Epilation with wax at home

  • Hair removal and depilation - what's the difference?
  • What are the pros and cons of wax epilation
  • Are there any contraindications to the epilation?
  • Which wax is best to use
  • What tools are required?
  • How to heat up the wax?
  • How to correctly carry out hair removal with hot wax at home

Hair on the body delivers aesthetic discomfort to a woman. To what tricks only ladies do not resort to solve this unpleasant problem. Epilation with wax at home is one of the most effective ways to remove hair.

Hair removal and depilation - what's the difference?

Wax epilation is the oldest method of hair removal, for professionals this procedure is called waxing. As an instrument to combat unnecessary hairs, it was used by the seductive beauties of ancient Egypt and Greece, making their bodies smooth, like soft silk. Since then, epilation has undergone significant changes, but its principle has remained unchanged. Today, waxing is very popular, one of the reasons for which is the availability of the procedure, it can be done on its own.

Many people confuse the concepts of "depilation" and "depilation."The latter is done with a razor and special creams, often leaving after the procedure of inflammation of the skin and ingrown spiny hairs. Today, women prefer to do hair removal with wax, radically removing hair and providing the body with an ideal smoothness.

The principle of epilation is the application of the wax on the skin, which, penetrating deeply to the bulbs, envelops the hair with a film and turns into a solidified mass. After this, the composition is removed from the surface to be treated, grasping the hair along with the roots. Hairs begin to grow much more slowly, the next session will have to resort not yet soon. How much does the effect of wax hair removal? This is an individual aspect, depending on the characteristics of the body, on average - from three to six weeks.

What are the pros and cons of the wax epilation

The indisputable advantage of the procedure is the opportunity to spend it both in the beauty salon and at home. The main thing is not to violate technology.

The advantages of waxing include:

  1. It is carried out on all parts of the body.
  2. You can do at any time of the year.
  3. Not an expensive procedure.
  4. It does not take much time.
  5. The procedure gives a lasting effect.
  6. Removes hair along with roots, making it difficult to grow.

The procedure can not be called absolutely painless, but discomfort is practically reduced to a minimum. And the more experienced the master becomes, the less time it takes to epilation, and soreness with each subsequent time decreases.

With the systematic application of wax, the scalp becomes thinner, softer, and grows more slowly. If you do everything according to the rules, then the manifestations of allergic reactions in the form of irritation, redness and itching will not occur. Sometimes, after treatment, red spots may remain, which disappear within three days.

As with any cosmetic procedure, epilation has its drawbacks:

  1. Minor pain, especially for women with tender sensitive skin, but for the sake of beauty, you can also be patient.
  2. The procedure should be carried out very carefully to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, which will be much harder to get rid of.
For too short hair, hair removal is not suitable.

Are there any contraindications for epilation?

Although the procedure is considered safe, there are some contraindications to its procedure:

  1. Varicose veins, especially contraindicated in this case, epilation with hot wax.
  2. Diabetes mellitus. The presence of the disease increases the possibility of septic complications and worsens the processes of renewal of the skin that has undergone epilation.
  3. Skin diseases( psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, allergies).
  4. Neoplasms on the skin( warts, papillomas, moles).
  5. Injured dermis: abrasions, wounds, scratches, cracks.
  6. Infections in the body.
  7. Temperature rise.
  8. Chronic diseases.

Of course, you will have to think about another method of hair removal, if there is an individual intolerance to any component of the wax composition.

The first epilation is better done on the legs. But the procedure for removing hair on the bikini zone experts recommend entrusting only an experienced master in a beauty salon.

Which wax is best for using

You can use hot, cold and warm wax for epilating.


The procedure does not require certain skills. The advantage of using a composition with cold wax is the possibility of getting rid of very short hairs.

The disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that the process is long-term and pain-free. Cold wax is not used to treat particularly sensitive areas.


The main advantage - the procedure almost does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations. The hot compound is suitable for women with very delicate skin and can be used to remove hair from the bikini zone.

Using hot wax for epilation requires special skills, since you need to control the temperature and holding time. Before starting the procedure, the thick composition must be warmed up so that the mixture from solid to liquid. On the body or face, the substance must be applied precisely in hot form. It almost instantly freezes and is easily removed by hand after hardening.

