographers in the world, and we do not have to change them, especially since they are not derived theoretically, but by long-term practices and hundreds of thousands of examples. Next, we will detail the issue of posing in a photo session, revealing his main secrets. Conditionally we will divide it into standard and posing within the framework of the original( stylistic) photo shoot. If in the first case, posing is intended to emphasize your external merits rather than in the second case, everything is based on acting, and the main task of poses is to match the thematic genre chosen for the shoot.

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Poses for standard photo shoots

Standard poses are the result of the work of leading glossy magazines and to understand what it is all about, you just have to look through a couple of them and watch professional models.

The original purpose of such poses is the advertisement of a product or service, while the model, as an individual, is of little interest, unless only when the brand represents a celebrity. But it's all about commercial photo sessions. For all other cases, for example, when you are photographed yourself, the goal of the standard postures is already different and consists in emphasizing the advantageous sides of the model. In other words, now the model is in the main role.

Standard posing allows you to emphasize all the advantages and hide flaws. But, if you have perfect parameters, and you know exactly what your angles are, there are no limitations in the choice of poses. For those who, in one way or another, are dissatisfied with something in some way, and more often for that two main reasons - low growth and excess weight, you will have to give up some poses categorically. They only emphasize shortcomings.

Exclude the following poses:

  • Poses in which it is necessary to "scatter" the limbs. Do not place your legs heavily, do not throw your arms to the sides and up;
  • Excluded from the lower angles, which visually only exacerbates the shortcomings, but it can be smoothed by shooting from above;
  • It is worth to abandon the poses where you stand or sit with your back to the photographer and turn on him. It is better to replace them with the following pose: to become or sit in a profile, then turn to the photographer only with the body;
  • You need to use caution and poses, where you have to stoop and bend. In particular, this applies to plump girls.
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Best poses for photo shoots look here

The standard posing in the photo shoots provides a glamorous, pathos or romantic style. You should be confident in yourself, do not clench, literally, do not overstrain muscles, especially the neck. Relax will help a beautiful image for a photo shoot: make a bright fashion make-up, a stylish hairstyle, dress according to club, youth or evening fashion and add accessories. The new image will be the best motivating dope in any photo shoot and will always make you feel more confident.

If you feel clenched in the muscles or in mimicry - shake, pokrivlyaytes seconds 20. Make a five-minute break and how to stretch the whole body.

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Poses for genre photo shoots

Under the original styles are meant those that are not used often both in professional and amateur photo sessions. This includes popular and less popular styles: classic, retro, vamp, drama, retro drama, fantasy, cosplay, hippies, folk motifs and so on. Positions in this case should be with a touch of acting. It is not enough just to work out the image, it is still necessary and play it as if you were on the stage of a famous theater. It is theatricality that must be present in the posing, and with it everything that would be simply inappropriate and stupid in standard poses for glossy styles.

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Theatricality should be manifested in emotions, gestures, gusts. Just take a pose from the standard list and add a game to it - thereby getting used to the image.

In order for this to happen, there is an unwritten "rule of the first hundred frames" in the photo shoot, that's how many personnel should be made, as many photographers believe, so that the model can finally enter the role and be completely liberated. It is from this that the result of your labor will depend. So, if you are not confident in your abilities, do not aim immediately at complex styles in photo shoots, try something from a non-genre photo, where emotions, although necessary, are not so important. For example, here you can include the style of "grunge", "steampunk", to some extent, "hippies" and "people's motives."

Learn about the popular youth style in clothes called grunge

Feeling on yourself all the fun of this genre photo shoot, noting your strengths and weaknesses, you probablyYou will not refuse from the most complex styles in terms of the idea transfer through posing, which includes "drama", "dark", "cosplay", etc.

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