With the approach of winter colds, there is an increasing need to combat various viruses. Adult people need to work, and children learn - no one has time to get sick. Therefore, it is important to know which antiviral agents will help us most effectively. In this article, we will look at this issue and find out what preparations can be bought in a regular pharmacy in order to cope with catarrhal viruses.


  • 1 danger of cold virus infections
  • 2 Symptoms
  • 3 How to treat a cold
    • 3.1 Remantadin
    • 3.2 Tamiflu
    • 3.3 Arbidol
    • 3.4 Ingavirin
    • 3.5 Ribavirin
    • 3.6 Amiksin
    • 3.7 TSikloferon
    • 3.8 Viferon
  • 4 Children
    • 4.1 Herbal preparations
    • 4.2 The best remedies

The danger of cold virus infections

Viral diseases are one of the most common infections on earth. Unfortunately, in some cases they lead to quite serious consequences. Even commonplace flu or ARVI, if not treated i

n time, can turn into a dangerous situation. That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to the disease in time, and begin its treatment. Avoid complications - the main task in the treatment of viral cold infections.

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According to WHO statistics, approximately 65 million people worldwide die of viral infections each year. But despite the warnings of doctors, people continue to go to work and communicate with others during illness. And the danger of viral diseases is also that they are transmitted instantly. It is enough to cough or sneeze a sick person - and all those around with weak immunity will "pick up" the disease.

Attention: in order to avoid infection with virus infections transmitted by airborne droplets, it is absolutely necessary to strengthen immunity. In places of a huge congestion of people, many of whom carry an infection, without strong and strong immunity it is difficult to stay healthy.

Symptoms of

sore throat

The virus penetrates the body through the upper respiratory tract. That is why in Japan, with the onset of cold weather, many people walk around the city in cloth masks. Such a simple preventive measure allows you to reduce the risk of infection several times. If the immunity is strong, then the person either does not get sick at all, or if he becomes ill, the disease will proceed without complications and not for long. Usually, with strong immunity, it takes a week for the patient to rise to his feet and recover completely. What signs are characterized by the introduction of a viral infection in the body.

  • Usually at the beginning a person has a runny nose. Already this symptom alone is enough to start taking action.
  • Cough is a common symptom of a viral infection of the common cold. He can be at first dry, barking, and after taking appropriate potions, go to the "wet" stage.
  • Sore throat .In addition, often the throat can also hurt. It is important not to confuse this condition with angina - it does not require antiviral drugs, but antibiotics.
  • Temperature rises .Sometimes the heat can be very strong, but usually the temperature ranges from 37 to 38 degrees.

As you can see, the symptoms are quite unpleasant and dangerous, so that they can be safely ignored. It is necessary to immediately start taking appropriate antiviral drugs when they appear, which will help to return to the "system".

acetylsalicylic acid for colds How effective is acetylsalicylic acid in colds, and how correctly it is necessary to take such a remedy, will help to understand this article.

What are the main causes of dry cough in adults without colds most often occur in this article.

And here's how to treat flu and colds at home, this article will help you understand: http: //prolor.ru/g/lechenie/ kak-vylechit-gripp-v-domashnix-usloviyax.html

How is treatment at the first sign of a cold in adults, and what are the best tools, is described in great detail in this article.

How to treat a cold

What antiviral drugs can help with colds effectively, safely and quickly.


A widely known and popular, effective and effective antiviral agent for a wide spectrum of action. The drug is so effective that it is able to cope even with such a terrible virus as swine flu in the early stages.


Remantadine can also be used on children with a one-year-old age in the photo-remantadine

.This indicates the safety and non-toxicity of the drug.

He has few side effects. Most often, those who used rememadine noticed dry mouth, some nervousness and dizziness. You can not take it if there are diseases or pathologies of the liver, kidneys, epilepsy.

It is important to start taking this medication with the first signs of a cold infection. In later terms, its effectiveness is much lower. This medium average price category - around 120-150 rubles per package. But whether Remantadin helps with a cold, and how effective it is, is described in great detail in this article.


This drug is especially effective against strains of influenza A and B. It is important to start taking it in the very first days after the onset of cold symptoms.

Side effects include nausea, dizziness, sometimes also Tamiflu can cause insomnia, diarrhea and bouts of depression. Some experts consider it to be a highly toxic drug, which fell on the shelves of pharmacies only thanks to its advertised.


On photo-Tamiflu

Tamiflu is not recommended for children under one year. However, due to insufficient knowledge of the drug, many doctors recommend that you generally refrain from giving this drug to children.

The price of the drug is quite high - on average, it is 1150 rubles per package.


One of the most popular and popular in our country antiviral drugs. Arbidol is recommended for use in ARVI, influenza, various immunodeficiencies, and also include it in complex therapy for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and pneumonia. In addition, arbidol can be used as an effective means of preventing cold infections and a way to strengthen immunity.


