Therapeutic properties and features of the use of heparin ointment in hemorrhoids

Heparin ointment Hemorrhoids are a long and serious disease requiring a professional approach to treatment.

If the disease is not treated, serious complications inevitably develop. To treat them often can not do without a surgical operation.

In order to prevent the development of complications and, accordingly, to avoid the need for surgical intervention, it is necessary to choose such medications that effectively combat the main manifestations of hemorrhoids. One such remedy is heparin ointment.

Ointment is an effective tool that reduces the time of exacerbation of the disease and thereby facilitates the patient's condition.

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  • Pharmacological action and composition of ointment
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  • is recommended How to apply the drug safely and effectively
  • Contraindications and limitations for the use of
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Properties of Heparin Ointment

The drug is classified as an anticoagulant of direct action. The product is used externally. According to physical properties - this is the whole mass of the consistency of the ointment, with a whitish-yellow tinge. The medicine has no smell.

Active substance - heparin. When applied externally, it is slowly released from the ointment and absorbed into the skin, thus having a therapeutic effect on the body.

Pharmacological action and composition of ointment

An ointment is produced in tubes( 10 and 25 grams).One gram of the ointment contains 100 units of heparin, 40 mg of benzocaine and 0.8 mg of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids benzyl nicotinate.

Ointment is a combined preparation. The pharmacological action of this drug is due to the presence in its composition of active components. The drug is an anticoagulant of direct action.

After applying it to the skin, heparin is gradually released. This helps reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process and at the same time has an antithrombotic effect.

Ointment prevents the formation of new and promotes resorption of existing thrombi. This effect is due to the fact that heparin blocks the formation of thrombin. This reduces aggregation of platelets. Benzocaine and its formula

Benzylnicotinate is a vasodilator. It helps to strengthen and improve blood flow. Benzocaine, which refers to anesthetics, dramatically reduces the severity of pain in hemorrhoids.

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Side effect of heparin ointment is not very pronounced. In some cases, patients report an allergic reaction. It manifests itself in itching, burning and redness of the skin.

If the patient has a tendency to allergies, doctors recommend applying a small amount of the drug on the inside of the elbow. If two hours after application of the ointment did not occur any changes, then it can be used to treat hemorrhoids.

The therapeutic effect of the application of

Heparin ointment eliminates the severe symptoms of hemorrhoids in both acute and chronic stages of the disease.

The greatest effect of ointment is with inflammation of external hemorrhoids. The action of the ointment is short, a maximum of 8 hours. So it should be used at least three times a day to achieve a therapeutic effect.

And here with internal hemorrhoids to use such ointment it is necessary cautiously.

The fact is that with such a disease there are rarely pains, but the bumps grow to very large sizes. Thus, the output of stool masses is significantly hampered. And constipation even more affects the mucosa of the rectum and the anus.

When bleeding ointment is not used, as it reduces blood coagulability, and bleeding from this only increases.

Thus, when applying the tool:

  1. The intensity of the inflammatory process of decreases with hemorrhoids. But it is the inflammatory process that gives the patient a lot of suffering. With regular use of this medication, pain, swelling, inflammation, itching and burning quickly pass.
  2. The body temperature is normalized.
  3. Acute pain is relieved. Especially it is characteristic at exacerbation of chronic inflammatory process. The components of the ointment are chosen so that the removal of pain occurs very quickly and reliably. Thus, the patient's condition improves noticeably.
  4. The formation of thrombus is stopped. In addition, heparin heals the veins, thereby improving blood flow. Blood dilutes, which helps improve venous circulation.

All patients who have been prescribed the use of heparin ointment for hemorrhoids, note the rapid onset of the therapeutic effect. Pain sensations in the anal area quickly pass, itching and burning disappears.

The recommended tool for

Indications for the use of ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids are: external hemorrhoids

  • external hemorrhoids;
  • exacerbation of chronic varicose enlargement of hemorrhoids;
  • postpartum inflammation of the hemorrhoids;
  • swelling, itching, burning in the anus.

Ointment has proven effective in the symptoms of these conditions, and therefore its use is recommended by many proctologists.

How to apply the drug safely and effectively

There are certain rules on how to apply heparin ointment for hemorrhoids.

So, if a patient is diagnosed with external hemorrhoids, then the ointment must first be applied to gauze or clean tissue, and then applied to the affected area. This bandage is still fixed with a plaster adhesive. The procedure is done mainly at night.

After emptying the intestines, the affected areas should be additionally lubricated. But before that it is recommended to wash them with cool water.

If internal hemorrhoids are diagnosed, then the ointment is also applied to the gauze swab.

But it is much more effective to apply candles with heparin. They quickly dissolve in the anus, which ensures their mild therapeutic effect.

The duration of ointment treatment is determined only by a doctor, as well as, however, its appropriateness of using it.

It is strongly recommended that you study the detailed instructions for use and visit a proctologist before starting treatment with heparin ointment.

Contraindications and restrictions for the use of

Like any other medicinal product, heparin ointment has contraindications for use:

  • high sensitivity to individual components of the ointment;
  • ulcers and foci of necrosis in hemorrhoids;
  • wounds inside or on the surface of the anus;
  • excretion of pus in the same areas;
  • increased blood coagulability( this is observed with a decrease in the number of nodes of hemorrhoids);
  • susceptibility to allergies.

This is important!

ointment application Ointment should not be applied to hemorrhoids more than three times a day.

It is important to ensure that it is spread over the affected area in a thin and even layer.

Do not apply pressure when applying ointment.

Tampons and candles should be administered very carefully so as not to injure the knot and not to provoke bleeding.

Ointment can be used no longer than two weeks.

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Opinion of Doctors and Patients

The reviews of patients and doctors show that heparin ointment helps to get rid of the chronic form of hemorrhoids and prevents its aggravation.

I buy the ointment for a long time already, and it has a permanent place in my home medicine cabinet. And all after I began to use it for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The ointment really helps and well relieves of pain. The medicine quickly saved me from an unpleasant disease.

Olga, 34 years old

I constantly lead a sedentary lifestyle. So pretty quickly got hemorrhoids. I read about hemorrhoids in one edition, and decided to try it. Now I'm not bothered by pain and burning.

Igor, 32 years old

This is an affordable and very effective remedy against a delicate illness. In a short time all the hemorrhoid cones quickly resolved and do not bother anymore. ..

Svetlana, 45 years old

That's what doctors think.

I advise my patients to have heparin ointment as an effective and, most importantly, inexpensive remedy against such an unpleasant disease as hemorrhoids. Ointment quickly relieves severe symptoms.

Ivan Pavlovich, proctologist

Heparin ointment really relieves my patients from the need for surgical intervention for hemorrhoids. The nodes dissolve quickly and do not appear any more.

Valery Pavlovich, surgeon

Heparin ointment can be attributed to effective and reliable means for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Effective remedy for hemorrhoids

The agent quickly reduces unpleasant symptoms and relieves the patient from the need for surgical intervention.

The healing effect persists for a long time.

The drug improves the quality of life of patients and prevents the recurrence of a delicate and very dangerous disease.

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