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Jeans are a favorite item of every women's wardrobe. And it's not even that this is a universal comfortable clothing, but that with the help of jeans trousers, the models of which there are many, you can create a bright individual image. To always look stylish, you need to know what to wear jeans, because products made of denim do not tolerate negligence and require careful selection of the figure and competent combination with other clothes and shoes in accordance with the model. Compliance with these rules is a guarantee of a stylish and expressive bow.

Jeans 2017, fashion trends

This year, eminent designers have pleased us with a variety of styles of denim trousers, both classic and outrageous. Bold combinations of styles and shades are dictated by the trend of the times. By combining simplicity and sophistication in the details of clothes, you can successfully create original, stylish bows.

Top 5 most popular jeans models in 2017:

  1. Classic straight.
  2. Cluster.
  3. Skinny.
  4. Boyfriends.
  5. Gelfrends.

Ageless classic

Despite the fact that classic straight jeans look elegant and appropriate everywhere and always, it would be a mistake to think that they fit all women without exception.

  • They look best at the tall, well-proportioned representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.
  • This model is not suitable for girls in magnificent shapes, as it will make the hips even more full, and the figure - disproportionate.
  • Classic jeans can be easily combined with any items of the wardrobe and create different images - from business to sports. With straight pants, both transparent elegant blouses and T-shirts look equally good.
  • Jeans, sneakers, t-shirt or turtleneck - the simplest image in a sporty style.
  • To work in the office you can wear pants with a classic shirt, blouse and a fitted jacket. At the end of the working day, you can change the top to a smart top or luxurious silk blouse and boldly go to a party in the club.
  • To create an everyday bow with your favorite jeans you can wear wide sweaters of large mating, loose tunics. In this form, you can go shopping, to a party with friends or for a walk.
  • In the trend of 2017 - a combination of jeans with tops, shirts and jackets from denim.

You can combine classic jeans with anything, then it's a classic, you just need to give a flight of fantasy.

With what shoes to wear jeans, it's up to you and only you. Naturally, it is not necessary to wear shoes in a business image, but to a sports image - shoes or sandals with heels.

Charismatic glue

Jeans, flared from the hip or from the knee, are deservedly popular with young ladies and mature women. They can wear not only slender girls, but also owners of magnificent shapes, as jeans conceal the shortcomings of the figure, visually make the silhouette slimmer. This is the ideal model for women with full hips, as the volume "goes" to the caviar. The main thing is to choose pants with a good fit.

Jeans flare - democratic model. Strict canons in that they can be worn, does not exist. To create a strong image, you can combine trousers with a monophonic top or white shirt of a man's cut, a classic blouse, a blazer. Denim in this case should be a universal shade( blue, gray, black).

A gentle, romantic image will come out if you wear jeans with a chiffon blouse with sensual ruffles, ruffles, flounces. It is permissible to combine pants with shortened, fitting or asymmetric tops on one shoulder.

The style of a hippy can be recreated by matching a shirt with ethnic motifs, a colored vest and baubles to the trousers. This wonderful kit is suitable for everyday wardrobe, adding brightness and positive to it. Picking up a colored silk shirt, a fur vest, a wide-brimmed hat and large sunglasses, the woman will turn into a bohemian luxurious diva.

Stylists recommend wearing jeans flare with:

  • elegant jumper;
  • with exquisite blouses, generously decorated decor elements;
  • lengthened jackets in the tone of trousers;
  • waistcoats made of leather or suede with fringe, and also of denim;
  • with vests.

As for shoes, a tall woman with a good figure can easily afford models without a heel. Miniature people stylists recommend shoes on a heel or a wedge, as sandals or ballet flats will make their legs shorter than they actually are.

Jeans flares can not be worn with sports shoes, sweaters and bombers.

