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40 years is the heyday of a woman. It was at this time in her "second wind" opens, the desire to look fresh, modern and attractive. Hairstyle is a very important step towards achieving a perfect and harmonious image. Haircuts for women after 40 should meet modern fashion trends, internal state and personal taste preferences of their owners.

Long hair

It is commonly believed that this is a prerogative of very young people. The maximum permissible age for this length is 30 years. However, if you take good care of your hair and pay due attention to it, you can safely forget about this stereotype and choose one of the haircuts on long hair. With the right approach, such a haircut will not only throw you a couple of extra years, but also make your face even younger.

  • It will look good free and seemingly carelessly loose hair. The fact is that smooth "sleek" hair always adds age, but the volume and energy in the hairstyle, on the contrary, grow young.
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  • A ponytail hairstyle is an excellent solution for mature women who prefer long hair. However, this hairstyle will not look good at all. It is ideal for slim women with pronounced cheekbones, but lush beauties from the horse's tail is better to give up.
  • Cascading haircut is one of the best ways to give hair volume, which is very important for women after 40. Moreover, making styling with such a haircut is very simple.

Hair of medium length

This length is considered optimal. This is a compromise between a short hairstyle and a long hair. The average length( up to the shoulders) perfectly suits romantic natures, who prefer light and unconstrained images, the creation of which does not have to spend too much time. In addition, there are many options for laying for this length. At work, you can always collect your hair in a neat tail, and at a party - curl them with a curling iron or curler.

One of the most successful options for this length is an elongated bean. This is a very fashionable haircut this season. It is interesting that it is the bean that is considered the first short haircut for women. Created her French hairdresser in the very beginning of the twentieth century, inspired by the image of the brave Joan of Arc. Later this haircut fell in love with the fashionista Coco Chanel, which made her even more popular among women of that time. Nowadays Becky Beckham returned popularity to the bean. She began to flaunt with such a haircut, and her numerous fans also began to try on the
stylish and unusual image.

And in 40, and in 50 years, a woman with an elongated bean that barely reaches the shoulders, it will look great in any situation. If you are in doubt, what length of hair to give preference, try on yourself this is the option, and you will not lose.

Short hair

Many consider it to be the optimal solution for women after 40. This is in part true, since a short haircut usually allows you to look younger and fresher. And it can be as moderately cut hair, and ultrashort, "under the boy".It all depends on the shape and structure of the woman's face.


Among the short haircuts, also a good option is the bean. It can be modified species or a classic version of this haircut. For example, many modern women are asking to do a graduated bean. Thanks to the grading, the haircut looks lighter, airy, voluminous and feminine.

Another popular option is a bob with a bang( the one with which the wife of US President Michelle Obama always appears in public).Correctly selected form of a bang helps to hide a person's shortcomings, emphasize his dignity and significantly rejuvenate a woman. And finally, you can always try on an asymmetrical bean and a straight-cut version.


This is still an actual and stylish haircut. Despite the fact that it has been fashionable for a very long time, such a haircut is still in demand among both girls and women after 40. A professional hairdresser will help you to choose the perfect version of the quads, which will fit exactly to your face.


If you are a brave woman, give preference to ultrashort haircut, for example, garson. However, remember a number of rules.

First, so short haircut is not suitable for full women. Even if they have a beautiful head shape, against the background of a full body it will look disproportionately small.

Secondly, such a haircut obliges to a thoughtful eye makeup. It is on this part of the face that there will be an accent, therefore the eyes should always be in the best possible form. And finally, if you decide to cut your ganson, try to smile as often as possible. With a radiant smile, this haircut looks especially good.

Careless ringlets

This is the most successful variant of laying on long and medium hair. It is this style that many Hollywood stars make themselves in adulthood, as it gives their faces a fresh and youthful look.

From the side it may seem that the creation of such ringlets takes a lot of time. However, you should not worry, you will cope with this literally in a couple of minutes. You can make curls not only for special occasions, but also for daily hikes for work.

  1. All you need is mousse for styling. A small amount of this product should be applied to damp hair.
  2. When they dry, pull them out in the root zone with ironing. This stage should not be missed, since the hair must necessarily lie well at the base.
  3. Then the hair should be divided into large strands and wound with a curler or hair curler, depending on what you use more conveniently.
  4. It remains only to add a few locks to the naturalness. To do this, they need to apply a couple more drops of mousse or gel and lightly crumple the curls with your hands in the direction from the bottom up.
  5. Now you can sprinkle your hair a little with varnish to fix your hair for the whole day.

Useful advices

The following recommendations will help create a complete and harmonious image:

  • Do not neglect stowage in the morning. Even if your hairdresser has worked very professionally, having created to you the ideal form of a hairstyle, it is not necessary to refuse means for stacking. Quite a little bit of mousse or foam before drying, and you'll lose at least a couple of years.
  • Do not refrain from dyeing your hair. Now the gray hair is certainly in vogue and many stars gladly show off their silvery curls, but this is by no means all. By the way, monochromatic stains often visually deprive the hair of the volume, so it is better to give preference to light and discreet melioration.
  • A hairstyle that strictly corresponds to age is a myth. Of course, do funny pigtails or a few playful tails is not worth it, but also to go with a haircut in the style of "Grandma God's dandelion" is also not necessary.
  • It is very important that the haircut is consistent with your character and lifestyle.

Star Case

We often admire how good the movie and pop stars look even in their 40-50 years. The fact is that no less famous stylists and hairdressers work on creating the image of famous women. However, what prevents us from spying on their hairstyles and do the same for themselves?

  • Famous actress Nicole Kidman prefers medium length hair. At the same time, she remembers the importance of volume for women after 40, so always appears in public with bumps and curls.
  • - a true legend, which equals a lot of women around the world. More often than not, she simply picks her hair back, leaving only a bulky bang on her side. This simple variant looks very elegant and elegant.
  • Maria Bello is one of the bean fans. However, she never wears a neatly combed haircut. Usually on her head is a medium-length bean with slightly disheveled and curled hair.
  • Halle Berry, for sure, knows the secret of youth, because hardly anyone would say that the very woman-cat for about 50 years. Holly invariably wears an ultra-short haircut and always looks great.

Do not be afraid to experiment. If your hairstyle seems too boring, change its shape, length or color. Sooner or later you will find the option that will allow you to feel like a king.

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