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  • For weaving cherry from beads we will need:
  • Let's start weaving bead sakura:
  • Such an unusual sakura tree
  • And when cherry blossoms in Japan?
  • Sakura Feng Shui
  • Something about sakura: interesting facts
  • Video master class - sakura from beads

I suggest you weave your own hands a tree "Sakura" from beads - it will not only decorate your house, but it will be excellent and originala gift created by your hands for loved ones and friends.

So, how do you make sakura yourself?

For weaving cherry beaded we need:

for flowers

  • Wire
  • beads Pink beads
  • yellow transparent beads( to the stamens)

for trunk and supports

  • Alabaster
  • PVA glue construction
  • paint brown acrylic
  • Varnish acrylic matt
  • Brush


  • Wire thinner( for small twigs)
  • Construction adhesive tape( or fabric plaster)
  • Cellophane sachet
  • Molding mold for stand

Let's begin to weave sakura from bis

Weaving of petals for beaded sakura

  1. We take a wire with a length of 30-40 cm and a length of 10 cm, as well as a pink beads
  2. Twist the ends of two segments 5-6 cm, and we collect 6 beads on a short wire - this will be the center -base for the petal
  3. For a long segment, we collect beads about 8 pieces, and wrap the wire around a short piece on top of the bead so that the long end is on the other side.
  4. Recruit again 8 beads for a long piece of wire and also twist a long section around a short wire
  5. We collect about 12 beads, and we also twist
  6. Once again, we type 12 beads and twist
  7. Now we select 16 beads and twist
  8. And again, we select 16 beads andtwist the long end to the end of the short
  9. Then the tip of the wire that was left from above is passed through a few beads. .
  10. and cut off the tip of the wire
  11. One cherry blossom needs 5 such petals
  12. and in generalI eat with their hands 55 to 11 of the petals of flowers Sakura.

Weaving the stamens for sakura from beads

  1. We dial 9 beads
  2. on the wire. We advance beads to the middle and one end passes through all the beads, skipping the first.
  3. Do the same thing with 8 more needles( total must be 9)
  4. Twist the ends of the wire together. Stamen for sakura is ready. Such stamens do 11 pieces

Picking of the cherry blossom

  1. We take one stamen and five leaves of the sakura
  2. We define the stamen in the center of the cherry blossom
  3. And we distribute the cherry blossoms of beads round it, threading the stamens
  4. one by one with threads.11 pieces

Make barrel and twigs for Sakura wood

  1. We take the wire frame for the tree trunk and form the sakura branches as we want. It turned out three branches of sakura, wrap the ends of the wire with threads, pulling them together.
  2. Take our cherry blossoms and start distributing them on the branches of the tree. On one flower in different directions, we fix them with building tape( or fabric adhesive plaster).And small twigs are made of a more delicate wire, fixing with the same construction tape( or fabric adhesive plaster).We wind so the whole trunk and twigs.
  3. Next, take the form for the stand, cellophane bag and stele the sachet into the mold. In the same form, prepare the solution, mixing 1 to 1 water and alabaster, mix and center our cherry blossom
  4. . Wait until the solution dries a little and begin to shape the stand
  5. . When the stand is dry, start making the trunk and branches( 1: 1: 1 water, alabaster and PVA glue).We mix everything and brush the stem and branches with a brush.
  6. We wait while it dries, we begin to paint with brown paint.
  7. Then cover with varnish, we make the decor of the stand( I dyed green chalky salt) and sprinkle it on the
  8. stand. Our cherry blossom bead is ready by our own hands

Good luck in the work! !! Author: Lomakina Ludmila

Such an unusual sakura tree

Sakura bloom is considered one of the most beautiful spectacles in the world. Despite the fact that this phenomenon can be observed for only a few days, festivals and festivals are held in honor of it. A lot of people come to the parks of Japan to see how the cherry blossoms look like.

Sakura tree: description of sakura

Japanese cherry blossom, which still has the name of cherry, is not just a tree. Many know that it is also a symbol of Japan - cherry blossom is loved and respected by everyone: adults and children alike. This beautiful tree in the Japanese symbolizes beauty and youth.

There are about 16 species in the world and up to 400 varieties of sakura. In Japan, this plant can be found almost everywhere: in parks, in public gardens, in courtyards. Pink sakura belongs to the family of pink, the same name was received and its inflorescences.

The full beauty of sakura opens in the spring when it blooms. Blossoming flowers have a delicate white-pink coloring. The annual flowering period of a beautiful plant fascinates many, but it lasts for not more than a week.

