Side effects of fat burners

Fat burners( thermogenics) are substances whose action is directed at increasing heat production. As a rule, most of them accelerate metabolism, suppress appetite and activate the activity of the central nervous system.

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In recent years, fat burners have become one of the most popular types of sports nutrition, only in the US they spend almost $ 20 million annually, however, the number of people suffering from obesity, in America it invariably grows. The problem is not so much the lack of the effect of fat burners as such without changing the way of life and active training, but in the over-saturation of the modern market with low-quality products.

If you believe the experts, only about 10% of thermogenics contain components that really work, the rest do not exert any influence on weight. In addition, many products have side effects.


The safety of using fat burner largely depends on its composition, quality, as well as the state of human health. In no case should you take these drugs with:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • ischemic heart disease;
  • arrhythmia or other cardiac diseases;
  • of certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • thyroid disorders accompanied by hyperthyroidism;
  • of renal failure;
  • liver failure.
If you have identified at least one of the above diseases, but you still want to take fat burners, consult a physician beforehand to find out if you can use them. Otherwise, taking thermogenics can lead to a threat to health or even life.

Do not use thermogenic, people taking medications that can not be combined with caffeine. Also, fat burners can cause irreparable harm to pregnant and lactating women, threaten their children. Refuse to take the drug is necessary for people who have an individual intolerance to even one of the components that make up the thermogenics.

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Side effects of

  • Tachycardia( heart palpitations).
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Irritability and nervous overexcitation.
  • Sweating.
  • Trembling or tremor in the muscles.
  • Nausea until vomiting.
  • Heartburn.
  • Disturbance of the digestive process( flatulence, diarrhea).
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Insomnia.

The presented list consists of those negative effects of thermogenics, which were detected most often, but many others may arise. Although, as practice shows, the intake of quality fat burners in the absence of contraindications and compliance with the instructions does not cause significant damage to the body.

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How to choose

To minimize the likelihood of side effects, as well as the risks tohealth, you need to know how to choose the right fat burner. When buying, pay attention to:

  • Manufacturer. Give preference to the products of well-known brands, which has proven itself well.
  • The place of purchase is also important, contact the certified points of sale in order to minimize the risk of buying a counterfeit.
  • Composition. Many of them consist of low-active or generally inactive components. Consult with a specialist and evaluate with it whether the doses of certain components are sufficient.
  • Reviews. Look for them on independent resources, for example, specialized forums. Do not trust too flattering comments, that is, carefully select information.
  • Research. The effectiveness of most quality fat burners is confirmed, their effect has a sufficient research base.
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How to accept

Important for minimizing side effects is adherence to the rules for taking thermogenics. Take them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, and also take into account the general rules:
  • the course of admission is up to one month, after that a break is made for several weeks, then the reception can be resumed;
  • exceed the recommended dosage;
  • take fat burners should be two to three times a day;
  • in the evening, before going to bed take them not worth it, as this can provoke insomnia;
  • is the most suitable time for taking thermogenics, it is the morning, as well as the time before training.

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