Is it possible to engage in fitness for varicose veins and how to do it correctly?

Varicose is a fairly serious disease, according to WHO, about a third of the world's population. And this disease is susceptible not only to people with a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

Athletes are also sick, just active people, among whom frequenters of fitness centers, mostly representatives of the weaker sex, often meet.

The presence of such a disease brings not only physical suffering, but also mental anguish.

After all, sports, physical exercises are for many of them not just a hobby, but a way of life. Varicose veins in this case - this is truly a tragedy. It is difficult to part with the usual way of life.

Others, on the contrary, are only going to visit fitness centers and ask themselves: is it possible to go in for sports with varicose veins?


  • Follow the rules - and then everything is possible
  • Fitness will overcome varicose
  • Strength of swimming
  • Complex of exercises
  • Other tips
  • Running and laughing is the recipe for all victories
  • Food should be useful for veins!

Follow the rules - and then everything is possible

The very first rule is do nothing without the recommendations of the doctor .Only a doctor can establish the correct diagnosis, determine the stage of varicose veins. When you get a doctor's opinion and recommendations, you can contact a fitness instructor.

Conduct classes preferably under his supervision. Not necessarily a coach must be present all the time, but at least once in a while.

Together with a properly selected set of exercises fitness will not only "mute" the disease, but also improve the condition, until the healing of varicose veins.

As for bodybuilding, the rules here are a bit tougher.

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It should be said that fitness and bodybuilding are often identified. And often put on different poles. Neither the first nor the second can not be fully recognized as correct. Although sports have much in common.

In particular, both sports aim to achieve a perfectly built athletic figure, excellent health, but for fitness is not the main muscle increase.

Therefore, it is not barbells and dumbbells that prevail, but aerobic exercises. And in general, fitness is more diverse. For a number of reasons, women are engaged in it, while bodybuilding is preferred by a strong gender.

Fitness will overcome varicose

For fitness it is desirable to have compression lingerie and engage in it. It will help to support the walls of venous vessels, especially its use in the tension of the legs.

At the very beginning, you should forget about running, forgetting aerobic exercises and, of course, strength training with a significant load, it is undesirable to sit on an exercise bike.

Exercises should be aimed at the outflow of blood from the legs. For this, the best option would be, for example, "Bicycle".Increase the reduction of gastrocnemius muscles and such an exercise as "Scissors".

Performing any exercise, you need to carefully monitor your health. It is recommended to use yoga elements for this.

Exercises that require lifting of the legs, improving the blood supply, are desirable. You need to start with the simplest, while giving them up to 5 minutes. It can be exercises such as "Birch".Very effective is the exercise "Plow".

Selecting exercises, you need to proceed from the fact that the load on the legs should not not have a beneficial effect on the blood flow and cause stagnant phenomena. Therefore, it is desirable to apply various types of exercises that develop both the muscular and the cardiovascular system.

The most suitable can be exercises with dumbbells: sunset and descent to the bench. It is very good and effective to spend standing on all fours of the mahi back. Retraction, flexion, extension, legs in a supine position - stimulates blood flow.

Basic strength exercises will have to be canceled. These include those that promote intra-abdominal pressure and pressure in the veins of the legs. It is necessary to delete from the list deadlifts, attacks and other typical exercises.

But the presses of the feet will go only for good, they will develop and strengthen not only the legs but also the gluteal muscles.

When performing this exercise, pressure on the veins occurs only in the shortest period. The legs work above the head, which allows you to avoid special pressure on the walls of the vessels.

The power of swimming

Include swimming and other water exercises. This is a wonderful additional element in the somewhat narrowed assortment of exercises.

Water will provide an opportunity to realize what is impossible in your situation on land. Running, jumping, "aerobics" will become available in the pool and very useful. Water is an excellent healer and masseur for sick veins, will not allow blood to stagnate.