On photo-arbidol

There are no side effects of arbidol, you can say. The available ones are exclusively related to the individual intolerance of the drug. Well, the case of overdose is also possible.

In our country this drug is used very widely, it is often bought especially during seasonal infections. The price of arbidol is average - about 220 rubles per package.


This drug has a complex effect on viruses that produce ARVI, influenza and respiratory infections. Ingavirin is intended for the treatment of adults only.

The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antitoxic and antiviral effect. This is noted by all who took it. In the case of seasonal colds, it is very effective.


On photo-ingavirin

The drug is nontoxic and does not cause allergies. In addition, it is a domestic drug, so its cost is much lower than, for example, the Swiss Tamiflu. This price fluctuates around 350 rubles per package.


This drug is able to have a very rapid antiviral effect. Allowed for use only after 18 years. It can be used for colds, flu, herpes, respiratory diseases, it is shown even in case of such a disease as smallpox.


On photobivirin

Since the drug has an extremely wide spectrum of action and helps with many infections, including exotic ones, it will be nice to take it with you if you are to travel to remote corners of the planet: Asia, Africa.

The drug has some toxic effects. It can not be taken in case of heart failure, with heart attacks, strokes, liver and kidney pathologies. It is also prohibited in the case when a person has an unstable psyche and a tendency to suicide is observed.

The average cost of Ribavirin is approximately 160 rubles.


This preparation has a pronounced immunomodulatory and antiviral effect. The drug is non-toxic, but in case of an overdose, chills, bowel disorders, and allergies may occur. If you take it by instruction, do not exceed the dose, then it does not cause side effects.


On photoamixin

Shown to admission from the age of seven. Helps with ARVI, influenza, hepatitis of viral origin, herpes. In addition, it is also used for the treatment of tuberculosis, pathologies of the genitourinary system and other diseases. The cost of the drug is about 600 rubles. But how to drink Amiksin with the flu, and whether such a tool will help in a short time, will help to understand this information.


This medication can be used in children from 4 years of age. It helps with ARVI, influenza, herpes, papillomavirus and other viral infections. It should not be taken in case of liver pathologies and individual intolerance. The cost of the facility is about 165 rubles. But how Cycloferon is administered in the form of inhalation with laryngitis, and how to do it correctly is indicated in this article.


On photo-cycloferon


This preparation is available as a rectal suppository. Viferon has an excellent antiviral and immunomodulatory effect. The drug is good because since it belongs to the group of safe interferons, it can be taken from birth. But what are the reviews about the suppositories of Viferon for pregnant women with a cold at the present time, indicated in the content of this article.


On the photo-viferon

It is indicated in ARVI, influenza, various infectious processes. Take it usually 5 days. Allowed even by pregnant women. It can not only be in case of individual intolerance. The price for 10 candles is 250 rubles.

For children

What drugs are best for treating babies.

Interferon and preparations of this group, including the above-mentioned viferon. This is the safest and most reliable way to cope with the ailment. They can be used even for children from birth.

Flu-Heel .It is a preparation of a homeopathic direction. It can also be given to children from birth. The cost is 400 rubles, the dosage is strictly individual.


On photo-flu-Heel

Oxolin ointment. This is a wonderful cheap remedy that reliably protects a child from infection. Many mothers know this and successfully apply it. To protect the child from infection by the virus when visiting the street, hospitals and other crowded places, you can gently lubricate the ointment with mucous membranes of his nose. And the virus can not penetrate the child's body. The cost of the ointment is only 37 rubles.

Herbal preparations

In addition to chemical preparations, modern pharmacology can also offer products on natural plant and animal basis. They do not act so quickly, however, they are more sparing and safe, besides their impact is quite long.

The best tools

  • Gossypol .This drug is made from natural cotton. Effective against infections of a viral nature.
  • Oscillococcinum .This expensive antiviral agent is made from the duck liver extract.

    On photo-ocillococcinum

  • Flacoside .The product is made from the herbs of the family of rut.
  • Ointment Megosin .An antiviral agent based on cotton oil.
  • Extract of the echinacea .This natural remedy perfectly helps in case of lowering the level of immunity, restores strength, and quickly raises the patient to his feet. How to use aspirin against colds is described in great detail in this article.

The listed natural preparations are quite capable to stop distribution in an organism of harmful viruses. In addition, they increase the synthesis of natural interferon protein in the body, which is responsible for immunity.

We reviewed the most popular means for colds caused by viruses. As you can see, it is quite possible to find a suitable tool for any purse size and taking into account the required degree of efficiency. Recover and do not forget that it is better to start taking antiviral drugs from the very first days of the onset of anxiety symptoms. In this case, you are guaranteed and will quickly get rid of the infection.