Heparin Acrigel 1000 - a drug for the treatment of varicose veins and hemorrhoids

heparin acrigel Varicose veins are a disease of the blood vessels, as a result of which blood circulation is disrupted and there is a failure of the venous valves.

Modern sedentary lifestyle, with abundant fatty foods, bad habits and some diseases - these are the most common causes of varicose veins.

As an intervention, surgical intervention and the constant use of medications that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and prevent the formation of blood clots are recommended. One of them is Heparin-Acrigel 1000.

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  • Composition of drug
  • Pharmacological action
  • Use in proctology
  • Indications for use in phlebology
  • Contraindications to prescription of drug
  • Instruction for use
  • Special instructions
    • Use during pregnancy
    • Sharing with other medicines
  • Community Opinion
  • What else does the market offer?

Composition of the drug

One gram of the drug includes:

  • active substance: heparin 1000ME , is an anticoagulant( a substance that slows bloo
    d clotting) of direct action, heparin can dissolve thrombi;
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate acts suppressively on mold fungi and yeast;
  • carbomer 940, 980 is used as a thickener and stabilizer in gels and creams;
  • trometamol removes intracellular acidosis( edema), has a diuretic effect;
  • ethyl alcohol ;
  • lavender oil has an anticonvulsant effect, improves microcirculation, this is a strong bactericidal, antiseptic and restorative;
  • neroli oil has an anticonvulsant, decongestant and antispasmodic effect;
  • distilled water .

How Heparin works:

The gel is recommended for external use. The drug is packed in aluminum tubes of 20, 30, 40 and 50 grams.

Pharmacological action

Heparin-Acrigel inhibits the formation of thrombi, can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema drug.

This is caused by blocking the formation of thrombin, suppressing the activity of hyaluronidase, activating the fibrinolytic properties of the blood.

When used locally, it serves to enhance microcirculation in tissues and to enhance the metabolic process. Heparin increases the rate of resorption by hematomas, thrombi and improves lymphostasis.

Prolonged use of the drug may relieve the need for surgical intervention in the initial stages of varicose veins.

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Uses in proctology

hemorrhoids The tool is used in proctology for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It prevents the exacerbation of the disease and reduces the risk of cavernous vein thrombosis.

For therapeutic treatment and prevention, the gel is recommended to be applied in a thin layer on the pranal area. The course of treatment: 3 times a day from three days to two weeks.

Drugs that include heparin, have the ability to rapidly dissolve hematomas and thrombi. In the instructions for Heparin-Acrigel 1000, its use is recommended for the treatment of acute hemorrhoidal thrombosis.

This composition is also shown after surgical removal of proctological pathologies. The gel quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves no residue on the laundry.

In the presence of internal hemorrhoids, you can inject the gel into the anus. To do this, a cotton swab with ointment is carefully inserted into the anus. You can also use special candles containing heparin.

For the treatment of external cones, a gauze pad with applied preparation is applied to them and fixed with adhesive plaster.

In the acute phase of the disease can not rub the gel - this can provoke a breakthrough of the vascular wall and heavy bleeding.

Indications for use in phlebology

Heparin-Acrigel can be used to treat beginning varicose veins. The main signs of the disease are: venous insufficiency

  • feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs;
  • drawing pain;
  • appearing towards evening swelling;
  • itching itch.

Visible effect of treatment is achieved over a long period of time - at least two weeks.

Also, the remedy is used externally as a preventive and therapeutic drug for:

  • thrombophlebitis of superficial veins,
  • post-phasic and post-injection phlebitis,
  • lymphangitis,
  • elephantiasis,
  • superficial mastitis,
  • localized injuries, bruises of muscle and joint tissues, tendons, swelling and subcutaneous hematomas.

Contraindications to the prescription of the drug

Despite all the advantages of the gel, it has a lot of contraindications:

  • blood diseases associated with reduced coagulability;
  • bleeding;arterial hypertension
  • possible intracranial hemorrhage;
  • aneurysm of the aorta or cerebral vessels;
  • ischemia of the brain or heart;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • severe diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • recently performed surgical operations on the brain, eyes, liver, prostate gland.

In women, menstruation, the threat of miscarriage and recently passed birth can be a contraindication.

Especially it is necessary to pay attention to high sensitivity to heparin. Do not use drugs with this substance to treat open wounds, abrasions, mucous membranes and necrotic ulcers.

