A series of drugs Kapilar: indications, instructions, reviews

Capillar is a biologically active additive that contains a lot of natural ingredients.

The series of products includes cream-balm and gel to strengthen the vascular walls and reduce inflammation of the lower limbs in varicose veins and cardiac pills Kapilar cardio.

Thanks to the flavonoids included in the preparation, BAA is able to protect cell membranes, as well as normalize their elasticity.

Also, when using the drug, vascular strengthening and improvement of blood flow are observed. Kapilar refers to a group of natural biological additives on a plant basis.

Forms and components

  • Forms and components
  • Pharmacological profile
  • Indications for use
  • Restrictions for use
  • Strategy and tactics of application
    • Agent in the form of gel
    • Cream-balm
    • Use of tablets
  • Overdose and additional instructions
  • Doctor's review
  • Conditions of purchase and storage

Formsrelease and components

Capillar is available in three forms, each with its own

specific composition, but with one common substance, dihydroquercetin:

  • tbletki;
  • gel;
  • cream-balm.

Tablet composition:

  • dihydroquercetin - 10 milligrams;
  • special food stabilizing additive Sorbent;
  • calcium salt.

Gel Composition:

  • Dihydroquercetin;
  • natural vitamins;
  • troxerutin is a substance that improves capillary function and the condition of veins.

Composition of cream-balsam:

  • 2-% dihydroquercetin;
  • ordinary turpentine;
  • camphor;
  • mint and fir oils.

Pharmacological profile

In addition to the advantages described above, the Kapilar gel and cream are able to provide a capillary-protective action( strengthening of the capillaries), penetrating deeply into the patient's skin.

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In addition, the drug several times increases the stability of the vessels to various irritant factors and sharp load differences on the limbs. The use of the drug is able to increase the volume of blood and improve its circulation in the problem area, which leads to improved tissue nutrition and alleviation of the general condition of the patient.

Important to know: gel and cream-balm Kapilar has a bactericidal effect, which allows these products to treat ulcers that occur with varicose veins.

Dihydroquercetin, which is part of this drug, is very similar in its action to quercetin and routine.

However, in this case it largely surpasses them in pharmacobiological activity. The substance is a bitterish to taste fine crystalline or amorphous powder, the color of which can vary from light yellow to yellow.

How dihydroquercetin works - the main component of the entire Kapilar series

The use of this substance has the following effects on the body:

  • activation of regeneration processes of damaged vascular walls;
  • inhibition of the oxidation of membrane lipids;
  • improvement of the condition of blood walls and blood circulation in problem areas;
  • reduction of edema( the withdrawal of excess water) and inflammation of the limbs;
  • stimulation of the process of regeneration of damaged tissues from varicose veins;
  • stimulation of the process of collagen production to restore elasticity in tissues.

With external application of Capillar, capillaroprotective effect, antioxidant effect is noted. Gel and cream-balm have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin.

This ensures the stability of the vessels to the negative effects of various factors, damage, normalizes permeability, enlarges the lumen and improves blood circulation in tissues.

The drug, in addition to all of the above, has anti-inflammatory, tonic, bactericidal effect, has anti-edematous effect.

Indications for use

The drug in topical forms is prescribed for patients who have a violation of capillary circulation, which can be caused by varicose veins( for example, venous insufficiency) or a violation of the blood circulation of .

In consequence of this, the patient may have the following symptoms( in which case the remedy is also very useful):

  • fatigue and heaviness in the legs;
  • muscle strain;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • pain in the joint region.

Kapilard tablets are prescribed for headaches and meteosensitivity, Cardio series for cardiac disorders and malfunctions, and blood pressure jumps.

Restrictions for the use of

Not all cases can be used to give the expected result. Use Kapilar is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. In case of personal intolerance to any substance, , which is a part of tablets, cream-balm or gel. For example, a patient may have an intolerance to the oils that are present in the cream-balm.
  2. In the presence of skin, inflammatory diseases and mucosal damage ( acne on the problem area and the like).

Strategy and tactics of application

Features of application of means Kapilar depending on the form of release.

Gel remover

The first thing to do is to thoroughly clean and dry the required area. Next, a small amount of gel is squeezed out onto the fingertips. After that, the patient can rub it for 5 minutes.


Instructions for use for cream-balm Kapilar:

  1. For a pre-cleaned skin should be applied a thin layer of the drug. At the same time, there is no need to rub it.
  2. To enhance the result, the area that the patient has spread over the product should be covered with a layer of polyethylene film.

When using Kapilar ointment, there is a slight burning sensation in the treated area, but the patient should not worry about this, as this is part of the pharmacological action. By the way, the dosage of the drug is unlimited.

To prolong the effect, it is allowed to use the drug throughout the day many times.

Use of

tablets Capillar Cardio tablets are used only as directed by your doctor and in the strictly indicated dosages.

Overdose and additional instructions

As mentioned above, an unlimited use of cream and gel is allowed throughout the day, which means that it is impossible to get an overdose.

That it is impossible to tell about tablets, in case of an overdose which there are sharp pressure jumps, a nausea, a fever or on the contrary fever.

There is no side effect of the drug as such, as it consists of completely natural elements, but if the patient is intolerant to one of the constituent components of tablets, cream or gel, their use can cause a serious allergic reaction.

Due to the fact that the main active substance of the drug is a biological additive, the entire Kapilar line is compatible with alcohol.

It is important to know: most specialists warn that when treating varicose veins and other venous diseases it is worth noting the use of alcohol.

The drug series do not have any effect on the kidneys and liver.

Natural biological supplements are an auxiliary method of treating varicose veins, which means that they can be used with other drugs and this will not affect the patient's condition in any way.

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During pregnancy, the use of drugs series is allowed only after the test for allergens. Children are not allowed to use this product.

It is worth mentioning that on the forums many patients in their reviews recommend everyone before going anywhere, or putting on their clothes after using Kapilar, wait until the cream or gel completely absorbs, so as not to stain the clothes.

Patients' opinions and doctor's opinion about the Kapilard line can be studied below.

Doctor's review

I've been treating varicose veins for 10 years and apart from basic medical and physiological treatment I apply auxiliary therapies to my patients that facilitate their general condition.

Most often I designate the products of the Kapilard line, as it consists of natural elements and is compatible with all medications.

Oksana Marinina, 42, doctor-phlebologist

My legs often ache and ache with an active lifestyle - I jump, I work for the day, here's to you in the evening and pain in the legs, and at night and cramps can be.

I also have fragile capillaries and a predisposition to varicose veins, more precisely, varicose veins in the initial stage. Therefore, in my medicine cabinet there is always a Kapilar cream that relieves swelling and inflammation from my feet in a matter of minutes!

Karina Sinegubova

My legs often hurt because of the administrator's standing work in the restaurant and for the prevention of varicose veins I use Kapilar cream because it contains substances that promote proper blood circulation and therefore, when I apply it, I feel a pleasant chill.

This cures and refreshes. This cream can be applied to the skin of the legs, hands, abdomen, back, muscles.

Marina Minina

In this way, you can identify such advantages of the tool:

  • composition;
  • has a good duration and a wide range of pharmacological effects of dihydroquercetin, which is an active component of the entire series;
  • high efficiency;
  • safety for prolonged use.

Disadvantages: not detected.

Terms of purchase and storage

Price of balm and cream gel Kapilar is around 150 rubles, the cost of tablets 350, capsules for the heart 480 rubles.

Store the drug in a place inaccessible to children at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

The preparations of the series are released without a prescription.

This preparation has no analogues in its composition.

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