Dance aerobics for weight loss

  • Advantages and advantages of dance aerobics for weight loss
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  • Dance aerobics and choreography

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity monotonously engage in simulators to bring their body in order, not just hard or not under force, but not interesting, which is reflected in the results of training.

Sometimes walking two or three times a week in a hall is simply no time with an active lifestyle, which connects with household chores and troubles.

Dance aerobics for weight loss - a popular trend in the fight against excess weight, which began to develop in Russia, when the word "fitness" still no one knew.

Advantages and advantages of dance aerobics for weight loss

Intensive dance aerobics for weight loss has only positive reviews. With the help of simple exercises for fun music ladies and senorites not only relax, but also, performing simple movements and na, train the muscles, burning extra calories.

Dance aerobics for weight loss( it is also called low shock) has a huge number of advantages, among which are the following:

  1. When performing simple exercises and na, the endurance of the body is trained, the speed of metabolic processes is increased.
  2. The cholesterol level in blood decreases, blood circulation considerably improves, which has a very positive effect on the cardiovascular system as a whole.
  3. Burn calories.
  4. Increases lung volume, which has a beneficial effect on breathing.
  5. The skeleton is strengthened, becoming more hardy.
  6. Fun music and dance exercises help relieve stress and strengthen the nervous system.
  7. Coordination is improved, agility and flexibility are trained.
  8. To conduct classes in dance aerobics can be in a specialized room, and at home.

Starting lessons on low-impact aerobics, which does not involve the use of weights, exercises with a fitball or on a rug, you can use the recommendations of leading trainers.

For example, a video with Anita Lutsenko or Denise Austin will tell in detail about all the nuances of fun activities.

Dance aerobics with Anita Lutsenko - video:

The correct exercises will help to quickly achieve the desired result.

Dance aerobics classes with Denise Austin - video:

But, like any other sport or exercise, dance aerobics for weight loss is not recommended for the following cases:

  • If craniocerebral trauma or spinal cord injury has been transmitted, excessive activity inthe time of performance of certain exercises may cause an exacerbation of a disease.
  • People who suffer from asthma attacks are contraindicated in dance aerobics classes.
When performing exercises, chronic cardiovascular diseases can become worse. Especially it concerns the transferred heart attacks.
  • The load on the leg muscles can promote the development of varicose veins, if there is a predisposition to it. And also if there is this disease, do not recommend going to dance aerobics classes or doing them yourself.

Classification of dance aerobics

The desire to have a slender, tight and slightly inflated body can easily be carried out with the help of dance steps and light exercises for cheerful and fervent music, which not only contributes to the burning of calories, but also lifts the mood, charging with positive energy. Effective classes of dance aerobics can be divided into several types.

Dance aerobics Jazz( Jazz aerobics)

A feature of this kind can be called smoothness of movements. In addition, here attention is paid primarily to the formation and formation of a correct posture.

Dance aerobics Hip-hop( Hip Hop Aerobics)

For beginners, even the first classes of this kind may seem complicated enough, but the dynamism and intensity help burn up to 500 kilocalories per hour of exercise.

In addition to endurance and graceful movements, this kind can allow to flash knowledge of hip-hop movements at parties.

Dance aerobics Funk( Funk aerobics)

  • Despite the abundance of different na and movements of this species, it will be less intense, and the exercises will be less debilitating than hip-hop aerobics.
  • In addition to excellent posture, regular sessions can improve coordination.

Latina aerobics( Latino aerobics)

  • This is a classic look that has become the basis for many other varieties.
  • The basis of this type of aerobics was the work of the hips, which not only pumps up the gluteal muscles, but also allows you to remove all the folds from the abdomen.
Dance Latino aerobics - video with classes:

Dance aerobics Rock- & -roll( Aerobics Rock and Roll)

  • Rich with jumps, sharp turns and running aerobics, which will appeal to active and dynamic personalities.
This sport is especially popular among restless children.
  • With regular exercises, the muscles of the back, arms, press and leg muscles are strengthened.

Dance aerobics Pump it up( Aerobics Pump-it-up)

This kind of dance aerobics consists in performing various pas and exercises using a barbell.

Holding the hand rods in their hands and doing pump it up, people not only burn calories faster, but also pump up the muscles of their hands.

Dance aerobics Zumba

Zumba is not just a kind of dance aerobics, but also an almost self-contained fitness program that is based on performing rhythmic movements with Latin music: salsa, rumba, mamba, kumbia and others.

This is the best dance aerobics for weight loss. In general, zumba requires group participation, rather than a single execution.

Regardless of what kind of preference is given, the most important are the tremendous positive results with regular training.

Dance zumba slimming - video:

At home or in the gym, alone under a training video or with a professional trainer - it's not so important.

