Despite the seeming harmlessness, colds and especially the flu lead to serious complications and even death. Especially it concerns the periods of epidemics, when more than 15% of the population is infected.

To replenish the number of competent citizens who care about their health, it is simple. It is enough to choose an inoculation against influenza and to vaccinate in a timely manner. One option in the vaccine market is Grippol Plus. This is an effective remedy for a new generation of vaccinations.


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Externally is a colorless liquid that is supplied in ampoules of 0.5 ml. The agent has a stimulating effect on immunity due to proteine ​​antigens from surface purified viruses of influenza A and B types. In the vaccine preparation included immunomodulator - polyoxidonium.

Influenza vaccine plus

On photo-inoculation against influenza-influ

enza plus

This substance:

  • enhances immunological memory;
  • reduces the vaccine dose of antigens;
  • increases the stability and immunogenicity of antigens;
  • increases the body's resistance to other infections.

The protective effect occurs 8-12 days after the introduction of the vaccine intramuscularly. The vaccine lasts for a year. According to statistics, protective titres of antibodies to influenza viruses are determined in 75-95% of people who have been vaccinated.

Indications for the use of the drug : adults of any age, persons who are predisposed to complications of flu, people over 60, preschool and school children, adults and children who often suffer from colds. And also people suffering from diabetes, metabolic diseases, HIV infection, autoimmune diseases or chronic kidney diseases. The vaccine is recommended for use by people working in medical and educational institutions, transport and police.

On video vaccination against influenza plus:

Vaccination during pregnancy and lactation .The decision about vaccination should be taken by a doctor taking into account the individual condition of the woman, the risk of infection with the flu.

Contraindications : allergy to chicken protein or components found in the vaccine, a known allergy to influenza vaccines introduced earlier, acute intestinal diseases or febrile conditions, non-severe ARI.In recent cases, it is allowed to pass the vaccination after recovery and normalization of temperature, respectively.

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The vaccine is not suitable for people who have an allergic reaction to previously administered influenza vaccines, chicken protein or components in the composition.


The vaccine is administered strictly intramuscularly in the autumn-winter period once a year. It is allowed to inject at the beginning of the flu epidemic.

Application features:

  • for infants from 6 to 35 months inclusive, 0.25 ml of the vaccine is administered twice with a 3-4-week periodicity;
  • to infants from 36 months is introduced 0.5 ml;
  • for children under 3 years of age, the vaccine is administered in the anterolateral hip;
  • for children over 3 years, adolescents and adults of any age Grippol plus is introduced into the deltoid muscle once per 0.5 ml.

Before use, the vaccine is kept at room temperature and shaken well. The syringe, ampoules and skin of the vaccinated person are rubbed with 70% alcohol in strict observance of the rules of antiseptic and aseptic.

On video vaccination against influenza plus Komarovsky:

Side effects of

Side effects depend on the individual characteristics of the body. Most often the vaccine is well tolerated by both adults and children. Rarely at the injection site, redness and swelling appear, and general soreness.

In very rare cases, with a special sensitivity and weak immunity, a slight runny nose, a cough and a temperature of the order of 37.4 may appear. These symptoms usually disappear on their own 1-3 days after the introduction of the vaccine.


The cost of Grippol plus starts from 1 000 rubles.

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  • Vitaliy, office worker, 28 years old: "By itself, I have immunity at least, but in one of the hardest epidemics, even he could not stand it, and I fell seriously ill with the flu, I fell for a couple of weeks,catch up at work. The following year he decided to prepare and was vaccinated. Probably helped, considering that I stayed in a healthy minority when in February half the office cut down the flu. "
  • Julia, a school math teacher, 30 years old: " I went vaccinated because I work in school and we have this compulsory measure. On the day of the injection, my head ached heavily, the home came home. The morning rose a little temperature, but it got better. So, it can be said, the vaccine was transferred normally( in comparison with the one that was in my school years).And most importantly - Grippol plus helped, managed to avoid the disease, although all around only did that hurt. »
  • Yakovleva Maria Yuryevna, pediatrician: « Recently vaccination against influenza has been introduced into the national vaccination schedule. However, many mothers still neglect the vaccination against influenza. They motivate this in different ways: they are afraid that the child will get sick even more, or simply consider it a waste of money. I myself have been getting myself and my family for 10 years. At first they used Grippol, then, when Grippol Plus appeared, they switched to him. For 4 years, neither my husband, nor my children or myself had a reaction to the vaccine, and even more so after the illness. But during the work I have seen enough of the poor children who are not tolerant of the flu. And this is not to mention the complications to which he can lead. I am glad that the percentage of vaccinations is growing year by year. "
  • Anna, nurse, 30 years old: " I am a nurse. A couple of years ago I worked in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, where the first time I had to get a flu shot( necessarily a requirement).As a result, I did not get sick during the winter, although I was not famous for good health before, and I even knew what a real flu is-a temperature of 40, wild pains. So now every year I get vaccinated. A couple of times fell ill ORZ within a year, but the disease was transferred much easier. But the flu no longer hurt, not once, which is very encouraging. Now I work in school as a nurse, so we all use Grippol Plus. And kids are kolme, and myself. "

Despite the rather high effectiveness of Grippol plus in the fight against influenza, it is recommended to study contraindications and consult a doctor before going through the vaccination.