How to properly paint nails

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  • Two-color coloring methods
  • Accessories for fast nail coloring
  • Nail color painting with three or more colors
  • Feng Shui Manicure. Basics of its creation

The correct application of varnish coatings is what usually starts with any nail design. If a lady does not know how to make nails correctly, she is unlikely to succeed in creating a manicure. There are a lot of technologies for applying various coatings, and therefore there are many nuances of work. How does it work with varnishes to make the nails look beautiful and attractive?

One-color color technology

How can I make up nails? The question is multifaceted, because with the abundance of modern design techniques, girls can approach the solution from completely different sides. However, the most simple, yet effective, method of staining is the use of one color.

Monochrome design again comes into fashion, and therefore the lady should take a closer look at a similar coloring option.

What are the nuances of this, simple at first glance, procedures can be distinguished?

  1. Before application of the base color, it is necessary to coat the nail with a transparent composition, as it protects the plate from the aggressive components contained in the composition of the usual varnish.
  2. Application should begin with the middle part of the nail, covering it with one movement from the base and to the tip.
  3. Next, a few straight lines it is necessary to paint the surface on the sides.
  4. After the first layer dries, it can be applied to the second and third, because then the color will seem more saturated.
  5. To distribute the varnish evenly, there should not be too much on the brush, and an insufficient amount of the coloring substance must also be avoided.

Painting nails with varnish is easy, if there is an idea of ​​the correct application of lacquer. A woman should not try to apply the composition on the cuticle itself, on the contrary, it is worth a little retreat from it, after which you can make the first smear. Staining should always start from the middle, then go to the edges. In those places where the varnish went outside the plate, it is worth it to quickly wipe it, using special compositions for removing varnishes.

If the varnish is thick, one layer can suffice, so that the color is saturated, bright. However, in most cases it is necessary to apply at least two layers, so that the appearance of the nails satisfied the girl. Professionals usually apply a transparent layer to the colored manicure, since in this case the design is more durable.

Carefully apply the varnish on the area next to the cuticle with a special thin brush. Using it, you can reduce the risk of creeping out of the color of the nail plate. Also, before applying the coloring substance, the vial should be shaken thoroughly.

Two-color staining methods

Despite the fact that monochrome manicure is now in trend, two-color staining continues to be very popular. With what it can be connected? The fact is that decorating with several shades always looks bright, unusual, adding the image of a chic girl. Here are just the most popular versions of the two-color staining:

  • horizontal and vertical gradient with the transition to each other close in color shade;
  • gradient manicure with a combination of contrasting shades;
  • French manicure, in which the nail itself is painted in a bright color, and for the hole is chosen quite a flashy shade;
  • is popular and manicure, in which nails on different fingers are painted in different colors.

Undoubtedly, the most popular variant of the design from the listed is a gradient one. How to paint gel-varnish nails in a similar style:

  1. The first thing a girl needs is a simple sponge or sponge for applying makeup.
  2. Now you need to choose two colors that will decorate the plate. Using a brush on a sponge, two shades are applied, trying to minimize the boundary between them.
  3. It remains only to apply the sponge to your finger, making sure that the border between the colors is maximally blurred. When working with a sponge, it is very easy to soil the skin around the nail, so unnecessary residue of lacquer should be promptly removed using special formulations.

Such a manicure is remarkable in that it can take the most bizarre forms. For example, some ladies prefer a vertical gradient, and someone more likes horizontal. Sometimes a bright gradient adorns only the upper part of the nail, creating the effect of a very unusual jacket.

By the way, the French manicure can also be colored and bright. When creating this design, you need to gently paint the nails in the main chosen color, without affecting the tips. Further, with the help of stencils, or using your artistic skills, you need to apply contrasting colors to the tips. If a lady wants a manicure to look not too bright and fit for the everyday image, the main color should be beige or golden, and the tips should be painted black or dark blue. Such a manicure in pastel colors is suitable for any occasion and will look original.

If the lady, on the contrary, dreams to stand out from the crowd, then her choice is a combination of bright shades, for example, red and blue, yellow and red. It is important to rely on the harmony of the two selected shades, so that the created manicure looked creative, and not funny.

Auxiliary devices for fast nail coloring

At home, the bright design of nail plates is usually created using a variety of auxiliary tools. Which of them can each girl apply?

  1. Adhesive tape, from which you can cut stencils for drawing patterns and to create smooth beautiful holes.
  2. Toothpicks and needles that are used to create a bitmap.
  3. Brushes of different sizes, which help to evenly color the nail, even near the cuticle.
  4. Sponge or sponge, with which you can reproduce the effect of the gradient on the nails.
  5. Ready stencils, which can be purchased in specialized stores, and with which you can reproduce even the most masterly design options.

Many women do not even guess how various auxiliary elements are used to create a bright manicure.