Sakura at home can also grow very successful - many Japanese families decorate in this way the territory of their estates. After flowering it fructifies. Its fruits are called sacumbo and reach a size of 8-10 mm. The fruit of such a tree as a home-made cherry blossom resembles a typical cherry to taste. And not only sakumbo, but also sakura leaves are eaten. They are salted and marinated, then the Japanese wrap their national sweets in the pickled sakura leaves - vagashi. The taste of such leaves is quite specific - sweet-salty-sour-sharp.

And when does cherry bloom in Japan?

Let's talk about cherry blossoms, because this unforgettable process attracts attention not only to the Japanese, but also to thousands of tourists from other countries.

The flowering of cherry blossom in Japan can be seen first of all in the south of the country, as in this area the warmest climate is observed. Gradually, it goes to the northern Japanese islands. The time of cherry blossom in Japan begins at the end of March and lasts until about May( in each district in different ways).

When the branches of cherry blossoms adorn unbroken buds, all of Japan freezes in anticipation of a miracle. For all Japanese, the flowering of this plant is considered an event of national scale. Even in the news every day is discussed, when the cherry blossoms, and how many more days it will be possible to admire its beauty.

During the flowering of the cherry blossoms the Japanese arrange a national holiday called Khanami. It is a collective admiration of the blossoming cherry blossom. The official opening of the Khanami is in Tokyo: at this time, not only ordinary people visit the Central Park of Shinjuku, but also the imperial family, as well as important political figures.

This holiday for tourists from different countries of the world is an excellent occasion to visit Japan. A huge number of people in the days of cherry blossom are picnicking and just walking in squares, parks and in the territory of Shinto and Buddhist temples. Very often cherry blossoms are highlighted with special lanterns, which creates an unforgettable holiday atmosphere. Many people come to admire the flowering of trees in the evening to see this beauty.

It happens that the color of the cherry blossom falls very quickly. Strong wind or rain can disrupt the inflorescence in just a few hours. The Japanese associate this with the shortness of youth and the bygone love. Such thoughts are in tune with the Buddhist concept of the fleetingness of life.

Sakura for Feng Shui

In this ancient teaching, Japanese cherry is very appreciated. According to Feng Shui, decorative sakura is luck, beauty, love, youth, renewal. During the flowering of trees, many people associate with heaven not to the earth.

According to the ancient teachings of feng shui, the cherry blossom is considered to be a magnificent talisman, which symbolizes inseparability and fidelity, because the tree blooms in spring, when in the soul of many reigns happiness and love.

If you can not go to Japan to see an unusually beautiful phenomenon with your own eyes, you can put in the house an artificial tree Sakura. You can also hang a picture on which this plant will be depicted. It is important to remember that the picture and artificial sakura should be in the south-west side of the building in the zone of Love and Marriage. This will help make a person more attractive, and in his house will always reign happiness and love.

Since sakura symbolizes, above all, female youth and beauty, it is advised to use it for women to improve their personal lives. By the way, sakura can be made from ordinary beads and wire. About how to make sakura from beads, you can learn from the master class mentioned above. Such a souvenir will be an excellent gift to a friend, mother or sister.

Something about sakura: interesting facts

This plant is so popular among the Japanese that you can collect a lot of interesting facts about it:

  • - a sakura is depicted on a coin of 100 yen;
  • - the image of Japanese cherry blossoms is also on the military headgear, as an indicator of rank;
  • - Sakura can now be seen on the arms of the Japanese police and armed forces;
  • - today in Japan there are up to 300 types of sakura, but only 10 of them are considered natural;
  • - blooming cherry blossom is very beautiful at night( it is illuminated by a lot of flashlights "ris-appu" and "vasi");
  • - sakura with pale pink flowers is called "sidarezakura", with white - "somaisino";
  • - the oldest sakura grows on the territory of the Buddhist temple in Hokuto. Presumably she may be up to 2,000 years old. Today this tree is recognized as a national monument of nature. Circumference of the trunk reaches 13.5 meters;
  • - during the celebration of Hanami, the Japanese drink sake. Flower pollen, fallen into a glass with a drink, according to ancient belief, should bring strength and health;
  • - one of the signs of the peasants is that abundant flowering is a sign of a good harvest of rice;
  • - Sakura is one of the most common names among Japanese girls;
  • - cherry can often be seen as a pattern on a kimono;
  • - poets, writers, artists, animators and filmmakers often use the image of sakura;
  • - during the Second World War sakura flowers were depicted on kamikaze planes. As previously thought, this should inspire the pilots.

For the sake of Hanami and cherry blossom, you can quit all business and go to Japan for a few days to see this extraordinary action with your own eyes, when the first buds on the branches begin to turn into lush inflorescences and please everyone with their beauty and tenderness.

Video master class - sakura from beads


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