Tsvetotip Winter

Color-type Winter is one of the darkest color types. Its owners have a very bright outstanding appearance. The main characteristics of the winter color: cool, bright, clean and contrast. It is the high contrast between the color of the skin and the shade of hair that is the hallmark of women of winter color. Most often, the skin of a woman-winter is pale, porcelain, light, clean, without freckles, and eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are dark( black, sometimes blue-black, dark brown with a silvery or deep blue tint).

Especially expressive are the eyes of a woman-Winter - they are always saturated pure color, without impurities and shades: dark blue, black, dark brown, emerald, violet, amber. Expressiveness to the eyes of the woman-Winter gives a sharp contrast between the iris of the eye and the protein, which has a bluish color.

ColorType Winter is divided into three subspecies:

  • cold Winter;
  • dark( deep) Winter;
  • pure Winter.
  • Cold Winter
  • Deep Winter
  • Bright Winter
  • Colorful Winter Wardrobe
  • Makeup for ColorType Winter
  • Tonal Foundation, Powder and Blush for ColorType Winter
  • Shades, Carcasses and Crayons for ColorType Winter
  • Lipstick for ColorType Winter

Cold Winter

Cold Winter - a classic representative of the winter color, it is not accidental that it is also called true or real Winter. Its dominant characteristic is the cold shade of the hair of the eyes and skin.

This colorotype is characterized as cold, bright, severe, dazzling, fresh.

The main rule for this winter subtype is to avoid warm and pastel tones.

The most successful colors for the cold Winter are:

  • black;
  • white;
  • fuchsia;
  • plum;
  • cold( icy) blue.

The least successful colors for cold Winters:

  • warm( golden brown) shades;
  • orange;
  • yellow.
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Deep Winter

Deep Winter is a kind of mixture of Winter and Autumn. The dominant feature of this winter subtype is the rich shades of skin, eyes and hair.

This winter colorotype is characterized as deep, dark, saturated, cold, mysterious.

The most successful colors for deep Winter are:

  • black;
  • dark gray;
  • blue;
  • pure white;
  • scarlet;
  • is bright pink.

Least successful colors for deep Winters:

  • light;
  • earth tones.
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Bright Winter

Bright Winter is Winter, smoothly turning into Spring. The dominant characteristic of this winter subtype is the brightness of the image. Its owners have bright, as if sparkling shades of eyes( blue, green, nutty), hair( black, dark chestnut) and skin( light, with a light warm shade).

Decorate a woman of this subtype with outfits of contrasting colors - bright and clean.

The most successful colors for bright Winter are:

  • black;
  • ruby ​​red;
  • scarlet;
  • white;
  • cold pink;
  • cold blue;
  • is emerald green;
  • bright turquoise;
  • is crimson.

Least successful colors for bright Winter:

  • pastel;
  • dirty, washed out shades.
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Wardrobe color classification Winter

Classic style and extravagance - these two fashion trends are the best choice for a woman-Winter. Their impeccable cut, bold and original solutions, the refinement of lines and shapes can be better emphasized by the bright, stylish and contrasting appearance of the winter color.

Fabrics for a woman's winter wardrobe are better to choose expressive, thin and flowing, such as: satin, moire, silk, brocade, taffeta, chiffon, velvet, lace.

Brilliant, extravagant and sparkling must be and woman's Winter decorations. The best option is diamonds, as well as refined and original jewelry made of white gold, platinum, silver, cold precious and semiprecious stones. The woman of this color is also decorated with rhinestones, mother of pearl and colored pearls( black and blue).

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Make-up for color-type Winter

Even with minimal make-up, the woman-Winter will look bright, but this is not an excuse to refuse experiments in make-up, because women of this color type can afford the most unexpected, bold, bright color solutionsand it does not look ridiculous or vulgar.

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Tonal foundation, powder and blush for color-type Winter

The tone of the tonal foundation of the woman-Winter needs to be selected according to the color of her skin. So, the owner of white leather is best suited for cold porcelain shade, swarthy - olive, light skin - a grayish shade. But the peach, sand, terracotta and warm beige tones are better for the base not to use.

For masking redness on the skin of a woman-Winter, it is better to use greenish bases, and to create a glossy effect, the basic bases with white and silver shine are best.

As a blush are ideal:

  • all pink shades;
  • lilac-beige shades with a cold podtonom.

At the same time, the blush of women:

  • peach;
  • coral;
  • orange;
  • beige-brown shades.

With regard to powder, then it should be selected in accordance with the skin tone of the woman-Winter. So, the owner of light skin is better to use a transparent powder, and the owner of a swarthy or tanned skin will approach a powder of grayish-beige hues. For evening make-up, you can use silvery flicker, but bronzing means of warm colors should be avoided.

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Shadows, carcasses and eyeliner pencils of color type Winter

All the cool shades and bright colors are suitable for the make-up of the eyes of the woman-Winter.

So, for shadows it is possible to use safely:

  • cold pink;
  • anthracite;
  • lilac;
  • silver;
  • the color of the night sky;
  • is dark purple;
  • lemon-and-gold;
  • dark green color.

Do not use:

  • copper;
  • bronze;
  • warm brown shades.

The same rule applies to the color matching of pencils and ink. Women-Winter will be approached with cold and bright shades from classic black tones to extravagant fashion shades, but golden brown shades should be avoided.they will give her face a tired look.

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Lipstick for color-type Winter

The most suitable lipstick color for the winter color:

  • cherry red;
  • lilac;
  • plum;
  • fuchsia color;
  • cyclamen;
  • is crimson;
  • cold pink.

Least suitable color for lipstick for winter color:

  • scarlet;
  • warm pastel.

In general, quite an interesting article. Although somewhere it seemed strange to me. First of all, only the girl in the last photo, with blue eyes, is suitable for the description of "Cold winter".The color of the eyes can not in principle be pure, this contradicts the anatomy of the eye.
In the first photo the girl has hard features, a predatory nose line. No porcelain leather.
"Deep Winter" and "Bright Winter" surprised me. Women are frankly southern type."Bright winter" is similar either to a gypsy or to a cube.
Under the inscription "Makeup for the color-type winter" the second photo is kinda. This girl reminded me a little of Jen Psaky, only the hair repaint.
Grayish shade of powder, in my opinion, gives the deadness.
The best friends of girls, as you know, diamonds.

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"The color of the eyes can not in principle be clear, this contradicts the anatomy of the eye." Maybe! I have exactly the same eye color as in the photo of the girl!πŸ™‚

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Very good article, written simply and clearly! !!!!!!

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I'm probably more of this flower-like winter is cold. Because the hair is black chestnut natur.i eyes are green-kari. The skin is pale pink. And how do you feel

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