Diseases of the stomach: symptoms, signs, causes, treatment. Preparations for the treatment of stomach

Stomach in the human body is an important place. It is this body that takes on such a responsible process as digestion. Therefore, any diseases of the stomach can have a very negative effect on the body as a whole.

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  • Causes of stomach disease
  • Symptoms of stomach disease
  • Parasites in stomach disease
  • What foods are banned from stomach disease?
  • What foods are resolved with stomach disease?
  • Diet in case of stomach trouble. Menu
  • Drinking regimen for stomach disease
  • Drugs for stomach disease
  • Treating gastric disease with folk remedies
  • Tips and feedback on stomach disease
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Causes of stomach disease

Diseases of the stomach can be caused by various causes:
• Poisoning by toxic substances;
• Incorrect nutrition;
• Nervous breakdowns;
• Stressful situations.

Causes of stomach disease

And this is not a complete list of possible causes of stomach disease. And a lot

of diseases that can hit this body. These include:
• Gastritis;
• Stomach ulcer;
• Bulbit;
• Erosion;
• Cancer;
• Carcinoma.

All these diseases have their symptoms and current.

IMPORTANT: Statistically, gastric ulcer is more common in men than in women. It is believed that pregnancy increases the protective functions of the body from this disease.

Symptoms of stomach disease

Pain in the stomach, with gastritis, may not be too strong. It can be "dumb" or "noisy".Usually, such problems occur immediately after a meal.

Symptoms of stomach disease

Also to the symptoms of gastritis include: severity in the stomach, fatigue, belching, unpleasant taste in the mouth, general weakness and nausea.

The different nature of pain manifests with stomach ulcer .But, unlike gastritis, with this disease, pain occurs after a while after eating, and not immediately after this process. With a stomach ulcer, other symptoms may appear: belching, heartburn, weight loss, the occurrence of vomiting immediately after eating.

With such a severe oncological disease as , stomach cancer has similar symptoms. In the early stages, this disease, as a rule, does not manifest itself. But, with the development of the tumor, the symptoms of the disease are becoming more prominent. These include: anemia, weight loss, aversion to meat food and asthenia. In later stages, there is "gastric discomfort" and vomiting with blood.

With , bacterial infections in the stomach of can occur: fever, pain in the stomach, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

When food poisoning stomach in patients observed: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, headaches, fever and other symptoms.

Parasites in stomach disease

IMPORTANT: A particularly dangerous pathogenic microorganism for the stomach is the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. It causes the most dangerous diseases like an ulcer, gastritis and even stomach cancer.

Symptoms of the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the body:

  • pain
  • heartburn, which eventually intensifies
  • severity in the stomach
  • nausea or vomiting
  • poor digestibility of meat dishes

If you find yourself experiencing such symptoms, you need to see a doctor, hand over, test and pass the diagnosis.

And if already the disease is present, then for you the following recommendations.

What foods are banned from stomach disease?

In case of stomach diseases, it is necessary to exclude "heavy" food from the food ration and one that can lead to irritation of the stomach walls. Therefore, with a sick stomach, you can not eat vegetables and fruits with high acidity. In addition, with the problems described in this article, you can not eat spicy foods, salted and fried foods. Therefore, if such dishes in your diet play a big role, with diseases of the stomach from them is best to give up. From soda water, chips and various sweets also need to be discarded.

What foods are banned from stomach disease? What foods are resolved with stomach disease?

What foods are resolved with stomach disease?

With stomach diseases, you need to fully "work out" your diet. It is important not only to reduce pain and other symptoms of disease, but also to find their cause. And in most cases, the cause of stomach diseases lies in the wrong diet.
With this problem, it's best to focus on soups, mashed soups and porridges. Vegetables are very useful in diseases of the stomach. The main thing is that they do not belong to the above-named group. That is, they had low acidity. As for meat, it can be included in the diet in most stomach diseases. But, only in a boiled form. In general, when problems with the stomach need to move from the food to which you are accustomed to the products cooked for a couple. With the help of a modern steamer it is not difficult to do this.

IMPORTANT: Products steamed are not only more easily absorbed by the body, but also have an elevated content of vitamins and beneficial microelements than products cooked by frying or boiling in water.

