Voltaren - injections, tablets, ointment, gel, cream, plaster, suppositories: composition, indications for use, instructions for use, side effects, analogues, reviews. Diclofenac, Movalis or Voltaren: how are they different, which is better?

The article will tell you how to apply Voltaren in the form of gel, ointment, tablets, rectal suppositories, plaster, solution for injections.


  • Voltaren preparation - indications for use: what helps?
  • Voltaren preparation - injections: instruction manual
  • Voltaren - tablets: user manual
  • Voltaren - suppositories: user manual
  • Voltaren - plaster: instruction manual
  • Voltaren - ointment, gel, cream: instruction manual
  • Voltaren Emulgel: instructionon the use of
  • How to apply and how many days Voltaren with osteochondrosis?
  • How to apply and how many days is Voltaren in prostatitis?
  • How to apply Voltaren in gynecology?
  • How to apply and how many days is Voltaren with hemorrhoids?
  • How to use Voltaren in pregnancy?
  • How to apply Voltaren pain, bruises?
  • Voltaren preparation: side effects of
  • How to apply Voltaren to children?
  • Voltaren preparation: analogues. Diclofenac, movalis or voltaren: what is the difference, which is better?
  • VIDEO: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Voltaren and alcohol: compatibility
  • Preparation Voltaren: reviews
  • VIDEO: Voltaren, instruction manual. Sports injuries, rheumatic diseases of soft tissues

Pain in muscles and joints darkens the life of a person experiencing it. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out its causes. But the first natural desire is to immediately buy and apply a non-prescription analgesic drug, which will remove an unpleasant symptom. Voltaren is one of these, well known, accessible and proven effective. It will tell you in what pharmacological form and how to use it.

Voltaren - indications for use: what helps?

Voltaren is a Swiss medicine. Its manufacturer is the pharmacological company Novartis Consumer Helms.
The active substance of the drug is diclofenac.

IMPORTANT: Diclofenac is a derivative of phenylacetic acid, a substance with pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties. It inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, causes disruption of the metabolism of arachidonic acid, which quickly relieves pain, relieves inflammation, swelling and muscle spasm. Diclofenac is not a steroid.

Forms of production of the drug Voltaren.

The drug Voltaren is applied:

  • from rheumatic pain
  • from non-rheumatic myalgia and arthralgia
  • for relief of spontaneously arisen pain while moving
  • from migraine
  • from joint edema
  • from muscle and joint inflammation
  • from postoperative pain, swelling and inflammation of
  • in diseases of the spineosteoarthritis, radiculitis, etc.)
  • in traumas that caused inflammation and swelling of soft tissues
  • from pain during menstruation
In these cases, Voltaren shouldto help.

Voltaren can be purchased without a prescription as:

  • cream for external use
  • gel for external use
  • tablets in a shell dissolving in the intestine
  • retard tablets
  • solution for intramuscular injection of
  • rectal suppositories

IMPORTANT: Although Voltaren is a non-receptor drug, it is released in any pharmacy, in the instruction itself it is prescribed: take the drug is recommended after consulting a doctor. It is the doctor who will tell you what form of medicine to take in case of a particular disease, select the dose and indicate the duration of treatment.

Formocological action of the drug Voltaren.

Voltaren preparation - injections: instruction manual

As a rule, Voltaren in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection is prescribed for acute pain that occurs with acute inflammatory disease or during exacerbation of chronic disease.
After the introduction into the muscle, the medicine starts acting instantly. After 20 minutes the patient will feel relief, as the maximum concentration of diclofenac in the blood will be achieved.

Doctors Voltaren.

The use of the drug Voltaren in the form of injections has features - the course of treatment is no more than two days. If indications for the use of diclofenac persist, it is recommended to use Voltaren in some other pharmacological form.

  1. As a rule, an injection with Voltaren is done once a day.
  2. Single dose - 1 ampoule of the drug( 75 mg).
  3. The injection is made into the upper outer square of the gluteus muscle, injecting the needle deeply.
  4. If necessary, on the prescription of a doctor, Voltaren's injection is repeated several hours later.
  5. This time the drug is injected into the opposite buttock.

IMPORTANT: How to correctly make an injection, including yourself, read in the article "".

Voltaren - tablets: instructions for use

Voltaren in the form of tablets is used to treat adults and children from 14 years.
If these are tablets in the enteric coating, they can be taken regardless of food. The tablet does not need to be chewed. It is swallowed whole, with plenty of water. At the initial stage of treatment, it is recommended to drink 3 tablets( 50 mg each) per day. If the pain is less severe, with menstrual pain, the dose can be reduced to 100 - 75 mg of the drug per day. Patients who suffer severe pain at night, it is recommended to additionally use Voltaren in suppositories.

Intestinal tablets Voltaren.

