7 ways to know you like a guy or not

Girls often experience, trying to understand how to treat this or that guy. You communicate, get along well, but nothing happens after that. How do you know if you like the guy or not? Is it worth it to show initiative or for him you are just a friend? In fact, there are only 7 simple ways, knowing which you can understand the feelings of any man.

  • Non-verbal signals
  • Communication
  • Initiative
  • Attention
  • Openness
  • Proximity
  • Interest

Non-verbal signals

The body language of a person can tell about his feelings much more than words. Learning to determine these signals, "reading" people will become much easier. In order not to be in an awkward situation, you should know what to look for. Non-verbal signals that speak of the guy's sympathy:

  • Often leans in your direction. Invasion of the girl's private space speaks about the great interest of the guy to her person.
  • Much looks at you. A direct and long or shy and shy look indicates an undoubted interest in you.

  • Pay attention to the movement of his fingers, hands, feet. Chaotic, excess movement of the limbs indicates a strong excitement.
  • Begins to bring his wardrobe in order. As soon as you appear in his field of vision, the guy begins to straighten his shirt, tie his shoelaces on his shoes, blow off invisible motes from his clothes, and also tries to smooth his hair. This behavior indicates that it is important for him to look good in front of you. So, the guy unconsciously tries to please you.
  • Frequent touches. Pay attention to all the "accidental" touches of your interlocutor. Frequent friendly embraces or light touch indicate that the guy is attracted to you.

In fact, it's far from all non-verbal signs of sympathy, but only the main ones. If you want to go deeper into the study of the language of bodies, then for this you will need to read more than one book on psychology.

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A lot about the attitude of a guy to you can be learned from simple, simple communication. Any man tries to attract the attention of a girl he likes. Most likely, it will be expressed in:

  • is not his usual manner of speech;
  • numerous attempts to release a successful joke;
  • loud laughter.

In general, a man will try to impress you. Another sign that he likes you is to praise yourself. Believe me, self-love has nothing to do with it, just so he tries to please you.

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If the guy really is keen on you, then he will show initiative in communication, although at the initial stage it will look like patronage. Observe, who is the first of you two who calls another or calls to go to a cafe? The first initiative will always be the one who has feelings stronger. Also note whether he is moving closer to you in the cafe, whether he puts his hand on the back of your chair. And after a joint walk, he offered you his sweater so that you warmed up? If all these signs were, then rest assured, he likes you.

Read also the list of compliments of adjectives http://woman-l.ru/spisok-komplimentov-prilagatelnyx-muzhchine-i-parnyu/ for man and boy
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If during your communication the guy is distracted by the things surrounding him or, listening to you, with eyes escorting passers-by people, so you do not cause any special interest. A man who likes a woman will never be distracted and inattentive, he will catch every word of her and laugh at any of her jokes.

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Openness to

The openness of a person is one of the main signs of sympathy. He may not be afraid to look ridiculous in your eyes or not beware of sharing personal problems with you. If the guy does not hesitate to show his emotions and feelings, and is also not afraid to trust you with some of his little secrets, then he definitely sympathizes with you.

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If you like a man, then do not be surprised if he will seek with you intimacy. In the company of mutual friends, he will definitely be close to you, he will start a minor conversation, just to attract your attention. Also do not be surprised if the guy will try to take you out of the noisy company to continue communication in a quieter place.

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If suddenly a young man began to show interest in your hobbies, then it is possible that he feels sympathy for you. Show this interest can be in a variety of areas, for example, he can begin to be interested in the same music that you listen to. Or did you tell him about your favorite film, which he had not even heard of before, and the day after he discusses the plot of this picture with you, then this is a sure sign that you are not indifferent to him.

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On these basic signs, you can determine what feelings a young man feels for you. However, it should be borne in mind that relations can not develop according to certain standards, so it is always worth listening to not only the voices of your mind, but also the voices of the heart.


Now I understand what the guy liked. I just do not know everything, should I consider him my young man or not? Suddenly for him I'm just a friend with whom I'm interested?

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