As for the fish, it's better to cook it for a couple. In general, with diseases of the stomach, the rules for choosing a diet are fairly simple. You need to eat those foods that are easily digested. From vegetables with a sick stomach, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin and beets are best assimilated. In addition, these vegetables are rich in the necessary vitamins for the stomach.

Diet in case of stomach trouble. Menu

Choosing a menu for stomach problems should be dealt with by the attending physician. Only he correctly diagnoses and, based on this, pick up products that not only can not harm the body, but will help him.

In the menu for diseases of the stomach can not include legumes, mushrooms and many other products. As in the case of the pancreas problem, stomach diseases should be eaten in small portions 5-6 times a day.

A sample menu for one day can look like this:
1st breakfast : steamed omelette, rice dairy sauce, broth of wild rose.
2nd breakfast : cottage cheese is non-acidic( up to 5% fat content), tea with milk.
Lunch : milk soup, boiled meat( chicken or beef), mashed potatoes, fruit jelly.
Snack : broth of dogrose.
Dinner : boiled fish, carrot puree, mineral water.
At night : a glass of low-fat kefir.

Drinking regimen for stomach disease

Water in the human body plays an important function. It is necessary for most physicochemical reactions, used by the body as a transport system and the excretion of metabolic products. In diseases of the stomach, it is best to eat mineral water without gas. With its help, it is possible to normalize the pH of the stomach, improve microcirculation in the gastric mucosa and change the intensity of digestion.

Drinking regimen for stomach disease

In case of peptic ulcer or chronic gastritis with high acidity, must be consumed with bicarbonate sulfate water .They are characterized by a low salt content. In gastritis with a low acidity, it is recommended to use chloride hydrocarbonate water. They contain an average number of salts and minerals.

IMPORTANT: The drinking regime for most stomach diseases should be increased.

Contraindications to frequent use of water are exacerbation of the inflammatory process. In any case, the treatment process should be built only under the guidance of a specialist.

Drugs for stomach disease

Depending on the disease of the stomach, various drugs are used to treat it. To neutralize the actions of gastric juice acid use various antacids .One of the most popular drugs with antacid properties is the "Maalox" .

Another popular antacid drug is Almagel .With it, you can eliminate symptoms of gastritis, stomach ulcers, duodenitis and esophagitis.

In stomach ulcer it is recommended to use "Omez" .Capsules of this medicine are drunk in the morning before meals. This drug suppresses gastric secretion and relieves the symptoms of the disease.

To facilitate digestion use such popular drugs as "Festal" or "Mezim Forte" .

To reduce the pain in the stomach, you can "No-spank" or various antispasmodics. To combat infections in the stomach use "Furazolidone" , and to suppress pathogenic bacteria "Metronidazole" .

Treatment of stomach disease with folk remedies

There are means for treating the stomach and in folk medicine. For example, freshly squeezed cabbage juice will help in the fight against stomach ulcers. To drink such juice you need one glass a day on an empty stomach for one week. Also with ulcers, you can use another effective means: a mixture of yogurt with a little oil.

Treatment of gastric disease with folk remedies

With the help of honey diluted in water, gastritis is treated. Before going to bed, you can use a few teaspoons of pure honey. This will also have a good effect on the sick stomach.

Also a good remedy for gastritis and other stomach problems is potato juice. For its preparation, grate fresh potatoes on a grater. The resulting mass is wrapped in gauze and squeezed. The resulting juice is diluted with boiled water in proportions of 1: 1 and is taken on an empty stomach an hour before meals once a day for a month.

Tips and Feedback for stomach disease

Tip # 1. For the prevention of stomach diseases, it is necessary to abandon the use of fast foods, fatty and other "harmful" food. The food should be regular.

Tip # 2. The enemies of your stomach are alcohol and various antibiotics. It is necessary to refuse alcohol completely. In addition to the stomach, it harms the rest of the body. As for antibiotics, when taking them, you need to take medications that will reduce the risk of developing problems with the stomach.

Tip # 3. With stupid pain in the abdomen, heartburn, a sense of heaviness after eating and bloating, contact the gastroenterologist immediately.

Problems with the stomach today are quite common. Most of them are associated with irregular eating and snacking of harmful foods. Unfortunately, there are also big problems, the treatment of which can lead to operations. The victory over such ailments is associated with early detection of problems. Therefore, if these symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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