Retard tablets of Voltaren( prolonged action) drink in the evening after eating, do not chew and drink with water. Take 1 tablet a day, since it contains the recommended dose of the drug - 100 mg.

Voltaren retard.

Voltaren - candles: user manual

Candles rectal Voltaren come in 2 types:

  • for adults - 50, 75 mg
  • for children - 25 mg
Voltaren candles for adults.

Take the drug in this form of release 2-3 times a day, the last reception is recommended before bedtime.

IMPORTANT: Voltaren's candles have specific contraindications-a stomach or bowel ulcer, a proctitis.

Voltaren - plaster: instruction for use

For pains in the spine, joints, myalgia, and after soft tissue injuries, Voltaren can be used as a transdermal patch. They can be treated already with 15 years.
The patch is glued directly to the painful area and left there for a day.
You can use the anesthetic adhesive yourself for a week. If the pain does not pass, a doctor's consultation is needed - he will prolong the course of treatment to 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the nature of the disease.

Plaster Voltaren.

IMPORTANT: If the integrity of the skin in the source site of pain is impaired, you can not use a patch.

Voltaren - ointment, gel, cream: instructions for use

External preparation Voltaren can be used as:

  1. Ointments. The dose is 2-4 g. In order to measure it, it is necessary to squeeze into the palm the amount of a drug the size of a cherry. The ointment is applied to a painful place and the skin is rubbed into the skin. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. Treatment ointment Voltaren 1-2 weeks.
  2. Gel. The dose of the drug is also 2-4 grams, which is equal to the size of the walnut. Apply gel 3-4 times a day, also slightly rubbing into the skin over a painful place.

Voltaren Emulgel: instruction manual

  1. Voltaren Emulgel is used for the treatment of diseases and injuries, accompanied by pain in muscles, joints, swelling or inflammation, in adults and children from 12 years.
  2. A single dose of the drug is 2 or 4 g, depending on the area of ​​the painful area. The gel is applied to it, lightly rubbed into the skin, 2 times a day with an interval of at least 12 hours.
  3. The course of treatment Voltaren Emulgel can, according to the doctor's recommendation, be from 1 to 3 weeks.
Voltaren Emulgel.

IMPORTANT: Since getting the drug into the eyes is dangerous, after applying the emulsifier, the hands should be washed immediately and thoroughly.

How to apply and how many days is Voltaren in osteochondrosis?

According to medical statistics, 7 out of 10 adults have ever experienced osteochondrosis - with pain in the neck and back.
Diclofenac-containing drugs effectively relieve this pain. Therefore Voltaren in the form of a solution for intramuscular injections, suppositories, ointments or gel should be in the medicine cabinet for each patient with osteochondrosis.
The most suitable pharmacological form, optimal dose and duration of treatment for osteochondrosis by the drug is determined by the doctor. But, as parvilo:

  • injections with Voltaren do once a day 2-5 days
  • Voltaren suppositories put 2-3 times a day for 5 days
  • ointment and gel applied 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks
Voltaren -first aid for osteochondrosis.

How to apply and how many days is Voltaren in prostatitis?

Unfortunately, the prostatitis is getting younger, and men at risk of getting sick include men from 20 years old.
Prostatitis is treated in a complex way, treatment requires a lifestyle correction, it takes time. But to remove a symptom in the form of pain is necessary as soon as possible. To this end, doctors often appoint men to the Voltaren candles. Entered rectally, they relieve pain and inflammation in the prostate( which, by the way, is anatomically close to the rectum), and also have a beneficial effect on the entire body.
With prostatitis suppositories, Voltaren is placed 2-3 times a day for 1 week.

Voltaren candles help with pain and inflammation of the prostatitis.

How to use Voltaren in gynecology?

Due to anatomical features of the body or due to any gynecological diseases of menstruation in some women are so painful that for a few days they completely dislodge and even cause temporary disability. To combat dysmenorrhea, gynecologists recommend using Voltaren in suppositories according to the scheme described above. If necessary, with intense pain, Voltaren can also be used in the injection and tablets, without exceeding the recommended daily dose of 150 mg.

Voltaren is used in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea.

Voltaren is also used in the complex treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases.

How to apply and how many days is Voltaren with hemorrhoids?

With proctitis( inflammation of the rectal mucosa) and hemorrhoids, it is contraindicated to use Voltaren in the form of suppositories, since the drug has an irritant effect on the mucosa.
The use of the drug in the form of tablets or a solution for injection of patients with hemorrhoids is quite acceptable.

How to use Voltaren in pregnancy?

A pregnant woman can use Voltaren in one form or another only in the first and second trimesters, and only according to the prescription of the doctor, when the benefit to the mother considerably exceeds the possible risks to the fetus.
In the third trimester of pregnancy, the drug with diclofenac is strongly contraindicated, since its use can cause:

  • decrease in the tone of the uterus
  • closure of the arterial duct of the fetus prematurely
In later pregnancy, Voltaren is prohibited.

