Treatment-and-prophylactic plaster for veins Vazoplast

Vasoplast is a modern and at the same time a reliable tool that has a powerful effect on the venous and lymphatic system of the human body.

Possessing unique properties, the patch makes it possible to get rid of many problems, just a few hours after the start of use, without causing any harm to health.


  • Features of plaster
  • How does it look, what does it consist of?
  • Therapeutic and cosmetic effect of
  • To whom will this little sticker help?
  • Restrictions - minimum
  • Instruction for use
  • Practical experience of using
  • Advantages over other analogs
  • And varicose will recede!

Features of the plaster

The vasoplast is a small adhesive that is pasted on the harassing area of ​​the lower limbs. Its action goes directly to the problem zone, which allows you to track the positive dynamics after the first use.

For a minimum of twelve hours, the remedy actively acts on the affected area, so that the person experiences significant relief, the pain an

d swelling go away, visually the condition of the limbs improves.

Key features of the plaster:

  • is manufactured exclusively with the latest technology;
  • is not hormonal;
  • does not result in disruption of internal organs;
  • is not addictive;
  • full compatibility with any medications, including antibiotics;
  • is very easy to glue and remove.

What does it look like, what does it consist of?

The medical stickers contain a special and super-quality magnetic powder from rare earth materials( the so-called nanopowder), which has an instant effect on the problem area.

Produced in a blue package, each containing three patches and has a unique quality control. It allows you to immediately notice if there was an opening or even a minor damage to the package.

In appearance, the preparation is a small rectangular shape of solid color and different size:

loading. ..
  • seven by nine centimeters;
  • is twelve by eighteen centimeters.

By structure Vazoplast consists of several layers:

  • sticky bottom;
  • of the base layer impregnated with a special therapeutic powder;
  • protective film, removed before gluing.

The therapeutic and cosmetic effect of

Thanks to its medicinal qualities, as well as the latest state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing a patch that includes both traditional and traditional medicine, Vasoplast has a number of therapeutic and cosmetic properties:

  • quickly pains and relieves inflammation;
  • significantly relaxes muscles;
  • improves circulation in blood vessels;
  • reduces puffiness;
  • normalizes the functioning of the lymphatic and venous system;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • fights with venous stasis;
  • promotes the restoration of patency in vessels;
  • improves the overall condition of the capillaries;
  • relieves stress from the lower limbs;
  • completely relieves fatigue and a feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • gives the skin a healthier look.
Thanks to the powerful thermal radiation, as well as a special magnetic field, there is a rapid improvement in the blood and lymphatic system, the healing and recovery processes are accelerated, the swelling and pain are gone.

To whom will this little sticker help?

The main indications for the use of Vasoplast are:

  • venous insufficiency;
  • varicose veins, including the last, the fourth stage;
  • sensation of heaviness, pain and chronic fatigue in the legs;
  • tension and changes in sensitivity of the lower limbs;
  • swelling, due to stagnation of the lymphatic or venous system;
  • thrombophlebitis( treatment and prevention);
  • prophylaxis of lymphangitis and defeat of vein membranes( superficial periphlebitis),
  • various injuries and bruises of tendons, joints;
  • muscle stretching;
  • treatment with bruising and bruising.

Restrictions - minimum

Completely to refuse use of a plaster it is necessary for people:

  • during pregnancy;
  • if there are open wounds.
With extreme caution should be used for allergic reactions.

If a person has severe itching, burning, redness, and other unpleasant symptoms, you should immediately contact a specialist and stop using the drug.

Instruction for use

The patch is exclusively for external use and does not require any additional treatments or special preparations before use.

The first thing to begin with is to remove a special protective layer from the preparation. After gently sticking it on the problem area, be sure to hold your finger.

Important point: the skin on the application area must be dry.

The tool is intended for one use only, no repeated use is permitted.

For proper effect, it is necessary to leave a patch on the body for at least twelve hours. After this time, carefully remove and throw in the trash. Re-glue the new drug is allowed only after six hours.

Duration of the course of treatment:

  1. If a person suffers from a severe form of vein disease , then it is advisable to undergo certain courses designed for seven to fourteen days. Next, you need to pause for one week and continue the treatment.
  2. In severe pain syndrome , it is necessary to use the drug on average from three to nine days, but depending on the nature and extent of the disease, you can increase the use to two weeks.
  3. For various injuries, hematomas, muscle sprains, bruises, , the treatment lasts from three to six days.
  4. As a prophylaxis of venous and lymphatic diseases, it is recommended to take a seven-day course twice a month.

For a faster result and effectiveness of treatment, a patch is recommended to combine:

  • with exercise therapy;
  • massage.
Note: Burning from the plaster, especially in the first minute is a natural reaction of the human skin.

It must be stored in a dry place at an air temperature of no more than 25 ° C.After opening, you need to use it for one month.

Practical experience of using

The thoughts of doctors and patients about Vasoplast can be found out after studying their feedback.

About five months ago, the so-called stars became noticeable on their feet, edemas were observed, especially in the evening. Feeling of heaviness did not leave all day. Many means have been tried from budget to very expensive and nothing has helped.

A relative advised to buy Vasoplast, at first I was very skeptical, but when I glued it, I was pleasantly surprised at once. The plaster is absolutely inconspicuous and does not interfere with walking and sitting, plus a flesh color that makes it invisible to everyone around.

Two pains completely gone, swelling less. After the course of treatment, he helped to completely forget about my illness.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. »

Tatyana Somova, 47, Samara

This is perhaps the only newest tool that can help to get rid of many unpleasant moments associated with varicose veins. It is safe and compatible with other medical procedures and medications.

Oleg Kirillov, doctor-therapist, Moscow

For five years I suffer from varicose veins, sometimes pain is impossible. Three months ago I decided to try Vasoplast, I thought that he definitely would not help me, however, I felt a great relief in an hour.

After a week the general situation improved, the tension in the legs was gone. Now I use it regularly twice a month.

Igor Belov, 66 years old, Tver

Advantages over other

analogues The main advantages of Vasoplast in comparison with other drugs are:

  • full compatibility with any medications;
  • availability without prescription;
  • after its use on the skin there are no traces;
  • does not spoil clothes;
  • is very easily and painlessly removed;
  • ease of use;
  • does not interfere with movements;
  • can lead a normal lifestyle.

And varicose will recede!

Vasoplast is an inexpensive and very effective tool, the average price is from 100 to 150 rubles depending on the region and the method of purchase.

On the official site you can buy a plaster at the lowest price, while for visitors to our resource there are always different discounts.

With proper application, this patch is effective in the treatment and prevention of many diseases of the venous system.

Each person should carefully read the attached instructions and consult their physician before using the patch.

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