Useful properties and contraindications to spinach for the human body

Spinach is less common in our country than in other European countries, for example, in France. Perhaps this is due to the lack of bright taste or a short shelf life. However, the rich chemical composition of this leafy vegetable makes it increasingly in demand. Before buying, you should pay attention to the useful properties and contraindications to spinach for the human body.

  • chemical composition
  • Useful properties
  • How to choose
  • How to use
  • How to store
  • Methods
  • therapeutic use
  • To raise
  • tone and endurance with abscesses and
  • insect bites If bloating, cramps, spasms
  • When
  • atherosclerosis inabscesses and eczema
  • With depression
  • With a nervous strain
  • With hemorrhoids
  • For purification of the digestive tract
  • With anemia
  • With cramps
  • For weight loss
  • The cosmetic
  • facial toner
  • mask acne
  • Rejuvenating Mask
  • mask of freckles
  • The culinary
  • salad with spinach and walnuts
  • salad with spinach and tuna
  • soup with spinach and pasta
  • Spinach with meat
  • harm and contraindications

chemical composition

This leaf vegetable is low-calorie - 23 kilocalories per 100 grams of product, while by the amount of protein it has an advantage among other vegetables, except peas and string beans.

Nutritional value per 100 grams of spinach is:

  • Proteins - 2.9 grams;
  • Fats - 0.3 grams;
  • Carbohydrates - 2 grams;
  • Water - 91.6 grams;
  • Dietary fiber - 1.3 grams;
  • Ash - 1.8 grams;
  • Organic acids - 0.1 grams.

This vegetable has a rich vitamin and mineral composition( % of daily allowance):


  • K - 402.4%;
  • А - 83,3%;
  • С - 61,1%;
  • В9 - 20%;
  • E - 16.7%;
  • B2 - 13,9%;
  • B1 - 6.7%;
  • PP - 6%.


  • Potassium - 31%;
  • Magnesium - 20.5%;
  • Calcium - 10,6%;
  • Phosphorus - 10,4%.

Trace elements:

  • Iron - 75.1%;
  • Manganese - 44,9%;
  • Zinc - 4.4%.
This vegetable is of value as a source of vitamin C, carotene, nitrogenous substances, iron salts. And canned and frozen greens preserves the composition of fresh plants. Vitamins A and C are not destroyed in spinach, even when exposed to heat. Therefore, it is often used in baking.

In this green, there is a large range of interchangeable and essential amino acids, as well as saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

It is interesting that the chemical composition of this product can vary, based on the conditions of its cultivation. A significant influence on it is provided by fertilizers: depending on their components, the content of spinach in useful substances is formed( with potassium supplementation, its index in vegetable grows, iodine - its value increases threefold, and so on).

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Useful properties

Healing properties of spinach owe its saturated vitamins and minerals to the composition. Useful properties of the vegetable are:

  • Stabilization of metabolic processes in the body, lowering of blood sugar level. The presence of easily digestible iodine is useful for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland. Low calorie content of the product allows you to use it with diabetes. The same is due to the benefits of spinach for weight loss.
  • Raising the tone of the body. Vegetables are shown with reduced appetite, for rehabilitation after chemotherapy, severe diseases, surgical intervention. When depleted, this product promotes better protein absorption. In these cases, the most beneficial is the young spinach.
  • The benefits and damages of spinach for women's health is determined by their chemical composition. Vegetable helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood due to the presence of easily digestible iron. It contains a large vitamin and mineral complex, so it is recommended to take into account the benefits and harm of spinach during pregnancy.
  • This product is preferably used for gastritis, enterocolitis, hypertension and other diseases of blood vessels and heart, pathologies of the nervous system. In the latter case, it inhibits the aging process, enhances mental efficiency.
  • Severe anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended for use in diseases of teeth, gums, mouth and throat.
  • The use of spinach for children in its easy digestibility. It strengthens the immune system, increases the efficiency and endurance of the body. In this case, it is useful to use spinach juice, taking into account the benefits and harm.
  • Regenerative effect. Pasta from this vegetable is used in the treatment of burns.
  • Antioxidant properties of spinach contribute to the removal of toxins, carcinogens, radionuclides from the body. This determines its use in radiation sickness. Vegetable prevents the development of cancer.
  • The benefits of spinach for men are due to the presence of zinc, which increases the synthesis of testosterone. Fatty polyunsaturated acids have a positive effect on the potency, folic acid salts contribute to the blood filling of the genital organ.
  • A significant amount of fiber stabilizes the digestive tract: eliminates constipation, normalizes motor skills, cleanses the intestines.
  • Regular use of the vegetable has a healing effect on the hair, skin, nails.
  • The benefits and harms of spinach for blood are determined by groups of useful substances. They have a beneficial effect on her condition, help coagulability, strengthen the vascular network.
  • Diuretic, antiscorbutic, anti-cellulite effect.
  • Strengthening effect on the organs of vision due to the content of lutein. Regular use of this product prevents the emergence of retinal dystrophy.
  • The ability to retain potassium in bone tissue due to a significant content of vitamin K. This helps to suppress the damaging effects of osteoclasts and strengthen bones.
  • This vegetable has calming qualities, helps to eliminate insomnia.