IMPORTANT: In any form, Voltaren enters the breast milk. Use it during breastfeeding is not recommended.

How to apply Voltaren pain, bruises?

For injuries of soft tissues such as bruises and sprains, including those obtained while exercising, Voltaren is recommended for topical application in the form of:

  • of
  • patch
  • ointment. Emulgel

. In the early days, when the pain from the received trauma is too strong, it is also permissible to applya drug in the form of tablets and injections.

Voltaren preparation: side effects of

After applying Voltaren, especially in tablets, side effects may occur. In particular, the patient may be faced with:

  • discomfort and stomach pain
  • by increased gas generation
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • by stomach disorder

Sometimes the reaction to the drug can be significant - opens the stomach or duodenal ulcer, the liver intensively produces enzymes that pour out into hepatitis.
Cardiovascular system may respond to tachycardia, increased blood pressure. The patient may begin to complain of chest pain.
Side effects from the nervous system are:

  • dizziness
  • sleep problems
  • memory impairment
  • fast fatigue
  • disorientation in space
  • irritability, sudden mood changes

When taking the drug inside or outside, skin reactions such as rash, eczema, skin sensitivityto light, baldness.
Also the use of Voltaren can adversely affect the composition of the blood - hemoglobin, platelets and white blood cells fall.
The drug is heavy for the kidneys, its side effects are protein and blood in the urine, swelling, interstitial nephritis, nephrotic syndrome.

IMPORTANT: Voltaren may have an allergy in the form of bronchospasm, anaphylaxis and even anaphylactic shock.

How to apply Voltaren to children?

Intestine-soluble Voltaren tablets are not given to children 1 year of age unless prescribed by a doctor. The age dose is as follows:

  • 1-6 years - 25 mg
  • 6-13 years - 50 mg
  • 14 years and older -75 mg
In pediatric practice, Voltaren is used extremely rarely.

From the age of 14, Voltaren can be used in the form of ointments and gel, from the age of 15 - in the form of a patch, from the age of 18 - in the form of retard tablets and injection solution

Voltaren preparation: analogues. Diclofenac, movalis or voltaren: what is the difference, which is better?

Voltaren analogues are other drugs based on diclofen and other analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs.

Voltaren in the form of a solution for injection Voltaren tablets Voltaren in the form of an ointment, gel
Diklak Diclofenac Sandoz



Naklofen CP





Movalis Movalis
Voltaren, Diclofenacand Movalis - drugs with a similar effect.

Instead of Voltaren in the pharmacy can offer analogues - Diclofenac or Movalis. The question arises, which of the drugs is better.

  1. Diclofenka and Voltaren - in fact, the same thing. The drugs have a similar active ingredient, only the trade name they differ.
  2. Movalis, like Voltaren, is a nonsteroidal medicine for pain, swelling and inflammation. The active substance is different: meloxicam is a derivative of enolic acid, a selective inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2.The action of Movalis is slightly more prolonged. Produced in the form of tablets, injections and ointments. It should be prescribed only by a doctor, since Movalis has contraindications and side reactions. Meloxicam can also cause allergies.

VIDEO: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Voltaren and alcohol: compatibility

Voltaren and alcohol are incompatible.

It is contraindicated to drink alcohol even in minimal amounts during treatment with Voltaren. The form of the drug does not matter.

  1. The intake of Voltaren and alcohol simultaneously overloads the liver.
  2. Alcohol reduces the effectiveness of the drug.
  3. On the background of taking Voltaren and drinking alcohol can significantly increase blood pressure.
  4. Simultaneous intake of alcohol and Voltaren, especially in injections, can cause disturbances in the work of the nervous system.
  5. Alcohol increases the risk of adverse reactions to Voltaren.

Voltaren preparation: reviews

  • Yaroslav: "Voltaren Emulgel helped me a lot in the spring of last year. The car became stuffy, and I opened the window. As a result, it blew, there were severe pains, the head could not turn at all. There was no question of a calm sleep! The drug was advised in this pharmacy. After the first time, the pain was replaced by discomfort, and a day later it all passed. "
  • Olga: " A friend told me that from painful menstruation you can put Voltaren candles. I can not sleep in the first days of pain. She put it on for the night, after 20 minutes, she slept like a dead one. Unfortunately, the effect of the drug is rapid, at the morning of pain resumed, I did not manage to sleep through the night. "
  • Maxim: "There was a pain after playing sports. I took a tablet of Voltaren. It would be better if I did not do this. The pain that has passed, but there was metiorizm, in a stomach as though the disco has begun. And diarrhea is such that he hardly managed to run to the toilet. Know, pobochki are sometimes worse, than signs which you try to muffle this medicine. ».

VIDEO: Voltaren, instruction manual. Sports injuries, rheumatic diseases of soft tissues

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