Onions are an effective remedy for treating various colds. Today, there are many recipes that allow you to prepare a homemade syrup from a cough. It has a lot of advantages, one of which is high efficiency and saving the family budget. To obtain syrup from onions, you must use the minimum amount of products, while it increases immunity and coughs.


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Once a person feels the first cold symptoms, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. This is where the onion comes to you. Its action is aimed at eliminating serious complications of the disease, the development of infection, bacteria. And onion syrup stimulates the body's defenses and increases the protective barrier of the body. onion syrup from cough

In addition, that the prepared syrup is classified as a budget, it can still be used in the treatment of children's cough. If you put sugar or honey in it, then the product will be very tasty

and any child will be able to drink it with pleasure.

The beneficial effect of onion syrup is explained by the rich composition of the main component. In the composition of onions are vitamins and minerals. In addition, there are a lot of sugars - fructose, sucrose and maltose. Another composition presupposes the presence of such elements as sugar and citric acid, calcium, iron and vitamins C, B. Onions have a powerful bactericidal and anti-catarrhal effect. Due to onion juice in the respiratory tract, the accumulated sputum becomes less viscous and is evacuated more quickly.

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Recipe for

onion syrup

Today, there are a lot of recipes for obtaining an effective onion syrup from a cough. The most effective are:

  1. It is necessary to take the middle head of onion, 40 g of granulated sugar. Vegetable finely chopped and add sugar. Leave the syrup overnight, and then take it throughout the day in small portions.
  2. Finely chopped 0.5 kg of onions, add 2 cups of sugar and 1 liter of water. All this stir and boil over low heat for 3 hours. After the syrup is cooked, you need to wait for it to cool down, and then filter it. You can give it a pleasant taste with 40 g of honey. Before taking syrup it is necessary to warm it up. And take after meals. Due to the fact that the onion cooked, it does not produce an unpleasant smell and it lacks bitterness. Thus, it is allowed to give the children.
  3. If you combine milk and onions, you will get an effective remedy for combating dry cough. As you know, cough can be of two types - dry and wet. The first one is considered more painful, because, apart from unpleasant sensations, he leaves pain. With the help of milk with onions, you can convert it to wet, which is much easier to treat. To do this, take the bulb, clean it and divide it into 2 parts. Add 400 ml of milk. Set on fire and cook until the onion is soft. When the mixture has cooled, it is necessary to place 40 g of honey into it and wait for it to completely dissolve.

On video onion syrup from cough:

Onion syrup is one of the most effective means for fighting cough. Using it for the treatment of cough, you can distinguish the following advantages of home medicine:

  1. To obtain a syrup, you must use simple and affordable ingredients that are in the range of each hostess.
  2. It takes a little time to prepare the medicine.
  3. Onion-based syrup effectively cleans the respiratory tract, and a positive effect is observed after 3 doses.

How to take

After you have been able to choose a prescription and have already prepared a home-made cough syrup, it is worthwhile to understand in what dosage it should be consumed. If you need to cure a cough in a child, then the dosage will be 10 ml per day. But adults should take a 20 ml dose every hour. The duration of therapy should not exceed 5 days. If after a course of coughing is still troubling, then it will be possible to cure it with the help of another medication.

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  • Veronica, 32 years old: "I have long known about the healing properties of onions. The fact is that as a child, my mother was dripping my nose with onion juice. Now I use the useful properties of onions for cooking cough syrup. The uniqueness of the remedy is that you can use a home-made medicine to cure children and adults. I cook onion syrup with honey. Thus, the finished product has a pleasant taste. I have repeatedly given it to my daughter. The fact is that she always has colds in winter and autumn. As soon as I see the first manifestations of pathology, I immediately give her onion syrup. Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of serious complications. "
  • Maria, 53 years: "Healing properties of onions for the treatment of colds are known to everyone. In addition, that based on its preparation of syrups and potions, you can even eat it in pure form. This will improve immunity and protect the body from disease. Already for 10 years in the treatment of cough I use syrup based on onions, milk and honey. I want to say that I have long ago abandoned the use of ready-made pharmacy products, since there was a bad experience. Since that time, I realized that the syrup obtained at home does not differ in efficiency from the finished medicine. I drink domestic medicine in my family everything: both children and adults. "
  • Catherine, 21: "When I had a bad cough against the cold, my grandmother suggested I drink onion syrup. I initially refused, because I thought that after it there would be an unpleasant smell. But when the cough began to increase, and I could not sleep well at night, I decided that health is more important. I took a syrup of 20 ml 3 times a day for 5 days. I was very surprised when the cough subsided, however, like my cold. "

Onion syrup is a very effective treatment for coughing. Thanks to him you can quickly cope with this unpleasant symptom, dilute sputum and speed up the process of its evacuation. The composition of the medicine is so safe that it can be fashionable even for small patients. With this, they will not feel the unpleasant and bitter taste of onions, because in addition to it there is sugar or honey, eliminating this lack of medicine.