Rhinitis is a very common cold symptom in children 2 years old. Many parents are familiar with the situation when, after treatment of a common cold, it again appears. The reason may be that the previous rhinitis was not completely cured or the immunity is very much weakened, therefore, for each stimulus it reacts in this way. Especially often this ailment occurs in children at this age, as many go to the kindergarten, where there is a huge number of viruses and bacteria.


First aid

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  • 3 How long does the disease last?
  • First aid

    runny nose in a child 2 years how to treat

    The better the treatment? To obtain the maximum result from the treatment of a common cold in children 2 years old, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. Only in this way you can overcome the disease in a short period of time.

    First, it is necessary to refuse from visiting the kindergart

    en for 2-3 days. Thus, you can slow down the ailment at the initial stage of development. Otherwise, this symptom will pass into a chronic form, and the treatment will be much more difficult.

    In the first 2 days, provide the child with bed rest. The pillow should be placed under the head and shoulders. Then he will feel comfortable, and also the accumulated sputum will begin to separate faster. And this will greatly improve the nasal breathing of the baby.

    At the time of a cold, a child must consume as much liquid as possible. Prepare him a drink from jam, currants, cranberries. Such fruits in large quantities contain vitamin C, and it, as is known, perfectly eliminates catarrhal and infectious diseases. In addition, this drink has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the defenses of the baby's body. Patients at the age of 2 years per day must be given to drink up to 1 liter of liquid.

    If after 2 days the baby has not had a runny nose, then it is worth giving him warm mineral alkaline water. The advantage of this treatment is that pathogenic microorganisms die very quickly in an alkaline environment. With a plentiful drink, it is possible to improve the withdrawal of nasal mucus and reduce the intoxication of the organism that occurs against the background of redness with bacteria and viruses.

    The video tells how to treat a runny nose in a child in 2 years:


    inhalation of a child

    Such activities in the treatment of cough in children 2 years are considered the most effective. Thanks to them, it is possible to evenly distribute the drug substance deep into the nasal mucosa. The result of this treatment is the rapid and efficient distribution of the drug over the surface of the epithelium of the nose. The process of recovery after inhalation occurs very quickly. Within 2-3 days the baby breathes better, the amount of mucus discharged decreases and the general condition is normalized. 3-4 procedures are necessary per day.

    For carrying out inhalations, you can use a special device, through which it is possible under pressure to turn the drug solution into an aerosol. The name of such a device is a nebulizer, through which inflammatory, immunomodulating and antibacterial medicines can be sprayed. Here are listed medicines for a nebulizer with a cold.

    Usage of drops

    As a rule, during treatment of a common cold in children 2 years of age, vasoconstrictive drops are used. To apply them does not cost more than a week. Consider only the most effective for children of this age:

    1. Vibrocil .This medicine is allowed to be used for infants. The duration of therapy is not more than a week. The obtained effect is achieved in 2-3 minutes, and lasts for 6-8 hours. Drip should be 1-2 drops in each nasal passage. Here you can find the instructions for the use of a drop in the nose Vibrocil. It is advisable before using the drug to blow your nose or clean the nose with salt solution, and also with Aquamaris. Read how to properly wash your nose for 2 years. Vibrocil
    2. Nazol Baby. These drops should be used very carefully and not more than 3 days. The effect lasts about 6 hours. To drip costs to children at the age of 2 years it is necessary on 2 drops in each nostril. Field of application pipette should be wipe dry. 33
    3. Polydex .Polidex drops in the nose for children is a nasal spray that is allowed to be used by patients after reaching 2 years. The course of therapy is 5-10 days. The obtained effect is achieved in 3 minutes and lasts 8-9 hours. Instruction for use assumes to carry out one injection in each nasal passage. Number of receptions per day - 3 times. But the use of such a medicine is prohibited for children suffering from kidney failure. Polidex

    Other effective products

    Positive effects in the treatment of pediatric runny nose are rinsed with conventional boiled water. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to use infusion of herbs and sea water. Such herbs as calendula, St. John's wort and eucalyptus are considered effective.

    Many children at this age do not really like washing, but it is necessary. Prepare your baby in advance, promise him some compensation for this. Over time, he will get used to, and the procedure will not seem so terrible to him. In addition, a positive result will be noticeable after the first application. flushing the nose to the baby

    An important role in the treatment of a cold in children 2 years is considered to be diet. Do not include fatty and meat dishes in the diet. To digest this food the baby's body will need more energy. Since the disease reduces energy reserves, it is very important to maintain dietary nutrition in rhinitis.

    Saturate the body with a large amount of drinking, rich in vitamin C. Replenishment of fluid in these patients is very important moment, because dehydration of the body occurs in them is much stronger. You can try other folk remedies.

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    Find out if you can give licorice syrup to children under one year.

    Reviews of breastfeeding from a cough: http: //prolor.ru/g/lechenie/ grudnoj-sbor-ot-kashlya-instrukciya-po-primeneniyu.html.

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    Opinion of Komarovsky

    According to the famous pediatrician Komarovsky, a runny nose and cough in such children should be immediately eliminated. For these purposes, you must always use brine. Thus, it is possible to wash and disinfect the nasopharynx.

    Such babies can not drop drops on their own, so the doctor recommends that parents drip prescribed medicines 2-3 drops in each nasal passage, tilting the baby's head in the opposite direction. For suctioning mucus from the nose it is worth using a special system.

    When a cold develops very often in children, it should be treated immediately after the illness has disappeared. Rinsing the nose is still an excellent preventive remedy for rhinitis.

    On the video about the cold in the child, the doctor tells Komarovsky for 2 years:

    How long does the disease last?

    If the treatment was carried out on time and the parents adhered strictly to the doctor's recommendation, then this unpleasant symptom should pass this week. If this does not happen, the doctor should review the treatment and prescribe another therapy. Otherwise, the runny nose can go into a chronic form, and its treatment is not so simple.

    The video tells how long a cold in a child 2 years:

    A child's runny nose is a very common symptom that parents constantly struggle with. So that it does not take a long time, it is necessary to carry out therapeutic measures in time and monitor the condition of the small patient all the time. Here you can read how to treat a runny nose in a child in 3 years. Here, a cold without temperature in a child is described.

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