Angina in women who will soon become mothers, occurs after contact with an infected person. Promotes the formation of streptococcus pathology. But not always angina can affect the future mummy only after contact with a person suffering from angina. As a result of a number of features of the working capacity of the body's defenses, the presented disease arises because of the presence of infection in the tonsils. She gets there from her own foci: nasopharynx, ballroom teeth. It is in these places that there is a large accumulation of microorganisms.


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Features of

angina during pregnancy in the second trimester treatment

Before prescribing angina therapy for the second trimester of pregnancy, it is necessary to find out what form it h

as affected the woman's body. Distinguish the disease of bacterial, catarrhal purulent form. It is very necessary to treat purulent angina during pregnancy. It can be of the following types:

  • lacunary - formation of a yellowish film on the tonsils;
  • follicular - there are white abscesses;
  • necrotic - accompanied by the death of tonsils.

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Taking into account all the varieties of this pathology, its treatment in expectant mothers should suggest the definition of the form of sore throat. Only then the prescribed therapy will give a positive result. It is forbidden to engage in self-medication.

The video tells about the treatment of sore throat during pregnancy in the second trimester:

Therapeutic activities

As a rule, sore throat during the period of bearing a child is not accompanied by an increase in body temperature. The reason is that the body of a pregnant woman tends to preserve the life of a crumb. It is for this reason that an inadequate response to exacerbation of pathology occurs. But most of all, the disease is necessary for women in the second trimester of pregnancy.

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It is very difficult to eliminate angina in such patients. The disease carries a huge danger to the life of the baby. Treatment should be carried out even before the development of purulent processes begins. All therapeutic measures should be of a gentle nature, and implemented in a comprehensive manner. Prohibited medicines should be excluded, especially in the second trimester.


nutrition during pregnancy in the second trimester treatment

Ideal food in this period - light, low calorie, which would be quickly absorbed and permanently satiated the body of a pregnant woman. With inflammation of the tonsils, the expectant mother needs to replenish her vitamins with broths from vegetables and chicken. You can use bread crumbs of white bread, cereals with dried fruit, sour-milk products. Do not use

  • for very hot or cold food;
  • sharp and sour dishes;
  • rough food;
  • meat, fish with a high percentage of fat, fried foods.

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The future mummy should understand that it is necessary to eat, even if it is very painful to swallow food. In this case, she must think about the baby, because for its normal development it is necessary to fill your body with all the necessary nutrients. You can make a dish, a mess of liquid consistency.

Abundant drink

careful nutrition during pregnancy in the second trimester treatment

Any infectious disease, including angina, involves the use of a large amount of fluid. It is very important to do this in the early days of the disease. But women in an interesting position to do this should be very cautious, especially if there are propensities to edema and impaired renal function.

Abundant drink helps to reduce temperature indicators and quickly removes the infection from the body. It is recommended to use the following drinking options:

  • mineral water without gas;
  • milk with honey;
  • weak tea with lemon;
  • cranberry mors.

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You can not saturate the body with hot, sweet and sour drinks. I'll have to forget about lemonade and soda.

Methods for lowering the temperature of

Despite the special variety of therapeutic methods against sore throat in the second trimester of pregnancy, it is necessary to involve only safe means in the process. A frequent manifestation of the disease is an increase in body temperature, and this is not very useful for crumbs. Lower indicators are necessary when they have exceeded the level of 38 degrees, the condition of the mother is deteriorating, and the sore throat has become bacterial.

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The video tells about the temperature rise:

The necessary list of medicines can be made only by a doctor. Before taking medications, you can try to bring down the temperature on your own. To do this, use the following methods:

  1. Use raspberry, lime or cranberry tea.
  2. Increase the amount of liquids drunk to eliminate fever. But before that you need to coordinate it with your doctor.
  3. Clothing should be light, rooms well ventilated.
  4. Treat skin with water with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice. To do this, add a spoonful of any of the presented acidic components to the glass of water.
  5. Put a leaf of cabbage on the head, a compress made of cloth moistened in camphor alcohol.

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When the above methods did not give the desired effect, the doctor decides on the appointment of medications. That the child has not received from their reception of negative influence, pregnant women can accept medicines in which paracetamol is present. These include Panadol and Cefekon.

But in the second trimester, women can take Ibuprofen in liquid form. But it is necessary to understand that taking antipyretic drugs is a forced and one-off measure. Do not get used to taking medication with every malaise. Sometimes a doctor prescribes antibiotics to pregnant women. Then it is possible to reduce the temperature very quickly without the use of antipyretic drugs.

How to use antibiotics?

Antibiotics for angina during pregnancy are necessary medicines. As a rule, this need arises during the rapid growth of bacteria in the throat, which can lead to the formation of purulent processes. There are systemic medicines that are allowed to be taken with angina to a woman in position. They include:

  • Amoxiclav, Flemoclav;
  • Rovamycin, Azithromycin, Josamycin;
  • Suprax, Cefalexin.

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But even these cures should be taken with extreme caution, because they do not bring particular benefit to the kid. If there is a catarrhal form of the disease at an early stage, it is allowed to take antibiotics and sulfonamides - Bioparox, Ingalipt.

The video tells how to treat sore throat during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester:

Homeopathic medications

For those who prefer natural therapy during pregnancy, it is necessary to give preference to homeopathic remedies. The most effective are:

  • Tonsilgon;Tonzillon for pregnant women
  • Tonsillotren;
  • Angin-hel.

If the body is severely weakened, then these medicines will not be able to have the desired effect. Therefore, you do not need to waste time and treat purulent sore throat with homeopathy. With this attitude, it is possible to achieve complications for the body of the child and mother.

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Tablets for resorption of

Most of the lozenges, troches from angina during the second trimester do not give any result. They only have a refreshing and analgesic effect, but they do not cure the ailment in any way. For this reason, doctors advise not to exceed the drug load on the mother and child. For these purposes, the following drugs are used:

  • Lizobakt;Lizobakt for resorption of the pregnant woman
  • Laripront;
  • Imudon.

All these medicines in their composition contain natural components. Still for resorption it is possible to apply Travisil, Pharyngosept.

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The best result with angina is the procedure for irrigation of the throat. For this, Miramistin is involved. But your doctor should approve this remedy.

Treatment of tonsils

In addition to all the treatment methods presented, angina in the second trimester of pregnancy can be treated by the method of treatment of tonsils with the help of hydrogen peroxide, Dental. If it is necessary to treat the tonsils, then it is necessary to wind the bandage on the wand and spread it to the affected areas.

All actions should take place without pressure, so as not to cause unnecessary injuries. Otherwise, one can only aggravate the situation and introduce an infection deep into the tissue. For treatment of tonsils are not allowed to use medicines, which contain iodine. treatment of tonsils with hydrogen peroxide


This method of treatment in angina is considered the most effective. Rinse the head in the first few days every 2 hours. To prepare the solution, you can use several recipes:

  1. A large spoonful of hydrogen peroxide is sent to the water - 100 ml.
  2. Rotorkan Dessert Spoon is diluted in 100 ml of water.
  3. Calendula tincture in the amount of a dessert duck on 200 ml of water.

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Thanks to such treatment it is possible to reduce the plaque on the tonsils, to eliminate the intoxication of the organism, viruses and bacteria, to reduce painful sensations. For these reasons, this treatment option is considered the safest. gargling of the throat of a pregnant woman

When a woman prepares to become a mother, she must take care of her health. When the tonsillitis struck the organism of the future mother, it does not matter at what time - 14 or 40 weeks, it is urgent to take medical measures. If this is not done, then it is possible to harm not only the female body, but also the health of the baby.