Cream Dirosial for the face - a real way to get rid of couperose

The vascular reticulum, the manifestation of which is caused by the increase in vascular permeability, is called kuperoz. This disease does not cause discomfort, but does not look aesthetically pleasing.

The most common disease develops on the face, in the region of the nose and cheeks, neck and décolleté, but can occur in any part of the body. The disease affects both women and men, adolescents and young children, but most often the vascular network appears in people older than 35 years.

For the treatment of couperose invented a lot of funds, one of the most popular, cream Avene Diroseal.

Cream Dyrosal is a unique development of French dermatologists, which has a double spectrum of action. It is designed to treat and prevent the formation of a vascular network on the surface of the epidermis. The texture of the cream is tender enough, instantly brings relief to the skin. Has a greenish color, is produced in a soft tube, the volume of which is 30 mg.

After the first application of the produc

t, the result is noticeable: the skin gets an even color and fresh appearance.

Contents of

  • The main thing is the causes of couperose
  • Composition of the drug
  • The effect of the cream on the body
  • Instruction for use
  • Quintessence of opinions
  • Advantages of the therapeutic agent
  • The cost of the cream

The main reason is the cause of the couperose

The list of the causes that influence the development of the disease is very extensive -from the wrong way of life to the side effect of a previous vascular impairment:

  • with exposure to the body of low or high temperatures even grThe male skin is covered with a net of dilated vessels;
  • excessive drinking and smoking have a strong effect on blood vessels, their elasticity is reduced, but capillaries are the first to suffer;
  • lovers to soak up the sun or sunbathe in a solarium are at risk, the influence of ultraviolet adversely affects the skin condition and causes its early aging, along with the skin vessels suffer;
  • aggressive cosmetic products thinner and dehydrate the skin, which harms blood vessels, as a result of the epidermis blushes, "stars" and red veins appear on its surface;in order to avoid the development of couperose, lotions containing alcohol, hard woolen cloths and towels should be excluded from body care products;
  • spicy and salty food , a small amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet adversely affect the skin condition;
  • if the nearest relatives have vascular "stars" on the face and body, it is unlikely to avoid the development of the disease;
  • overstrain of the nervous system leads to the expansion of the walls of the vessels;
  • chronic diseases ;cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, fluctuations in the hormonal background, gynecological problems, fluctuations in blood pressure.
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Composition of the preparation

The components of the cream are matched competently and complement each other's action:

  1. Thermal water is the foundation of the product. Soothes irritated and flaky skin, relieves itching and signs of heat.
  2. Retinaldehyde - activates metabolic processes at the intercellular level, increases the thinned skin, restores the condition of the vessels, as a result of which the vessels appearing on the surface of the skin become less noticeable.
  3. Dextran sulphate - eliminates skin swelling, increases blood flow, prevents the development of new redness.
  4. Hesperidin methyl - fights against dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and swelling of the face, dull and gray skin, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, stimulates microcirculation in the superficial layers of the skin.

The effect of the cream on the body

Cream Aven Diroseal is recommended for use to people who have sensitive skin, prone to reddening, with a noticeable mesh of capillaries.

The positive effect of therapy is based on the beneficial effects of the drug on the body:

  • actively affects the subcutaneous capillaries;
  • provides intercellular metabolism;
  • enhances blood circulation in blood vessels and strengthens them;
  • protects the skin from negative external influences;
  • strengthens, moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis;
  • greenish cream color allows you to mask the redness of the skin;
  • prevents the development of new pathologies.

The cream narrows the capillaries, so they stop appearing under the skin and it gradually acquires its natural appearance. In addition to narrowing the capillaries, the cream strengthens the blood vessels and prevents relapse of the disease.

Instructions for use

Developers of the innovative means of couperose provides daily application of cream to the affected areas of the epidermis( often - the wings of the nose, cheeks, decollete) only once a day. Use the drug for at least 3 months.

Before buying a product and starting skin treatment, it is recommended to visit the attending dermatologist and get an exhaustive consultation about individual indications and contraindications to its use.

Perhaps the use of the cream will have to be combined with drug therapy, because some manifestations of the disease need more serious treatment.

Quintessence of opinions

A lot of reviews of girls and women left on relevant forums, confirm the effectiveness of the cream of Dirosoal, suitable for use even with too much mesh of capillaries. We have collected the most interesting of them.

For a long time I suffer from a pronounced vascular network on my face. Previously, I lived 4 years in the North, in a cold and harsh climate, then suffered from a tick bite, and the vessels on the skin of the face were always close to its surface located.

The sooner I did not try to remove the redness from my face or even disguise it - nothing happened, only "money to the wind."Avene Diroseal cream liked: it perfectly nourishes the skin, but after use remains a greasy film on my face, so I used it for the night. The effect became noticeable after 2 months of use. My face has become fresher and more beautiful! I recommend to all!

Svetlana Gutsalova, 32 years old, the city of Perm

The novelty was pleased with the light consistency of the cream, the economy of use and excellent results, which was evident after a month of application. The problem was with her husband - the wings of the nose were covered with a pronounced mesh. Now the main thing to persuade him to continue treatment, there was a month before the end of the course.

Marianna Vasilenko, 29, Kursk

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. Opinion of doctors. .. "

After pregnancy on the face a vascular setochka was formed. Has bought or purchased a cream in a drugstore, used under the instruction 3 months. As a result, the net became almost invisible, the skin became clean, and the peeling took place. It seems, even wrinkles became smaller, and some even disappeared.

Irina Skachkova, 36 years old, Novosibirsk

In summer we had a rest in Turkey and as usual I was "overdone" in the sun. A red "star" appeared on the face, in diameter it was 4 cm. Upon arrival, I ran to the pharmacy and the pharmacist advised me to buy a Dirosoal. In order to get rid of the "red spider" as soon as possible, I smeared it with cream in the morning and in the evening, after 2 months there was no trace left of it. I'm happy!

Anna Galkina, 28 years old, Moscow

My age, you know, is not young. The organism is rebuilt, the hormones "play", the climax approaches. Suddenly, a seto appeared on my face and I ran to the doctor.

She advised Dirosail, supposedly not too expensive and positive reviews a lot. In addition, I'm an allergic creepy, and the drug is hypoallergenic.

I confess that the treatment started with a special alertness, but after a couple of weeks I noticed the first results: the net does not grow, wrinkles diminished, my face became cleaner, circles under the eyes gradually disappear. All good! Do not be afraid, buy a cream!

Lyudmila Yuryeva, 52, Irkutsk

Advantages of the therapeutic agent

There are a lot of benefits from Avene Diroseal, among them:

  • no skin reactions;
  • does not cause the formation of comedones - clogged ducts of fatty and sweat glands( does not clog pores);
  • softly affects problem areas of the skin;
  • eliminates the manifestations of the disease and their disguise for a time until the therapeutic effect has come;
  • improved transport of biological fluids at the tissue level:
  • complete absence of perfume perfumes;
  • there is a natural acid-base value that does not violate the natural balance of the skin;
  • there is no risk of allergic reactions;
  • convenient elongated tube spout allows easy application of the cream to the affected areas.

The cost of the cream

The price for the Dyrosale varies from 836 to 1050 rubles. Cream from couperose, is released without a prescription. You can buy it through the pharmacy retail network or order through the network of online stores with delivery by courier or by mail cash on delivery.

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