Effective recipes for the treatment of varicose veins based on laundry soap

medical soap Reducing elasticity and increasing the size of the veins causes a fairly common disease called varicose, which is accompanied by rapid fatigue, pain and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

Serious danger is the rapid appearance of concomitant pathologies: edema, gastrocnemias, thrombi, trophic ulcers, which is often due to the asymptomatic course of the initial period.

Meanwhile, the beginning manifestations of varicose veins are almost completely cured, while the therapeutic complex often includes folk methods.


  • About medical soap in medicine
  • Usage in phlebology
  • The most effective recipes
    • Therapeutic ointments
  • Additional ways to combat varicose

About soap in medicine

The versatility of household soap( hereinafter referred to as "XM") is due to its composition( ≈ 72% of fattyacids with a small share of alkalis).

It not only excellently removes various kinds of pollution, but also finds application in medicine, using only brown traditional
form without aromatic fragrances and whitening additives.

In medical practice, soap shows its effectiveness in the following situations:

  • accelerates the healing of scratches, protecting them from infections, for which it is enough to soap the wound and allow to dry;
  • prevents bruising, if immediately treated with a soap solution bruised area;
  • removes puffiness, for which several times a day on a sore spot, it is necessary to apply soapy lotions;
  • helps with foot fungus if rubbed with a soapy brush, and after drying, treat the skin with iodine.

Soap, whipped in hot water to foam, neutralizes the itching and irritation caused by bites of mosquitoes and other insects, and Treatment with soap prevents the occurrence of redness from burns.

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Helps eliminate dandruff with regular washing of normal and oily hair. For dry varieties, this procedure is undesirable, since the alkaline ingredient can dry and irritate the skin.

Becomes a cleansing mask for acne if you add a pinch of salt to the foam and hold it for 20 minutes. It is washed off with water, done within a month every other day.

Softens the burrs, as well as dry calluses and coarsened feet, a fifteen-minute bath with a spoon of grated soap and a pinch of salt, followed by creamy feet and cotton socks.

Remarkable flu prevention is washing with a solution of nasal sinuses. The same procedure is effective in the common cold. Popular is the use of a mixture of grated soap with beeswax, propolis( 5: 1: 1) with the addition of honey to the consistency of the cream for the treatment of abscesses.

For the same purposes in equal volume fractions mix the grated onion, XM and sugar.

For beautiful ladies, an interesting fact is the possibility, adding to the solution XM proteins from two eggs, grinded with a grinder into a powder oat flakes and a few drops of peach oil, a rejuvenating and tightening mask for the skin, which should be washed off with warm water no later thanin twenty minutes.

Use in phlebology

Before you begin treatment of varicose veins with soap, you need to consider the following nuances.

  1. The presence of alkaline soap in the structure of the soap can cause irritation( sometimes burning) of the sensitive skin, therefore, before using any means on its basis , a test test is performed in the form of applying the formulation to a small area of ​​the skin .
  2. In formulations, the soap is indicated in a powdered form, for which it can be rubbed on a fine grater .It is easy to turn a brick into dust if it is scraped with a sharp knife, observing safety measures. Preliminary the piece should be well dried.

The most effective recipes of

varicose veins Strengthening the useful properties of powdered XM by adding other antibacterial or wound healing components, it is possible to prepare medical formulations at home to facilitate the condition in varicose veins.

If you insist aspirin( 10 tablets) for 0.25 liters of vodka for two days and then add the ground soap into the resulting suspension, you can use the ready-made solution in the form of daily lotions that quickly relieve the pain in varicose veins.

This same product perfectly softens the coarsened skin on the heels and is used as a rub for osteochondrosis. As a rule, stop the procedure as the discomfort disappears. Whether

laser coagulation of varicose veins is really effective treatment of varicose veins with a laser, - reviews of patients and doctors will provide an exhaustive answer to this question.

What is the prevention of varicose veins. What techniques should be used to avoid this unpleasant disease.

Therapeutic ointments

A wide variety of medicinal ointments have been widely used, having an identical method of application. In the evening before going to sleep, a bandage with a viscous mass made in the form of a compress is made for varicose nodules.

After bandaging with a bandage and applying cellophane, they wrap their feet with a warm kerchief. In the morning the mixture is washed off.

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There are several types of formulations:

  1. Ointment, for preparation of which, except XM, will need onions, millet and old unsalted fat in equal quantities. All ingredients are crushed. Onions and lard can be passed through a meat grinder, grind the millet in a mortar, and rub soap on a fine grater. Water is added to the mixture in such an amount to obtain a consistency of the ointment, which is left to ripen under room conditions per day. The procedure for applying the compress, in order to obtain the proper effect, is carried out for ten days, after which a weekly break takes place, and then the course is repeated.
  2. The components of the following medicinal substance on the basis of grated soap are taken in equal amounts: honey, ichthyol ointment, Preparation of ointment aloe juice, bacon lard, onion, minced or grated, Ointment Vishnevsky .All components are thoroughly mixed until uniform. For the finished product is characterized by an unpleasant odor, so it should be stored in a tightly closed glass container in a cool place. Compresses should be done in the evening and left for the whole night. The duration of the course treatment is individual and depends on the speed of achieving positive dynamics( from ten to twenty days).
  3. The following ingredients are used as the co-ingredients for soap( 150 g): olive oil( 150 g), gum( cedar or pine)( 100 g), propolis and beeswax( 50 g) .In order to obtain the desired viscous mass, the mixture is heated in a water bath. After cooling the finished product, store it in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Additional ways to combat varicose

Also, a gradual relief is observed if you pour soda on the affected areas, first lathering them, and put on top the cabbage leaves of white.

The construction is fixed with a bandage and is insulated. The compress is held all night. A positive effect is achieved in about five months.

Grated soap If the doctor makes recommendations to the therapeutic complex, in addition to medicines and compresses, include special massage manipulations, then they are also used soap foam.

The patient is placed on his back in such a way that the legs at right angles are laid on the wall.

The specialist performs the correction of varicose veins, first applying foam from XM to caviar.

It's dangerous to do this yourself. In total, up to eight procedures are carried out.

Environmentally safe, non-allergenic, disinfectant and antibacterial laundry soap is able to bring considerable relief in various pathologies, including in the case of varicose veins.

It should be remembered that is relevant at the initial stages of the disease , when there was no major changes that sometimes require surgical intervention.

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