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    Each girl wants to be beautiful and well-groomed, and the state of her hands plays an important role in this. To prolong the life of manicure, many women of the fair sex enjoy a special coating called shellac. This substance is something between the varnish and the gel. As a result, the manicure looks very impressive and lasts at least 3 weeks. It is important to consider that the process of removing the coating from the plate requires certain skills. How to remove shellac at home? We tell!

    What is shellac

    For manufacturing shellac the same base is used as for ordinary varnishes. However, it contains additional ingredients that extend the life of a manicure or a pedicure. As a result, the coating on the nails is kept for at least 3 weeks. Remove shellac from the nails is only because they grow quite a lot, and manicure becomes less accurate.

    Since shellac is not a simple varnish, its application requires the use of special tools and special skills. First of all, you need to be careful, all movements should be as accurate as possible. Only in this case, the manicure will look attractive. In addition, solidification shellac occurs in a special device - ultraviolet lamp.

    Today you can find such a coating in different colors, which allows you to achieve the perfect manicure, which easily fits into any image. In addition, the product can be an excellent alternative to nail extensions.

    Shellac contains no harmful components that can disrupt the structure of the nail plate. This varnish is completely harmless and suitable for all girls.

    Technology of removing shellac with foil

    The most popular method that allows you to quickly remove shellac, is the use of foil. It is used by many masters. To implement this technology, you need to equip with these devices:

    • with a shellac or ordinary varnish removing liquid that includes acetone;
    • 5 cotton swabs, which should be cut into 2 parts or make rectangles in accordance with the shape of the nails;
    • 10 foil leaves, which have a square shape with a side of 8 cm;
    • with a nail file that has an abrasive coating up to 180 grit;
    • with an orange stick;
    • oil for the cuticle, you can use a greasy cream instead.

    To remove shellac at home, you need to perform the following actions:

    1. About work nails with a saw blade that has an abrasive coating of 180 grit. Thanks to this, it will be possible to remove the glossy coating located on top. It has maximum strength and is difficult to macerate. The dissolving substance can not penetrate further. That's why it needs to be removed. However, it is important to consider that certain types of varnish do not require cutting, as they dissolve perfectly. At the time of making a decision, the brand of gel used should be considered. After cutting, it is recommended to treat the skin in the nail area with oil or cream.
    2. It is good to moisten the cotton sponge in the liquid to remove the varnish and press it on the nail. Wrap the finger with foil.
    3. Perform similar manipulations for the rest of the nails. Leave the foil for a quarter of an hour.
    4. Then it will be possible to see that shellac has perfectly dissolved and easily leaves the nail plate. It must be removed using an orange stick.
    5. If there is still a little coating on the nails, it is necessary to process them with a stick or a baff that is suitable for grinding the natural nail plate.

    If, after performing the above manipulations on the nails, there was a transparent base, you need to wipe them with a cotton pad thoroughly, after having moistened it in the liquid to remove the varnish.

    It is necessary to take into account:

    1. If you have a French manicure on your nails, it is recommended to keep the wadded disk without foil on the free part of the nail a little longer. This is due to the fact that in this place a thicker layer.
    2. If you removed the foil and saw a not very attractive picture in the form of separate pieces of lacquer, which are themselves separated, it means that everything is done correctly. If after treatment with an orange stick coating leaves a dense layer, you need to leave the foil for a couple of minutes.
    3. After fixing the foil, the hands should be guided with the palms downwards. In this case, the fingers should be slightly raised. Due to this evaporation will gather in the nail area, and not affect the skin.
    Do not be afraid that after this procedure the nails will look not too attractive. This can be corrected in just a few days by careful care. Daily it is recommended to treat nail plates and skin with oil. Very useful baths made from salt, honey, etc.

    Technology of removing varnish without the use of foil

    To eliminate the coating, you need to perform the following actions:

    1. Fill the dishes with liquid to remove varnish, it must contain acetone.
    2. Cut off the glossy coating from the plate. For this you need to use a special file.
    3. Treat skin in the nail area with oil or greasy cream.
    4. Put your fingers in the dish with a liquid to remove varnish. Do this in such a way as to achieve the immersion of each nail.
    5. Keep fingers in the container for 7-8 minutes.
    6. From softened shellac should be disposed of using a wooden stick.

