Girudoprokt - a universal ointment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease of the 21st century, which is explained mainly by the sedentary way of life of people.

In the presence of the disease, a swelling of the veins in the anal canal area is observed.

Hemorrhoids can occur in any person, regardless of his sex or age.

Treatment of the disease in the initial stages is carried out with the help of medications - ointments, gels, tablets, suppositories.


  • Girudoprokt - created specifically against hemorrhoids
  • Composition of the drug
  • Therapeutic properties of the drug
  • Who needs this medication?
  • Contraindications for use
  • Instruction for use
  • Prohibited - this must be remembered and know!
  • Overdose and side effects
  • The word is pleased with the cured
  • Thoughts of the doctors
  • We go to the drugstore

Girudoprokt - created specifically against hemorrhoids

Girudoprokt belongs to the category of medications that are widely used to treat hemorrhoids. It is a biologically active additiv

e, with the help of which the most qualitative fight with manifestations of hemorrhoids is carried out.

The preparation is produced in the form of a gel, which has a water base. Release of the drug is carried out in tubes.

Composition of the preparation

The high effect of the gel is due to its unique composition.

The drug consists of the following components:

  • horse chestnut;
  • medical leech;
  • methyluracil.

The medicinal preparation also contains auxiliary substances that significantly increase its effectiveness.

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Therapeutic properties of the drug

This medication is characterized by the presence of analgesic, antipruritic and soothing action.

Due to the presence of flavonoids and saponins in the composition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect. This is because the components are characterized by the presence of P-vitamin activity.

When using the gel, there is an increase in the tone of the vessels in the region of the anus, and also the strengthening of their walls.

Elimination of unpleasant sensations in the anus is due to the presence in the preparation of extracts of medicinal leech and horse chestnut.

Also these components allow to relieve tension in the anus area. Presence of regenerating properties is provided by sea buckthorn and methyluracil. This significantly accelerates the healing process of tissues during the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Who needs this medication?

The drug should be administered in combination with other medications. Most often,

ointment Girudoprokt is used in the development of pathological conditions in patients in the anal passage - hemorrhoids, cracks, fistulas.

Itching, which occurs in the anal area with hemorrhoids, brings a lot of inconvenience to a person. With it also easily can handle gel Girudoprokt.

The drug can be used in the postoperative period as a rehabilitative therapy.

Contraindications to application

Gel Girudoprokt gel is developed on the basis of natural components. That is why it has practically no contraindications to the use. But there are a few exceptions to the rules.

If the patient has an individual intolerance to at least one of the components of the drug, then use it for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases is strictly prohibited.

It is not recommended to use a medication for children younger than 12 years of age. Pregnant women are also not recommended to use ointment.

If a woman is breastfeeding a newborn, she is not allowed to use the medication.

Instruction for use

Adult patients and children over 12 years of age should use the medication no more than 4 times a day.

Doctors recommend the use of Girudoprokt gel for the night, which will provide the highest effect effect.

During the application of medication, it is strictly forbidden to do massage movements. The drug should be applied with a slight movement of the hand. Do not rub it.

The application of funds to the perianal area is carried out only after the patient has performed all the hygiene procedures.

It is mandatory to apply the drug before bedtime.

In accordance with the recommendations of physicians use the medicine after bowel movement and hygiene procedures.

Forbidden - this one must be remembered and know!

So it is forbidden:

  • application of gel on mucous membranes and wounds;
  • rub the drug during application;
  • should not be used in pregnant women and children under 12 years of age;
  • with the help of gel and simultaneous reception of alcoholic drinks.

Overdose and side effects of

The Girudoproject gel is characterized by good patient transfer and no side effects.

In some cases, patients may experience mild allergic reactions, which are manifested by itching, swelling and redness. They arise only if the person has a hypersensitivity to certain components of the drug.

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If an allergy occurs, a person should stop treatment with a gel and seek advice from a proctologist to find an available analogue. There was no drug overdose.

The word pleased with the cured

Many patients tried the effect of Girudoprokt gel and were satisfied with its effectiveness, which is confirmed by the reviews.

I purchased Girudoprokt on the advice of a doctor. Before its use, I had a terrible itch in the anus.

But after the first application of the remedy, I completely discomfort disappeared. In addition, regular use of the gel allowed me to get rid of the appearance of anal fissures.

Igor, 34

I am very pleased with the result of complex treatment using Girudoprokt gel. After all, I managed not only to stop the development of the disease, but also to get rid of the discomfort that it brought to me. "

Julia, 32

Thoughts of

doctors Many doctors prescribe the gel to their patients, as they are confident in its effectiveness.

I often recommend Girudoprokt gel to patients with hemorrhoids, as I am confident in its quality. It relieves of unpleasant manifestations of diseases, which greatly facilitates the life of patients.

Anton Ivanovich, proctologist

I have been working as a proctologist for more than 20 years, but when I got acquainted with gel Girudoprokt, I realized that this remedy is really effective due to its unique composition. That's why I recommend it to my patients.

Ivan Anatolyevich, proctologist

We go to the pharmacy

The cost of the drug is rather low, which makes it as accessible to a wide range of patients.

You can buy gel Girudoprokt in a pharmacy for 100 rubles.

Girudoprokt is characterized by the presence of a huge number of analogues, the most frequently recommended application is:

  • Bezornil;
  • of Levomechol;
  • Heparin Ointment;
  • Escalus;
  • Ultraproject;
  • Proctosan;
  • Aurobine, etc.
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