How to make candles from potatoes and apply them to treat hemorrhoids

candles from potatoes from hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are a category of diseases that not only bring pain to the patient, but also cause permanent discomfort.

To ensure the best possible treatment of the disease, it is necessary to have an initial examination with a proctologist and to pass the appropriate tests.

Treatment of hemorrhoids can be performed, both traditional methods and traditional medicine. Of the latter, candles from potatoes are the most effective and popular.

Features of the disease - know to understand

Hemorrhoids can have a variety of forms, which include:

  • internal;
  • external;
  • combined.

Specificity of hemorrhoids treatment directly depends on the form of its course. For example, candles are most often used to treat internal and combined hemorrhoids. Of the traditional medicine often used suppositories from potatoes.

During the course of hemorrhoids, the patient experiences pain in the anal area. This is because the walls of the vessels of the rectum are weakened and protrude outward.

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Some patients develop a sensation of having a foreign body in the rectal area when the disease develops. The pain of hemorrhoids may worsen during the period of the defecation. The most unpleasant symptom of this disease is the appearance of nodes.

Hemorrhoids are characterized by the presence of specific symptoms, which allows it to be detected by any patient. At the appearance of the first symptomatology, he needs to consult a doctor.

Next, a comprehensive treatment of the disease, in which traditional medicine plays an important role.

Therapeutic effect of potato suppositories

The potato composition includes nitrogenous substances, fiber, pectic substances, sugar, which makes it very useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Potato juice is characterized by the presence of enveloping and analgesic properties. The first of these is explained by the high content of starch in its composition. That is why, after using candles from potatoes, the fastest healing of cracks and ulcers in the rectal area is observed.

Potato is widely used for hemorrhoids to eliminate bleeding. Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory action, edema and tension are reduced. With the help of potato candles you can fully combat the pain, which is the most common companion of hemorrhoids.

Despite the proven effectiveness of potato candles, it is necessary to ask the doctor about the possibility of using them in each specific case.

The patient needs to know that traditional medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids is less effective than medications.

That's why when treating the disease in the late stages of folk recipes should be combined with medicines.

How to make potato candles?

How to Make Potato Candles To prepare candles from potatoes, you need to take a mature tuber. This will ensure the highest therapeutic effect.

From it it is necessary to cut a workpiece of cylindrical shape. Its length should be from three to five centimeters.

The diameter of a candle from a potato should be no more than one and a half centimeters. Cut the candle in such a way that its surface is perfectly smooth and smooth.

When making candles from raw potatoes, care must be taken to ensure that its surface is perfectly clean. Otherwise, you can put the infection in the anal passage and cause a complication of the disease.

The size and shape of this folk remedy should match as much as possible the suppositories from the pharmacy.

You can make several candles at the same time. They must be stored in the refrigerator in a container that is closed with a lid. The shelf life of such suppositories is not more than three days.

How to make candles from potatoes at home:

Scheme of application

A potato candle is inserted into the patient's anus only after a few hours after its manufacture. Use of medicines is necessary at night, which will ensure the highest quality therapeutic effect.

If the patient has an urgent need to introduce suppositories at another time, then after this procedure he needs to lie down for a certain time.

In order to insert the candle as correctly as possible, the patient must take the appropriate position. He needs to be in a standing position and at the same time lean slightly forward.

It is possible to administer the drug in the supine position on the side. The patient spreads the buttocks with one hand, and the second introduces the suppository into the rectum in such a way that it passes beyond the sphincter.

To ensure comfort during the introduction of the candle, its tip can be greased with vegetable or any other oil.

In the morning, the patient will not need to get a potato candle. She will come out herself during the act of defecation. use of candles

Treatment of hemorrhoids using potato candles should be carried out within a few weeks. Then the treatment stops. After one month, patients need to again take a course of using potato candles.

Thanks to this hemorrhoids treatment scheme, the volume of internal hemorrhoids can be significantly reduced.

If you store candles in a closed container in a refrigerator, then it does not require heating before use, unlike pharmacy suppositories. Due to the low temperature of the suppository, the patient will be maximally effective in removing pain.

When using this method of treatment in the early stages of the disease, one can see their positive effects after the first course.

The use of potatoes in the treatment of hemorrhoids is the most successful solution for many patients.

Before using potato candles, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist.

In order to increase the efficiency, the use of suppositories from potatoes can be combined with other methods of folk or traditional therapy.

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