How to make wedding glasses

Wedding glasses are one of the most visible accessories at any wedding, because it is from them that newlyweds make the first sip of family happiness. Beautiful glasses and decorate the festive table, and will be a reminder of such a happy day for every young couple. That is why the future newlyweds strive to make the glasses original, so they try to decorate them on their own.

  • Wedding decor of glasses
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Wedding decor of glasses

This master class tells how to make and decorate original glasses with your own hands.

For decoration of wine glasses you will need the following materials:

  • polymer clay( of the desired color);
  • sequins in the form of beads;
  • beautiful ribbon;
  • toothpick;
  • themselves glasses.
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From polymer clay roll balls, small in size. In this case, two colors were chosen - red and white, you can give preference to any other. The number of balls depends on the size of the glasses and the features of the composition, in any case, the material should be taken with a margin.

Cut each of the balls in half. One half is one petal of a flower. Take a plastic tablet on which you can spread flowers. Start spreading on the flowers, leaving a hole in the middle. In each of the petals in the middle, make a groove with a toothpick to give the petals realism.

From polymer clay of contrasting color, roll small balls to make a middle for a flower. Decorate the flowers with sequins.

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Design of glasses

When the clay stiffens a little, carefully transfer the flowers to the wine glasses, distributing them all over the surface, or making a beautiful pattern, and fixing with glue.

When the decoration is ready, you can also make additional decor with accenting beads and ribbons, which match the color of the flowers.

Glasses can be made the same, but can be visually indicated for each newlywed couple.

So, a glass for the groom with a decorative butterfly or tie, and for the bride with a small veil, crown and so on.

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