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How to choose

The benefits of using spinach directly depends on the freshness and the conditions for growing the product. It should be collected in clean areas, in the absence of roads, harmful industries, garbage dumps. This is due to the fact that this plant is able to grow even on soils polluted with toxic substances.

When buying spinach, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Vegetable sheets must have a saturated green color. The more juicy and brighter, the more ascorbic acid in its composition and the fact it is fresh. A faded color indicates long-term storage of the product.
  • Spinach leaves should not be sluggish. Check the freshness possible by squeezing the tip of the sheet between the fingers. The appearance of a crunch means that the spinach was ripped off no later than 12 hours ago and it can be safely bought.

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  • A fresh vegetable has a rich smell. If it is unpleasant or not at all, you should refuse to buy - this indicates the product is not fresh.
  • There should be no stains on the sheets. If they are available, it is not worth purchasing such a product, it has been damaged by insects or is subject to processing from them.
  • You should pay attention to the appearance of spinach. Leaves should be smooth, juicy. Do not choose wilted, crumpled, damaged greens.
  • It is recommended to evaluate the thickness of the stem. If it is too wide, it is likely that the spinach is overripe and will be bitter. It is preferable to buy a vegetable with a root, so it will retain its useful properties longer.
  • Difficulty can arise when choosing and evaluating the benefits and harms of frozen spinach. In this form it is able to retain useful properties for several months, however, it is difficult to determine whether it was frozen in fresh form.
  • When buying a vegetable, you should choose a fresh product. It brings the greatest benefit to young spinach. In this case, there will be a minimum amount of oxalic acid, capable of causing harm. The older the greens, the more it will taste bitter.
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How to use

The most common application of spinach is in cooking. It is used in fresh, boiled, baked form, used in salads, in pie fillings, as a side dish, in sauces.

The benefit and harm of cooked spinach can be assessed not only in cooking, but also in medical applications. It is believed that it helps to remove pain in the lower back. However, fresh sheets, without thermal treatment, still have the greatest nutritional value.

When cooking the product, it is recommended to drain the first water in order to eliminate nitrates and prepare the vegetable in the second water.

Spinach is also consumed in canned food, dyes and spices are made from it. This leafy vegetable promotes a better absorption of protein, so it is useful to combine it with meat, fish, cheese, milk.

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How to store

The storage of this plant does not differ in duration. It is preferable to use the product immediately after purchase( within 12 hours).Prepared with spinach dishes are also recommended for a long time not to store, but immediately eaten.

It is possible to store the vegetable in the refrigerator by placing it in a bag. But the time limit should not exceed 2-3 days. With longer storage, especially outside the cold, the decay process begins, and the plant produces substances hazardous to human health( nitrogen salts).

Do not wash the leaves of the vegetable, as this significantly reduces its storage time. When freezing spinach, the shelf life of the spinach increases to 4 months.

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Ways of using

Before using the vegetable, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the contraindications to its use. Given the benefits and harm of spinach, cooking recipes are chosen based on the purpose of its use: medicinal, cosmetic, culinary.

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For therapeutic purposes

There are many popular recipes for eating spinach with benefit. In this case, you should not replace the basic treatment, and before using, you should consult a doctor. In the absence of contraindications, auxiliary spinach therapy contributes to the positive dynamics of the disease, improves the general condition of the body.

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For raising the tone and endurance of

With a sedentary lifestyle, it is recommended to consume freshly squeezed spinach juice 1-2 glasses a week. In the case of increased physical activity, juice should be drunk more often.

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For abscesses and insect bites

It is necessary to stretch a few fresh spinach leaves and apply to the damaged area. This drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect.

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With bloating, colic, spasms

A tablespoon of fresh crushed spinach sheets should be boiled in 100 milliliters of water for 10 minutes. After this, give the composition to stand for 40 minutes. Use the received infusion for 3 tablespoons 4 times a day.

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For atherosclerosis

Infusion according to the above recipe, use 1 tablespoon four times a day. In this case, therapy is combined with the use of hawthorn tincture in the same dose. After each month, you need to take a break for 10 days.

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For abscesses and eczema

Spinach greens in olive oil. The cooking time is a quarter of an hour. After cooling, the composition is superimposed on the affected areas for several hours.