The main thing that should always be available in the arsenal of ladies - these are brushes of different sizes. Exactly make up the nails near the cuticle without a special thin brush is almost impossible. Usually, such a brush paints the varnish so neatly that the girl manages to paint over the entire surface of the nail, avoiding excessive exit beyond the contours.

Actively used and adhesive tape, which is used to make even coloring, and create a picture. Suppose a girl wants to paint her nails in two colors, passing between them an even diagonal border. How to achieve this result? In fact, everything is simple, just use a strip of scotch:

  1. Pre-leveling and degreasing the nail, on the lower part of it, stick a tape.
  2. The upper part of the plate can be painted in one color.
  3. You just have to wait until the varnish dries completely, transfer the tape to the top of the nail and paint the bottom with a contrasting tint. As a result, the border between the two colors turns out to be absolutely smooth, and the colors will perfectly blend in with each other, creating a whimsical design effect.

You can also use special purchased stencils. They are particularly in demand among beginners, who for the time being can not independently draw a drawing on the nail. There are also stencils that help to create a neat and even hole on the top of the nail. With such a device, the lady will not have to draw holes on her own all the time, trying to achieve their absolute identity on each nail.

Similar accessories are a help in creating a bright design in the shortest possible time.

Painting nails with three or more colors

Someone can say that staining marigolds at once with three shades is a bad taste, but modern manicure design knows no boundaries. That's why ladies can create on their plates a design though with a combination of ten colors, if only it would look interesting. Searching for a way to stand out from the crowd, a woman can pay attention to the following bright design options:

  • to achieve an interesting combination can be, choosing as the primary colors two shades and applying the third figure;
  • is another excellent variant of the combination - this is the division of the nail into three areas and painting each of them into its own color;
  • is very popular design, in which the hole is drawn on the top of the nail and on the bottom of different colors, and the middle is also painted in its own shade;
  • another design option - it's chaotic lines of different colors, with which you can decorate the entire nail;
  • to achieve the original effect can be by combining varnishes of different colors with a glossy and matte surface.

Staining with three or more shades is not an easy task, because a girl needs to optimally smooth the border between each color, having in advance thought out and their combination with each other. That's why experts recommend starting such a design, only having a good example before your eyes.

The easiest way is to divide the nail into three borders, coloring each one in its own shade. That colors are not confused, and the border between them seemed clear, you can use the technique of working with a strip of tape, described above. It begins with the coloring of the lower part of the nail, gradually moving to new areas of the plate, but only after the previous coating has completely dried up.

It is much more difficult to create a manicure with a crossed intersection of lines of different colors and shades:

  1. For this it is necessary to cut a few strips of scotch.
  2. All the surface of the nail should be painted in the main color( preferably light), on which the pattern will be applied.
  3. Now the woman should stick all small strips of scotch to the surface of the nail, tracing their borders with the help of colored varnishes. As a result, when all the strips dry, and the tape is removed, the design will be very creative.

Another great way to stand out from the crowd - combine glossy and matte varnishes in different shades. The resulting effect will not only attract everyone's attention, but also will visibly decorate the image of the girl.

Manicure on Feng Shui. Basics of its creation

How to make up nails on Feng Shui, many girls are interested in, believing in the strength of oriental teachings. What are the main points of coloring nails in this technique is worth remembering?

  • To conduct a manicure procedure is only in a specially designated for this part of the house, for example, in the bathroom or in the corner of the bedroom.
  • People who study feng shui believe that using it can create a manicure to attract money, and a design for finding love. But to do this you need to work in a good mood, constantly thinking about your desire.
  • The ideal shape of the marigold on Feng Shui is round or square, but it's worth avoiding because it dissects positive energy around the person.
  • The main thing - colors for coloring need to be selected in accordance with the elements to which the person belongs.

There are 5 elements in total: water, fire, earth, metal and wood. It is not difficult to determine your element and you can do it with the help of the last digit in the date of birth.:

  • So, if the year in which the person was born ends in unity, its element is water.
  • If the date of birth ends at 2, 5 or 8, then the element is earth.
  • Fire corresponds to the numbers 9 and 0.
  • to the tree - 3 and 4.
  • Metal - the element of those people who were born in the year ending in 6 and 7.

Colors should be chosen according to their element, as this will help attract money, and good luck. For example, born under the element of water, can safely paint its marigolds in all shades of blue and blue. Anyone who was born under the element of a tree should choose shades of green and brown.

It is believed that the manicure of Feng Shui not only attracts luck, but also helps the lady to achieve the complete harmony of her everyday image. Believe it or not - an individual matter, but every year, these design options are gaining increasing popularity.

To paint nails with one or more colors - what could be easier? This is how many ladies think, starting to create a manicure at home. However, in order for the design to look bright and relevant, a woman will have to make a lot of effort, using both materials at hand, and numerous advice from professionals.

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