    How to remove shellac without foil - video

    How to remove shellac without acetone

    The use of acetone can cause serious disruption of the structure of the nail plates, making them more fragile and unattractive in appearance. What can replace this substance? Typical liquids for removing varnish are ineffective, because they do not have strong enough softening properties. The use of such compounds will lead to the fact that the manicure will become less brilliant, but the coating itself will not go anywhere.

    • To replace acetone, it is recommended to buy a special remover. It is sold in specialized stores. The undoubted advantage of this composition is high efficiency. In addition, it has no unpleasant odor and gently affects the nail. In the composition of such products there are vitamins and useful elements that provide nails with a full-fledged care.
    • Some girls use isopropyl alcohol to remove shellac from nails. It can be bought at hardware stores. This product is very inexpensive and helps to effectively manage the remnants of manicure.
    It is important to consider that isopropyl alcohol has a high concentration and can lead to severe skin irritation. Therefore, when using it, extreme care must be taken. It is important to ensure that the composition does not get on the skin. In addition, it is not recommended to keep on the nails for more than a quarter of an hour.

    Features of the application of the special

    kit. Sponge

    To facilitate the process of removal of shellac from the nails, you can purchase a special kit that is designed for this. Thanks to this, it will be possible to minimize all negative effects on the nail plates. As a rule, the composition includes:

    • orange sticks;
    • convenient sponge in the form of pockets;
    • is a special liquid that helps to remove shellac from the nails.

    To use these tools, you need to perform the following actions:

    1. It is good to wash your hands with soap or degrease in other ways.
    2. Take the composition to remove the coating and treat it with sponges. Depending on the variety, there may be 1 or 2 absorbent sides. If only one side is used, it is necessary to wet it exclusively.
    3. The finger should be placed in the pocket so that the absorbent part is facing the nail.
    4. Tightly fasten the pocket with Velcro. In this case, the sponge should be well fixed and not fall off.
    5. After 10 minutes, you need to start taking off the covers. As a result, shellac must peel off and descend layers. It is recommended to remove soft residues with an orange stick.

    Thanks to such a procedure it will be possible to minimize the negative consequences. This will help protect the nail plates. In addition, shellac can be removed more qualitatively, which avoids the use of a buff.

    Useful tips

    To facilitate the process of cleaning the nail plates, you need to use these recommendations:

    1. If you are going to clean your nails on your own, it is better to process one hand first, then go to the second. It is much more convenient if one hand can perform the necessary functions.
    2. It is recommended to use cotton wool to perform the procedure. This will help to save liquid for removal. In addition, a smaller amount of harmful substances will be on the skin, cuticle and side rollers. Also, to perform the procedure, you can cut the disc into several parts.
    3. To make the procedure more comfortable, you can buy special foil plates.
    4. For the treatment of nails, you need to use oil, which can be done by yourself. It is recommended to apply this substance to the root of the nail and carefully rub it with your fingers. However, you do not need to do this completely, so you can increase the exposure time. The use of oil allows you to moisturize your skin and fill it with nutrients.
    5. After application of the oil composition, the nail plates should be treated with a baf. This will help to close their surface and prevent the evaporation of oil and moisture. It is best to choose a product that is used to give shine. For this purpose, the blade with the softest effect is suitable.
    After removal of shellac, it is not recommended to immediately perform a new nail design. Up to this stage should take at least 1-2 days. Thanks to this it will be possible to keep the nails healthy and beautiful.

    As you can see, you can remove shellac from nail plates even yourself. To minimize the negative impact on the nails and skin, it is recommended to use a special kit for this purpose. If there is no such possibility, it is possible to choose and improvised means. However, in this case it is very important to follow all the recommendations clearly. Thanks to this, it will be possible to minimize the negative impact of aggressive liquids on the nails.

    How to Remove Shellac( gel-lacquer) at home!

    How to: remove shellac at home
    How to remove shellac at home
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