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When depressed

Freshly ground chopped spinach leaves with a pinch of cinnamon should be eaten daily. You can do it in the form of salads.

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With nervous tension

It is useful to use twice a week a mixture of carrot and spinach juices of 50 milliliters each.

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With hemorrhoids

Mix the juice of fresh spinach with almond oil in the same ratio. Use twice a day on a tablespoon until the symptoms disappear.

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To cleanse the digestive tract

To get rid of indigestion, it is recommended to take half a glass of juice of young spinach. The period of therapy is 3 days.

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In the case of anemia

In case of iron deficiency, twice a day( morning and evening) twice a day before eating, use half a glass of spinach juice, beets, carrots in the same proportion. This recipe also helps to cope with a headache.

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With convulsions of

Fresh spinach leaves cook for 10 minutes, after grinding. In the greens, pour a small amount of vegetable oil, and mix the mixture. Use twice a day for half an hour before meals for 1 tablespoon.

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For weight loss

To eliminate excess weight, the reception of a decoction of spinach helps. For this, 200 grams of greenery is boiled for 10 minutes. You should consume 50 milliliters before meals three times a day. The period of admission is 1 month, after 2 weeks it can be repeated.

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In cosmetic

Due to its rich vitamins and minerals, the composition, spinach is widely used in cosmetology. Its application provides a healthy state of the skin, nails, hair.

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Face tonic

The skin should be cleaned daily with freshly squeezed spinach juice. It will keep her fresh and young.

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Mask from acne

Grind several leaves of fresh spinach.1 tablespoon of this raw material to grind with 1 egg protein. The composition should be applied to the cleansed face for a quarter of an hour.

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Rejuvenating mask

3 tablespoons of crushed fresh spinach leaves combined with a small amount of milk. Next, the composition should be boiled for 5 minutes before a mushy condition. The mask is applied to the skin of the face for a quarter of an hour.

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Mask from freckles

Mash fresh greens of spinach. Then, dipping each leaf in olive oil, apply it to the skin. Keep the mask for 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water. Repeat procedure three times a week.

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In culinary

Spinach in cooking is used both in its own form and in a variety of dishes. The most common salads with fresh vegetables, which provides the body with a complex of useful substances.

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Salad with spinach and walnuts

For filling 1 teaspoon of soy sauce to mix with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Rastoloch half a glass of walnuts, add to the mixture, crush there 1 clove of garlic. Stir the mixture. After that, 1 bunch of spinach is seasoned with the resulting sauce.

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Salad with spinach and tuna

300 grams of fresh spinach washed, dried and coarsely chopped. Grind 100-150 grams of tomatoes, 1 medium sized onion, grate 1 carrot. Mix all the ingredients and add 200 grams of tuna( without oil).Salad salt, pepper and season with olive oil to taste. Decorate the dish with a boiled egg, cut into 4-6 pieces.

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Soup with spinach and pasta

500 grams of spinach and 6 green onions, chop, then pass on vegetable oil for 5 minutes, add salt and again simmer for about 2 minutes. Then pour the mixture 6 cups of hot water, wait until it boils. Next, you should pour in 1 cup of pasta and cook until done.

Then pour into the soup 150 milliliters of milk, remove the dishes from the fire. Mix well, add 2 eggs, 100 grams of cheese or grated cheese. Serve to the table with chopped parsley.

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Spinach with meat

Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a wide and high frying pan. Cut the diced 2 onions, add 300 grams of ground beef, stew until cooked.

Next, pour 1 cup of rice coffee, stir and put 1 tablespoon of tomato paste. A large bunch of spinach to cut( not finely) and combine with the prepared composition.

All components pour water to a level of 2 centimeters above the products. All the salt, wait until the boil, then reduce the heat and cook until rice is ready. Serve the dish hot with yogurt.

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Harm and contraindications

When using fresh spinach in untreated form, the risk of undesired reactions is minimal. However, in some cases, the use of the vegetable should be limited or even completely discarded.

This is due to the presence in the vegetable of oxalic acid, which can be transformed into inorganic by heat treatment and has a harmful effect on the human body( create oxalates).In a young and fresh plant, its content is minimal, in a significant amount it is observed in the overripe spinach. When cooking, it is recommended to add a little milk to neutralize the acid.

Contraindications include:

  • urological pathologies( urolithiasis, nephritis and others);
  • gout, rheumatism;
  • some diseases of the digestive tract, pathology of the liver, bile ducts, duodenum;
  • propensity to stone formation, disturbances of water-salt metabolism in the elderly;

In the presence of chronic diseases, pregnant women and children should consult with a doctor before eating spinach.

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