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It is not necessary to resort to surgery to increase the small bust. It is sufficient to systematically perform a special breast massage, which can be done without any special difficulties at home. A bust that has lost its former elasticity, or initially small forms, can inspire a woman with many different complexes, thereby undermining her self-confidence and influencing an important component of her own perception - self-esteem.

To significantly improve the appearance and health of this part of the body, we offer all the displeased bust beauties to consider several of the most effective massage techniques for breast growth. This procedure affects the skin condition, increasing its elasticity and increasing the overall tone of the epidermis.

You can tighten the flabby weakened chest and restore normal regeneration of the skin. Achieved such an amazing effect due to increased blood circulation sites that are subjected to intensive massage, after which the skin cells are saturated with useful trace elements and stimulated the development of capillary vessels.

To massage beneficially affected the condition of the mammary glands, it is very important to correctly carry out the chosen technique. Observing certain rules and all the recommendations of experts, you as a result will get a beautiful tightened chest, which will be an ideal decoration for your body.

Hygienic breast massage

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Technique originates from the Taoist practice of sexual relations between a man andwoman. Massage has an exciting effect on the mammary glands, thereby activating the process of blood supply. When the female reproductive system is under development, the body is engaged in intensive production of the hormone prolactin. A significant increase in the indicator is noted during puberty and during breastfeeding. It is due to prolactin that mammary glands first increase, and then, when a woman becomes a mother, they produce milk for the subsequent feeding of the baby.

Chi technique is aimed at activating the production of a female hormone, thus increasing the size of your bust. Breast enlargement with the help of massage is quite realistic, but the result will not be as fast as many would like. Experts argue that the effect will be visible only after 6 months. In this case, the technique should be performed daily, combining eastern practice and physical exercises.

Qi massage for breast augmentation consists of two stages:

  1. For a start, hands are warmed up properly, rubbing each other's palms carefully.
  2. Then hands are placed on the chest, while the fingers of the palms should be placed as widely as possible. Carefully girding the mammary glands, perform cautious circular movements, directed towards each other.

The number of rotational movements must be a multiple of 36. A day is not recommended to do more than 360 rotations. You can practice twice a day: morning and evening.

With the help of oriental practice, it is possible to correct the disproportion of the mammary glands. If one breast has a smaller volume than the other, in this case it is massaged exclusively inside. Circular motion of the second breast is performed first inward, then outward.

It is the rotation inside that activates the production of prolactin, thanks to which the bust increases its volume. Movements to the outside reduce the size of the mammary glands, besides such rotations serve as an excellent prophylaxis for various cysts and neoplasms.

Oriental Shiatsu Technique

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The massage itself does not affect the chest, but during practice it affects certain points that are responsible for producingfemale hormones. The technique of shiatsu involves pinching with both small pads of thumbs. To achieve the desired effect, you need to know the approximate location of all the points involved.

  1. The first 8 points are located in the thyroid gland, around the Adam's apple, slightly above the jugular fossa. Before you start the massage, you should relax and tilt your head slightly forward. The thumb pad is gently pressed down on each point 5 times for two seconds.
  2. The ninth point is located at the point where the tip of the spine is connected to the base of the skull. In this area, you will be able to grope for a small depression, which must be pressed for 5-7 seconds. Influence on the point should be extremely careful not to provoke the appearance of unpleasant painful sensations.
  3. Two more points are located just above the clavicles. If you will not be comfortable pressing with your thumbs, then you can use the help of the index, by clicking on the points for 5-7 seconds.
  4. The last 6 points are located between two blades. To work on this area, you will need additional help. The two first points are at the very base of the scapula, the other two are lower by 1 cm, and the last two are lower by an additional 1 cm. The points are pressed downward, performing gentle, cautious movements with the thumb pads.

Massager for breasts

In addition to manual massage, currently popular are special massagers for breasts. Today, manufacturers offer women two versions of such a device:

  • Roller massagers.
  • Vacuum massagers.

Roller devices at work resemble usual massage by pads of fingers. However, in this case, the mammary glands are affected not by hands, but by a special device. With the help of such a device, you can tighten flabby skin, perform breast correction after feeding by increasing blood circulation and restore the former elasticity. But to increase the shape of the bust is unlikely to work.

In this case, use a massager, working on the principle of vacuum drainage. The set includes a special bowl with the device inside which a vacuum space is created. Vacuum massager allows you to perform correction of the mammary glands, change their shape, and with it you can increase the small chest. The device will help restore skin tone in case of rapid loss of extra pounds, when a sudden weight loss provokes a decrease in the previous volume of the breast.

Some recommendations from

To achieve the desired result and not to harm your own health, it is very important to follow certain recommendations of cosmetologists and doctors. Thus, you will avoid negative consequences that can affect the general condition of your body.

  • Before performing a home massage for breast augmentation, it is necessary to consult a competent gynecologist or mammologist. With the help of ultrasound, the doctor will be able to detect any violations of the pelvic organs and the endocrine system, which can provoke further diseases of the mammary glands. Contraindications are also mastopathy, the presence of any neoplasms in the chest and the last two trimester of pregnancy.
  • In addition to massage, do not forget to systematically perform a home exercise complex, aimed at increasing the muscles of the chest. This can be normal push-ups, palm compressions parallel to the chest, and you can purchase a special simulator that integrally affects all groups of pectoral muscles.
  • During massage, do not forget to use various cosmetics and nutrients. Special oil for bust not only enhances the effect of massage, but also has a pleasant soothing and relaxing effect on the entire body. The most effective are the means based on hops, which contain all the necessary components that contribute to the intensive restoration of the elasticity of the mammary glands. Return the youth to the decollete zone will help almond oil, and with the help of essential oil of grapefruit can eliminate hated stretch marks and strengthen the outflow of lymph.

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