If the disease occurs in the absence of edema and pain in the legs, then you can include exercises on power simulators. But still it is unacceptable to heavily burden your legs. Otherwise, thrombophlebitis may develop.

Before class, very much attention should be paid to warm-up.

If you suffer from swelling, heaviness in the legs, you should swim in warm water. It will "calm" the vessels with its compression effect. Plus, the activity of different muscles will only benefit, and will help relieve swelling.

Complex of exercises

Let's turn from theory to practice:

  1. Strength of legs and buttocks .By refusing basic exercises, you can perform bench presses while lying down and sitting. But here again it is necessary to observe some amendments to the usual exercises! The habitual walking between the approaches should be replaced by lying and sitting positions. Try to throw your legs as high as possible. After completing the approaches, you should lie down in the simulator for a few minutes, so that the blood will move away from the limbs. The power part of the training should be set in such a way that when the weight is reduced, the number of repetitions is increased.
  2. Develop the hands of .For the development of the triceps muscle, you can use the straight leg extension. This exercise is performed with a barbell, dumbbells. And also bending of hands with dumbbells is not counter-indicative. Conduct it preferably on a bench with a slope.
  3. Bone Lashing Systems .Suffering varicose can be done by horizontal presses. Legs must always be on a hill or stand. Lives sitting - excluded!
  4. Strengthen the back muscles of the .The perfect exercise is the pull of the block to the stomach. Exercise should be carried out with strict adherence to the rules: sitting, the legs should be placed at the level of the pelvis.
  5. The shoulders will become even wider .If you had to refuse the bench press( barbells or dumbbells) for the chest, then with the shoulders it is possible. We put our feet on the supports. After the exercises we conduct a special warm-up.
  6. Other permissible exercises : lifting barbells, dumbbells in front of you, lifting dumbbells up through the sides. The bar in front of this exercise is performed lying face down on an incline bench.
  7. For cardio stimulation, the should be included in the program for swimming style krol.
  8. Press will be an iron .Use without harm for the veins of the crunch on the dais, an incline bench, with the twisting of the body - this is enough to make the press iron.
  9. The exercise bike will be a positive use.
  10. Walking, jumping rope with strict adherence to time mode and intensity of execution. Walking should be limited to 25 minutes, alternating with an easy run. Jumping on the rope no more than 5 minutes.
Exercises on the legs give an excellent effect: the blood thus comes from the gastrocnemius muscle in the heart. This circulation reduces pain in the veins and strengthens the eggs.

Exercises for legs with varicose veins:

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Other advices

In addition to these exercises, it is desirable to apply training at intervals. They should be intense and last from a quarter to half an hour. This improves blood circulation.

Special attention should be given to stretching target muscle groups, not only during classes, but also at other times. Take for the rule of holding a hitch. After classes, this should promote the liberation of the muscles and improve the blood flow through the veins.

To discharge blood from the legs after training or work it is useful to lie head down with raised legs. Such high-intensity occupations at intervals are widely used by women.

Running and laughter is the recipe for all the victories of

The benefits of running with varicose veins are undeniable, but the following rules should be strictly followed:

  • firstly, should be run in the morning , in the worst case, in the morning, by jog, no more than 30 minutes, on rough terrain;
  • strictly observe the technique of the exercise;
  • have sneakers for running .

Food should be useful for veins!

While doing fitness, it is necessary not to forget about rational and useful nutrition with varicose veins. In the diet must include such foods: blueberries, avocados, ginger, beets, asparagus, and buckwheat( buckwheat).

Summing up, it can be stated that to engage in fitness and bodybuilding with varicose veins is not only possible, but also necessary.

But you need to start classes with a trip to the doctor. After all, not all exercises can be performed with this disease.

Exercise that requires prolonged stress is prohibited. Lifting weights, especially their retention, is also from this number.

Undesirable squats and lunges, power aerobics and some others, as mentioned above. A beneficial effect is swimming. No less important is nutrition.

Follow the rules - and everything will be possible.

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