Sexual skinnies

Sexual skinny for many years do not go out of fashion, was not an exception and the 2017th. The advantage of this model is that they visually make the legs more slender, especially if you wear them with heels. However, women with non-ideal forms should be understood that tight jeans ruthlessly emphasize the imperfection of the figure. This does not mean that you should completely remove the skinnies from your wardrobe, you just need to select the appropriate top and shoes. Of course, they can not hide their bulging tummy, but at least it will distract attention from it. From bright jeans it is better to refuse

Skin perfectly combined with loose clothing - tunics, shirts, T-shirts. Lightness and airiness of the image will be given by an elegant chiffon blouse with a thin strap.

  1. Traditional combination - jeans and a tight-fitting white blouse. For example, to work in the office you can wear black trousers, a strict shirt and a fitted jacket or vest.
  2. For a walk, a friendly informal party or a movie, you can wear a stylish knitted sweatshirt with a flashy ornament.
  3. Going to a party, you can not deny yourself anything: a top with paillettes, a shirt tied in a knot on your stomach, a bright tunic with an animalistic print.

Skinny can be worn with:

  • checkered shirts,
  • fur vests,
  • with long knitted cardigans,
  • short single-breasted jackets,
  • short knitted dress
Jeans perfectly match with shoes both on a heel and on a flat sole, but with sports models and Vietnamese, they do not look at all.

Bully boyfriends

Popular boyfriend jeans look a bit rude and cocky, but they can bring a twist to the image of a bold and shocking girl. They are best suited to a thin, fragile young lady, because they not only emphasize the waist, but also hide excessive leanness. A woman with full thighs should better abandon this model, because she will add volume to the already fluffy forms. The question of what and where you can wear women's jeans with the original name "boyfriends" is very relevant.

They are quite suitable for shopping, going to the movies, a small party, rest, but not appropriate for office, social reception, theater or restaurant.

Many women mistakenly believe that jeans fit only in a sporty style. Stylists offer women of fashion many combinations with boyfriends. One condition: the top should be tight. A loose tunic or shirt in combination with baggy jeans can disrupt the proportions of the figure.

The simplest ensemble can be created with the help of boyfriends, T-shirts or sweaters. Having thrown a waistcoat on top, we will receive a stylish street bow.

Brave, determined girls like the combination: jeans, white or black top, rocker jacket.

Stylishly and sexually look with boyfriends short topics, tight T-shirts and jumpers. A translucent feminine blouse and baggy trousers will give the girl softness and attraction and will emphasize the grace of the figure.

The most advantageous option will be a combination of boyfriends and a fitted shirt of a man's cut that can be tied with a knot on his stomach.

With what else you can wear this model:

  • with openwork tops;
  • with a fitted jacket;
  • sweater of village knitting;
  • with thin knitted cardigans;
  • with fur vest.
Shoes for boyfriends are very easy to pick up, they can be sneakers, and moccasins, and hairpin stilettos, and sandals on the platform, and ballet flats, and shoes with a sharp nose.

Model "girlfriend's jeans"

Gelfrendy - or, as they are called, "girlfriend's jeans" - very often confused with boyfriends. However, they have significant differences. Boyfriends are rude and baggy, and gelfrends, on the contrary, have a straight-fitting silhouette and a clear overstated waist. In addition, "girlfriend's jeans" are made of more relief fabric and draw a line of legs well.

  1. Excellent sitting on slender girls, but the full ladies should not risk: the gelfrundy will emphasize their heavy hips. In this case, you need to choose a free, flying top.
  2. Gelfrends are a very good model, which can be worn anywhere, even at work, even at a party.
  3. The cheeky girls wear sweaters and sweaters, T-shirts and T-shirts, more conservative young ladies - with adorable lace blouses, fitted shirts and blouses. Choosing the top, you need to consider that it was below the waist.
  4. To create a feminine image gelfrendy worn with shoes on a hairpin, sandals on a wedge, ballet.
  5. Girls who prefer the image of a hooligan, pants can be worn with slips, sneakers, moccasins and boots on lacing.
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