What to do if the hemorrhoids burst: first aid and treatment

burst hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a serious enough disease that can lead to unexpected consequences.

For example, there is a jamming of the node, its necrosis or suddenly a knot bursts and bleeding begins. Most often it happens in neglected situations or with a long constipation after the act of defecation.

From a strain, the veins burst, and the blood can go not just by drops, but even by a stream.

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  • What causes a break in the nodes?
  • The main thing in time to identify the problem
  • The diagnosis of
  • The first self help
  • What to do next?
  • Than it is dangerous?
  • Preventive measures

What triggers the breaking of nodes?

Causes of rupture of veins with hemorrhoids:

  • lifting of weights;
  • act of defecation after a long constipation;pregnancy
  • pregnancy;
  • thrombosis of hemorrhoids;
  • non-compliance with diet and excessive intake of alcohol;
  • work on the legs or sedentary lifestyle;
  • high blood pressure( especially in the elderly) and other circumstances.

Even improper care with external hemorrhoids can lead to knee injury and bleeding.

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The main thing in time to identify the problem

Most often, that the bleeding hemorrhoids can be judged by the fact that the nodes are bleeding, as well as painful sensations in the rectum.

The most important thing in this case is for the blood clot to break at the rupture, otherwise inflammation may occur and an operation is required to eliminate it.

When the hemorrhoidal node bursts, then at the injury site there are fimbriae, which actually can inflame.

How else to find out what the problem has cropped up:

  • fever and chills;
  • pain;
  • selection of pus.
It is required to see a doctor urgently, hospitalization is necessary.

Diagnosis of

The diagnosis for this problem is made by external examination by a proctologist or with a colonoscopy and anoscopy.

This examination is conducted by a physician. In addition, it will be necessary to pass blood tests, feces, urine and others, as the presence of infection and inflammatory process will be checked.

Usually the presence of blood in the feces, leukocytes and reduced hemoglobin in the blood, platelets and other factors indicate a problem.

More often thrombus comes out with bleeding, but if it does not come out, it is better to immediately apply anti-inflammatory suppositories and herbs in the form of trays.

If thrombosis is severe, then you need to be very careful and be sure to take medications that can be prescribed in the form of tablets, ointments or suppositories. Thrombosis is very dangerous for health, and it can manifest not only in terms of bleeding.

The first self help

bleeding If this problem arises, doctors advise: cold, hunger and peace, but if you can not stop the bleeding with ice, then use other methods and drugs.

How to stop blood if hemorrhoids burst? Of course, it's better to see a doctor right away, but if you can not, then you can use the following methods and medicines:

  • apply ice or sit in a basin with cool water, all this for no longer than 5 minutes, otherwise you can catch other organs;
  • attach to a bleeding site a sterile napkin soaked in peroxide;
  • cause the following: Troxevasin, Vishnevsky ointment, Heparinovuyu, Levomekol;Levomexol
  • if bleeding is severe and lasts about an hour, it is better to apply suppositories;
  • to prevent the spread of infection, you can make a sedentary bath with chamomile, sage, calendula, St. John's wort and other herbs;
  • if desired, you can take vasoconstrictor: ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut.

To stop profuse bleeding, you can use a tampon with hydrogen peroxide, or even conventional vasoconstrictors, such as Naphthysine, Halazolin.

These drops from the common cold can contribute to vasoconstriction and, as a consequence, stop the discharge of blood. You can make a bath with a solution of potassium permanganate, which dries and relieves inflammation.

It should be washed thoroughly with cool water and can be applied with the above described herbal infusions.

What should I do next?

A set of treatment measures must be prescribed by a physician, since in each individual case the therapy is specific.

But most often the therapy is as follows:

  • bed rest for at least 2-3 x days;
  • careful rectile toilet to avoid spread of infection;Hepatrombin G
  • ointments for stopping bleeding and removing the inflammatory process, for example, Gepatrombin G, Bezornil;
  • candles to relieve pain and improve the act of bowel movements;
  • baths to prevent infection;
  • sea buckthorn candles for healing;
  • Detralex, Flebodia;
  • diet for a more stable operation of the intestines and preventing constipation and diarrhea, which is also dangerous.
Warning: all medicines are prescribed by a doctor! Of course, drugs are prescribed for pregnant women strictly under the supervision of specialists.

Than it is dangerous?

The bleeding hemorrhoid is dangerous for the following consequences:

  1. If the doctor does not contact a specialist in time, the may form an abscess or fistula .
  2. When a person loses up to 50 ml of blood daily, latent anemia appears. It can undermine health, which is especially dangerous in pregnancy.
  3. Bleeding can begin from polyps, cracks, and also in the adenoma , so it is very important to diagnose the disease correctly.
  4. In case of non-compliance with hygiene, can also cause infection, which is fraught with complications.

Preventive measures

Prevention can be considered compliance with proper diet, active lifestyle. Do not abuse fat and spicy dishes, drink alcohol in an immoderate amount.

hemorrhoids and its prevention With a sedentary lifestyle it is worth doing physical exercises, and when you load on your legs and lift weights regulate your working day so that you give your body a rest.

With constipation should take sour-milk products, eaten, fruits and vegetables, there is grain bread, it is necessary to follow a diet recommended by a doctor.

Bleeding, as well as thrombosis, can be avoided if the appearance of hemorrhoids in time to begin treatment and follow the recommendations of specialists.

Of course, it is necessary to be examined on time and not to start the problem, but if it already exists, it is necessary to treat it in a timely manner.

Blood thinners can be prescribed, for example, heparin, if there are indications, as well as anti-inflammatory drugs.

Often prescribe candles Anestezol, suppositories with novocaine.

The doctor can recommend Butadion, Heparin, warm sessile baths, if all this does not help, an operation is appointed in which the thrombotic nodes are removed and the venous bleeding is stopped.

Do not be shy and keep silent about such facts as the formation of hemorrhoids, cracks and the appearance of bleeding or pus. The faster these factors are eliminated, the easier the treatment will be.

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