Tumoring is a therapeutic manipulation that is used to treat tonsillitis. And although today there are a number of innovative therapies, washing is still in high demand. The main advantage of the procedure remains the possibility of doing it at home. In addition, a properly selected wash solution will reduce pain and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms. Since there are several options for washing, this will allow each patient to choose an effective and convenient one for himself.


  • 1 Cleaning with syringe
  • 2 Using fleece
  • 3 Tonsillor apparatus
  • 4 Vacuum method

Washing with syringe

flushing of the tonsils

This washing option is considered the most common, as it requires only a syringe and a treatment solution. To prepare the solution, the following recipes can be used:

  1. For the rinsing of the throat, a solution of the furacilin can be used. To obtain it, 200 ml of water will have 2 tablets of the drug. After careful mixing, you will get a solution that can be taken to the Spitz and irrigation of the tonsils. But you can not swallow the solution. The reason is that along with it with tonsils go harmful microbes, which are so important to spit. Do a rinse taking into account how often the raid will occur.
  2. This rinse option is easy, as it does not require additional ingredients. All that is required of you is to connect 200 tepid water with 10 g of salt. The procedure is carried out in a similar manner using a syringe. It is necessary to do such actions as often as possible.
  3. At home, you can get Chlorophyllipt based on alcohol .Such a tool will allow you to quickly cure diseases and protect all tissues, while not damaging natural protection. It is necessary to connect the preparation with warm water in a ratio of 1: 5.With regard to the number of washes prepared solution, then it is best to find out from your doctor. Thus, it will be possible not only to disinfect the oral cavity, but also to relieve pain, inflammation.
  4. You can use medicinal herbs to flush the tonsils with a syringe. They are very effective, because they quickly stop the inflammatory process and painful sensations. Effective in this regard will be such herbs as chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus and sage. To get a medicinal solution you need to grind the raw materials, add boiling water, cool and apply already filtered infusion.

On video, how to wash the tonsils at home:

Using a fleece

flushing of the tonsils

If the use of a syringe is not suitable for you, you can treat the tonsils with a treatment solution with a cotton swab or a tampon. To do this, you have to wrap the cotton wool on your finger, moisten it in a solution, and then do the washing. Thus it is necessary to carry out from above downwards on tonsils with insignificant pressing.

On the fleece you can notice the plaque, which you managed to remove from the tonsils. Carry out cleaning until the cotton swab is clean. Of course, such a procedure is more suitable for adults, since it is not even possible for them to withstand the emerging discomfort. When performing, it is important to slightly hold your tongue with your finger, otherwise it will interfere with the quality washing.

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Apparatus Tonsillor

Today, the Tonsillor ultrasound machine is in great demand in the treatment of tonsillitis. Due to the ultrasonic waves generated by the device, it is possible to obtain the maximum penetration of drug solutions and their components into the depth of the affected tissue. Their action is aimed at eliminating purulent and protein deposits, inflammation, and waves dissolve and anesthetize, arresting spasm of blood vessels. With the help of vacuum, effective suctioning of harmful contents of lacunas is observed, while traumatizing healthy tissues does not occur.

Tonsillor apparatus

Tonsillor apparatus

This method of washing tonsils has the following advantages:

  1. When compared with antibacterial drugs, to which bacteria have immunity, it is absent to ultrasound and is not produced.
  2. Due to special attachments, the amygdala can be washed in a directional manner. The action of ultrasound is aimed at stopping the bacterial plaque by a mechanical method, so that the components of the drug penetrate as accurately and deeply into the emptied voids of the tonsils from the pus. Thus, it is possible to increase the effect of therapy many times.
  3. The duration of the procedure is small, and there is no likelihood of injury. Using attachments, you can not worry that you will damage the oral mucosa, and the possibility of infection into the blood is also excluded. The appliance can be fitted with a nozzle for the treatment of children and adults.
  4. The drug can be used during remission or exacerbation of the pathological process. Used in the procedure, the drug can reduce the dosage of antibacterial drugs, while there is no development of allergies and dysbiosis. The duration of the course is further reduced and the risk of complications is reduced.

On the video use of the device Tonsillor:

There is a drawback in this procedure. He alone is that the drug can not be used by girls in the first trimester.

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Vacuum method

This is a more modern way of washing the affected tonsils. With the help of vacuum, it is possible to clean pockets and ducts from accumulated pus qualitatively. The essence of the technique is that the glands are sucked, and the lacuna is released under pressure. Then they are filled with a drug solution. Such manipulation gives an incredible result, which can not be said for the mechanical method of washing. The duration of the course will be 5-15 procedures. Vacuum cleaning is carried out 2 times a day. Even if you treat a chronic form of the disease, the effect obtained from the treatment will please you within six months. To learn more about vacuum cleaning of tonsils, it is possible from this article.

There are some disadvantages to this procedure:

  • impossibility to perform at home;
  • is contraindicated in pregnancy.

On the video flushing of the tonsils by the vacuum method:

In addition to the washing, it is important to take care of oral hygiene. After eating, it is necessary to rinse your mouth with boiled water, this manipulation is extremely important, since it will be possible to exclude the penetration of another portion of harmful bacteria into the tonsils, and you can still remove the remnants of food. Of course, it is not a pleasant procedure to call washing. But who said that treatment is nice? Sometimes you have to endure such tortures to get a positive result. But it is better to suffer one time than then suffer all life from the unpleasant consequences that left untreated disease.