To avoid possible complications, it is necessary to make a sensitivity test. Apply a little wax on the inside of the elbow and leave for 10 minutes. You can safely proceed to the procedure, if the skin does not appear irritation and inflammation.

A woman who does not have enough experience, it is better not to use hot wax, since the probability of getting a thermal burn is high.

There are strict contraindications, in particular, swelling and varicose, since the composition promotes vasodilation.


Ideal for epilation at home. The composition, which includes natural beeswax or honey and pine resin, is suitable for all women, including those with sensitive skin. Has undeniable advantages over hot and cold wax:

  1. The procedure for hair removal does not take much time.
  2. Available for use even for beginners who do not have enough experience.
  3. Has a hygienic and gentle effect on the epidermis.
  4. The composition often contains softening and moisturizing ingredients.

Lack of warm wax: its cost is much higher than that of cold and hot, so not every woman can afford it.

Which of the three types of wax to use is up to you. Now let's look at how to do hair removal with wax strips.

What tools are required?

Some tools and devices are needed for the procedure:

  • composition with wax;
  • disposable spatulas or wooden spatulas for easy application;
  • sponges or cotton pads;
  • moisturizer;
  • paper strips or napkins to be conveniently placed on the skin;
  • any cosmetic oil( you can use the usual vegetable);
  • container for heating wax;
  • disinfectant;
  • baby powder.

How to heat the wax?

Hot wax has a dense consistency. In order to use it, it needs to be heated to the required temperature( up to 40 degrees).Visually melted wax should resemble liquid honey.

For heating, a special device is used - a wax-up, the advantage of which is that it not only facilitates the heating up, but also maintains the set temperature, thereby facilitating the procedure.

In the absence of waxes, you can use the usual water bath. However, here there are some nuances. First, the probability of getting burns increases. Secondly, you need to constantly watch that water does not boil away.

Finally, a microwave oven. This is the most unfortunate option for heating up the wax, since it is very difficult to achieve the desired temperature, besides, the composition will heat up unevenly.

Important: during waxing, the wax should be periodically warmed up.

Hot wax is available in the form of granules, plates, bars. This is due to the convenience of applying different types of it to certain areas of the body. So, epilation of bikini and armpits is better done with wax in granules, but for the legs are much more suitable plates or bars. The tool can be reused.

How to correctly carry out hair removal with hot wax at home

To begin with, you should prepare the skin. The length of hair for wax epilation should be at least 5 millimeters, so a week before waxing it is recommended to treat the area that will be treated with a shaving machine. So the hair will grow faster and by the time of the procedure will reach the desired length.

Waxing. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare the devices that will be used for epilation.
  2. Take a shower and dry yourself. Do not use additional cosmetics, as this can cause severe inflammation and make it difficult to epilate.
  3. Lightly sprinkle the skin with baby powder( without perfumes and fragrances), so that the wax does not slip on hairs.
  4. Preheat the composition in the above manner.
  5. Apply a small amount of wax in long strips to the skin in the direction of hair growth. The layer must be dense. Thin layer can tear, but too thick - to break. The wax will harden after a few minutes.
  6. Press a prepared napkin or paper strip into the area to be treated.
  7. Sharply twist the napkin with a movement directed against the growth of the hair. The skin should be held in the place where the wax removal begins.
  8. Use a cosmetic oil applied to a cotton pad to remove any remaining wax.
  9. Treat skin with a disinfectant.

Additional skin care

Skin areas treated with hot wax are very sensitive, so they need special care.

Than to wash off wax after an epilation? Try to remove the remains of the composition with soap and a washcloth not to injure the skin. It is better to use cosmetic wet wipes.

  • After the removal of the wax composition, the skin should be soothed. The moisturizing spectrum of action is applied to the treated area.
  • Sometimes on the dermis are short hair, with which the staff could not cope. They need to be pulled out with tweezers, since you do not need to do a second wax epilation at home earlier than a week.
  • To avoid irritation after waxing, a bath or shower can be taken no earlier than 5-6 hours. It is necessary to postpone for a couple of days visiting the sauna, baths, solarium, sunbathing and the use of perfumes, deodorants, decorative cosmetics( if processed face).

Now you know how to do wax hair removal at home. This is not such a complicated procedure, the main thing is to follow the above rules.

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