With active phase of tuberculosis, radiation sickness, diabetes mellitus of both types, chronic renal and hepatic insufficiency, some heart diseases and elderly patients, heparin is administered under constant laboratory control of blood coagulability.

Reducing the indicators in half serves as a signal for stopping the use of the drug.

Instruction for use

heparin acrygel 1000 instructions The gel is applied to clean dry skin for 0.5-1 grams( strip of ointment 3-5 cm long) with an area of ​​5 to 20 cm2 and rubbed in a circular motion until completely absorbed. Apply no more than three times a day.

The course of treatment lasts several days until the inflammation is completely removed. If necessary, he can be prolonged by a doctor for up to one month.

The drug is superimposed on the site of initial sclerotic changes. On the wound surface or trophic ulcers can not be applied - the surface around them is treated.

A side effect may be a slight burning of the area of ​​application.

Special instructions

External use of the drug Heparin-Acrigel 1000 has no special contraindications except polyvalent allergies and necrotic ulcers.

Increased bleeding and thrombocytopenia also require caution when prescribing.

Usage during pregnancy

The gel does not penetrate the placenta and does not harm the unborn child. In breast milk from the mother's body, it also does not act.

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Sharing with other medications

To be aware that concomitant use of Acrigel heparin and:

  • anticoagulants and NSAIDs increases the reduction in blood clotting;
  • administration of antihistamines( antiallergenic drugs), thyroxine, tetracycline group medications, ergot alkaloids and nicotine together with this drug significantly reduces the effect of these medications.

Overdose of the drug is not possible due to low absorption of this component.

Community Opinion

A lot of useful information can be gathered from the reviews of patients who used Acarhel 1000 Heparin for treatment.

Heparin Acrigel 1000 - a stick-rescue for our family. Bruising in children is much faster, and my medication removes evening swelling from the legs.

Larissa, 40 years old

Heavy birth was "awarded" with hemorrhoids. Have advised Heparin Akrigel 1000. Mazala the site 3 times a day and in 2 weeks has forgotten about this sore.

Marina, 28 years old

Long time used Lyoton. The drug is expensive, but it helps. Recently in a drugstore instead of him they offered to try Heparin-Acrigel 1000. The result is not worse, but it costs much cheaper.

Sergey, 35 years

The product helps perfectly, but it is very greasy and unpleasant smells. Lyoton, of course, is much more expensive, but it is quickly absorbed and leaves no traces on clothes, and the smell is much better. Is it really worth overpaying for the smell, because this medicine, not perfume?

Natalia, 24,

What else does the market offer?

Price of the product Heparin-Acrigel 1000 - 230-270 rubles per 30 grams.

There are a lot of gels and ointments based on heparin produced by domestic and foreign manufacturers that are almost complete analogues of Heparin-Acrigel 1000: Lyoton Gel

  • one of the most popular and available is heparin ointment 25 grams, the cost of which varies depending on the firm of 50up to 90 rubles;
  • Thrombless gel 1000 in packing 30g costs from 230 rubles;
    50g - 240-280 rubles.
  • Lavenum gel 50 g costs 180 - 300 rubles;
  • Lyton gel 30,50,100g, depending on the packaging costs from 320 to 770 rubles.

The effect of all drugs is almost the same. The main difference between them is the use of various additional components in the composition.

Along with heparin agents, phlebologists and proctologists are recommended:

  1. Gepatrombin does not only have a resolving effect, but can also be used as a light analgesic and antiseptic.
  2. Venolife is available as a gel and ointment. It strengthens the walls of small vessels. Due to the alcohol included in the phenylethyl Hepatrombin, the drug has a disinfecting, antifungal and bactericidal action and can be used to treat light open wounds.
  3. The of Kontraktubeks contains allantoin and a liquid extract of onions. It has an anti-inflammatory and smoothing effect on the skin, promotes rapid healing of wounds.
  4. Dolobene gel is an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drug that has an antithrombotic effect. It consists of dimethyl sulfoxide and dexpanthenol, which contribute to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues.
  5. Venabos improves microcirculation and has a venotonic effect. Included in Escin quickly removes swelling, blocks the development of inflammation and increases the ability of tissues to regenerate.
Before self-purchase of any of the funds, consultation of the attending physician is necessary.

A wide range of prices allows you to choose the most optimal option for the price-quality ratio.

The use of the drug Heparin-Acrigel 1000 makes it possible to significantly alleviate the already existing vascular diseases and prevent the development of those beginning.

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