The use of fibrovaine injections in sclerotherapy

Fibrovein Fibrovein( Fibro-Vein) is a venosclerosis drug that is used to treat varicose veins.

The medication is used as part of classical drug therapy for primary or secondary, but uncomplicated varicose veins.

The medicinal preparation is used for recurrences of varicose veins in the case of residual veins after the operative treatment of the disease.


  • Mode of action and pharmacokinetics
  • composition means and release forms
  • mechanism of action
  • Scope
  • Contraindications
  • strategy and tactics of the
  • overdose and side effects
  • Cautions
  • Opinion sick community
  • Buying and storing

Mode of action and pharmacokinetics

Fibrovein belongs to the category of modern venosclerosis drugs, which differ in the activesin other trommoobrazuyuschimi abilities. As a result of intravenous administration, the drug provokes the subsequent development of the thrombus with its subsequent "connection" with the inner wall of the blood vessel.

When using a medicament, it

has virtually no effect on the condition and functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system, the process of hemorrhage, and also the internal organs - the kidneys, the liver, and the cardiovascular system.

When the drug is used, coagulation of proteins occurs and the irritant effect on the smooth muscle elements of the blood vessel walls is significantly reduced, significantly reducing their diameter.

Composition of the preparation and form

The main active ingredient in the drug - sodium tetradecyl sulfate. Additional components: Fibro-Vein Release Forms

  • disodium phosphate dodecahydrate;
  • potassium dihydrogen phosphate;
  • benzyl alcohol;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • distilled water.

Fibrovein is produced in the form of a colorless, sterile solution for intravenous injection. The drug solution can have a different concentration of the main active component - 0.2%, 0.5%, 1%, 3% sodium tetradecyl sulfate in 1 ml of the drug.

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Mechanism of action

Fibrovein has a pronounced anticoagulant activity, acting as a prophylaxis for the formation of thrombi directly at the site of injection. Intravenous administration of the drug promotes desquamation of the endothelium of the blood vessel wall, its intensive spasm.

In the final result, this leads to the formation of a controlled process of thrombosis, and as a result - the appearance of a sclerotome of a dense structure that maximizes the available lumen of the blood vessel.

Scope of application

Fibrovein has the following indications for use:

  • is assigned to treat uncomplicated forms of varicose veins , which is at the initial stage of development in varicose veins as the main element of conservative sclerotherapy;
  • it is recommended to use the drug for varicose lesions of the loose form , in which the surgical method of treatment is not used due to multiple varicose veins;
  • medication is used as part of therapy for varicose veins of the esophagus ;
  • the agent is applied for treatment of a cyst of mucous surfaces and sebaceous glands , lipomas, tubercular angiomas.

Contraindications to the use of

Like any other drug, Fibrovein has a number of contraindications to use, the main ones are:

  • acute surface thrombophlebitis, accompanied by complete obstruction of the deep veins of the thigh and lower leg;thrombophlebitis of superficial veins
  • fever, phlebosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis;
  • the drug is not used if the patient has malignant or benign neoplasms in the body, any oncological disease is a serious contraindication to the use of the medication;
  • is categorically prohibited for use in humans with bronchial asthma, sepsis, tuberculosis, phlegmon and migrating phlebitis;
  • in case of an exacerbation of any type of allergic reaction from the appointment of the drug must be discarded;
  • skin diseases( psoriasis, eczema), as well as acute respiratory diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • medication is not used during all trimesters of pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding;
  • contraindication to the use of the drug is an increased sensitivity to one of the components that make up the drug.

Strategy and tactics of application of

In the appointment of fibro vein, a sensitivity test must be performed immediately before the start of drug therapy. This is necessary in order to determine the likelihood of an allergic reaction in humans.

The recommended dosage of the drug directly depends on the concentration of the active ingredient in the fibrovaine:

  • preparation 0.2% and 0.5% - the average volume of one intravenous injection is 0.1 to 1 ml of the drug;
  • preparation 1% - the average volume for one intravenous injection can also vary from 0.1 to 1 ml of the drug;
  • preparation 3% - for injection dissolves to 0.5-2.0% solution.

During one procedure, the drug is injected into 2-7 points. The choice of the necessary concentration is made by the attending physician.

As a rule, Fibrovein with maximum concentration is used to treat the most extensive and neglected varicose veins.

The drug 3% is used to treat varicose veins, whose diameter exceeds 1 cm. In case of treatment of varicose veins, whose diameter does not exceed 1 cm, 1% is most often used.

In the process of sclerotherapy of intradermal varicose veins, it is recommended to use the drug in a concentration of 0.5% or 0.2%.

sclerotherapy of varicose veins

Overdose and side effects of

To date, cases of drug overdose in medical practice have not been recorded. In the case of a single injection of more than 5-10 ml of the drug, the appearance of pigmentation or necrosis of the affected tissues is possible.

The use of the drug may cause certain side effects:

  • in some cases, the occurrence of local allergic reactions - swelling, redness, itching and burning directly in the area of ​​drug administration;nausea
  • may also have a fever, hives;
  • abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, stool disorders, constant dry mouth;
  • intense headaches, migraines, dizziness, sleep disorders, loss and confusion;
  • stroke;
  • pulmonary embolism, tissue necrosis, vasculitis;
  • breathing disorders, cough, shortness of breath.

Special instructions

syringes for sclerotherapy The drug is categorically prohibited for use throughout pregnancy and lactation.

Patients with a history of dysfunction of the kidney or liver, the use of the drug is possible only under strict medical supervision.

Fibro-vein is not recommended for simultaneous administration to Heparin, as well as oral contraceptives.

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Opinion of the

Patient Community Testimonies of patients who underwent sclerotherapy with Fibrovein

On the left leg, an" asterisk "of blood vessels and capillaries appeared under the knee. For sclerotherapy the doctor chose Fibro-vein - and the result was positive. There was no trace of varicose veins. But for the prevention of relapse regularly wear special anti-varicose stockings.

Natalia, 42 years old

For the treatment of varicose veins, she used different medications, but the most effective was Fibrovein. After the course of treatment for varicose lesions, there is no trace.

Olga, 38 years old

I have long been concerned about varicose veins, I decided to apply to a phlebologist. He advised Fibrovein as one of the most effective modern drugs. And today I can say that I am completely happy with the result. Vascular asterisks disappeared under the knees, and I can safely walk into the mini.

Daria, 35 years

Purchase and storage of

The average cost of a drug in different pharmacies can range from 960 to 2900 rubles. Thrombovar

The price of the medicine depends on the concentration of the main active ingredient.

The drug should be stored in a dry and dark place, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life - 3 years from the date of issue.

In the pharmacies Fibroveyn can be bought with a doctor's prescription, you can also buy analogues, among which are such medications as Trombovar, Sclerovein, Ethoxysclerol.

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