Regarding the correct choice of suitable clothes and shoes, the main thing here is that they are as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

Note that for any dance aerobics classes you will only need a wish, a little free time and the pursuit of good results.

Teaching lessons for dance aerobics for beginners

The name "dance aerobics" already speaks for itself. Making the choice - self-study at home or in the gym, should, first of all, rely on the main goal.

If you want to lose weight to dance dads, they can be performed at home.

Experienced aerobics trainers recommend starting with simple movements, gradually moving to more complex ones. You can start with steps and jumps, gradually moving to complex dance moves.

The complex of exercises dance aerobics for weight loss

If you want to learn new skills, improve coordination and improve, by training your muscles, your body can begin immediately with dance movements.

Basically, the learning lessons for beginners consist of several sections. Each lesson will consist of a warm-up, the main part and the conclusion, which will allow you to correctly calculate your energy and strength. So, let's get started.

Lesson 1. Warm up

The first lesson will begin with a small warm-up, which will help warm up and tune in to the lesson.

The duration of the warm-up usually does not exceed five minutes.

Following the breathing during warm-up, perform the following "light" movements to the music:

  1. Actively move your hands, you can swing up and down, rotating with brushes and shoulders.
  2. Turning the body, do the tilting and twisting, making less active movements.
  3. Stretch the muscles of the back and neck. To do this, do to the music unsharp turns, and also try to portray the "wave", as in oriental dances.
  4. After it is worth warming up the muscles and joints of the legs. To do this, you can make a few swings, lunges or just carry your weight from one foot to the other.
Warm up before the slimming dances - video:

Lesson 2. The main part of the

After the warm-up, you can safely jump to the main exercises, adding intensity and activity to the performance. Here everything depends on the desired result and the chosen type of dance aerobics.

  • For example, for weight loss of the abdomen, performing the main part, especially spend a lot of time on exercises that contribute to strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • For weight loss of the legs, it is important to use movements that will strengthen the muscles of the thighs, lower legs and tighten the buttocks.
  • When self-study at home, do not forget that this is dance aerobics, which should bring pleasure. Try to remember and implement some kind of dance movement, move actively, you can even jump to the beat of the music.
In self-study, many people first accurately repeat exercises and movements that are recommended in video recordings, or seen somewhere earlier. But already from the third session there is a desire to improvise, inventing their exercises.
  • Dance aerobics can be called cyclic exercises, which involve simultaneously a lot of muscle groups.
Aerobics classes - video, part 1:
  • In training, use elements such as steps, mahi, lunges, running, jumps, knee lifts and jumps, depending on the desired result.
Part 2, dance for losing weight - video:
  • Also, depending on the chosen music, accompanied by classes, you can perform movements with different intensity. For example, for a more gentle music, the movements will be smooth, but under rhythmic they will become sharp.
Part 3, Slimming Dancing - Video:

Lesson 3. The final part of the

At the final stage of your lesson, it is necessary to make a stretching that will not only restore the muscles and reset the tempo, but also contribute to the acquisition of beautiful shapes.

Part 4, slimming dances, the final part - video:

Dance aerobics and choreography

In addition to combating excess weight, dance aerobics will help to learn a lot of choreographic movements, which may not be useful in everyday life, but will help improve coordination, alignPosture and strengthen all muscle groups.

Often such activities are divided into four stages:

  1. warm-up;
  2. aerobic;
  3. jamming;
  4. power section.
Classes in dance aerobics and choreography will help overcome two of the worst enemies of the beautiful body, which are boredom and laziness.
  • Cheerful incendiary music for zumba or latina will help disperse all doubts and strive for perfection, strengthening the hands, body, hips and buttocks.
  • Hip-hop and strip jazz will make it possible to realize the dream of a beautiful relief of the press, hands and buttocks. Choreographic movements in these styles of dance aerobics not only burn excess calories, but also drain the muscles.
  • Lessons of strip-plastic or body-ballet will help to get a "royal" posture, plasticity and grace.
  • It is impossible not to mention the eastern style, which today has become particularly popular. The feature of this trend is smoothness and softness. Note that not only the elements of belly dancing are used in aerobics, although they are considered to be the main ones for this kind. Smooth "waves" by hands, the whole body can not work out the first time, but with regular training, they will not subsequently create any difficulties. Often the elements of oriental dances are combined with other styles, which not only helps to diversify the activity, making it more interesting and fun, butand is particularly useful for strengthening many muscle groups.

In addition to the advantages that are associated with physical strength, fat burning, muscle pumping, dancing has always been a good way to relieve psychological stress.

After classes that include elements of choreography, stress will be removed by hand, and no more "comfort" with chocolate or a piece of cake before bed.

When choosing for , do not dwell on melodies that do not cause a desire to dance. Music should be fun, cheerful and preferably rhythmic, whether modern or not. Often in the classroom combine several styles, which allows you to move from one type of dance aerobics to another.

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