Candles for hemorrhoids Anestesol: features of application and reviews

anestesol candles Of all the diseases diagnosed by modern proctologists, the most common is hemorrhoids.

According to statistics, every second person on the earth has been ill with this disease.

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the rectum. The patient feels the strongest discomfort. He can not sit, while walking there is a lot of pain in the area of ​​the anus.



  • Types of suppositories used
    • Haemostatic - first need
    • Painkillers - the largest group of drugs
    • Choose from what
  • Anestezol is what the doctor prescribed
  • Pharmacological action
  • Usage and dosage
  • Contraindications and limitations
  • Nuances of usepreparation
  • Side effects of
  • What do patients think?
  • How can I replace the candles?

About the disease shortly

Hemorrhoids happen:

  • external;
  • internal.

Three main methods can be used for treatment:

  • conservative;hemorrhoids
  • operational;
  • folk.

When the disease is at an early stag

e, its treatment can occur at home, in a conservative way. To do this, use a variety of types of medications:

  • ointments;
  • cream;
  • candles.

Types of suppositories used

Certainly, for the treatment of hemorrhoids, one always wants to use the best medical preparations. But, to say which of them is better, is quite difficult. In this case, much depends on the degree of development of the disease.

Several groups of drugs were developed for each stage of hemorrhoids.

Haemostatic - the first necessity of

When hemorrhoids appear, external or internal, a characteristic symptom is bleeding. To have it completely stopped, candles with adrenaline are used. With its help there is a spasm of blood vessels, bleeding stops.

Very Important! Adrenaline, getting into the blood, can cause side effects: an increase in the number of heartbeats;high pressure.

In this regard, hypertensive patients and patients with ischemia, it is necessary to use caution with such means.

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Painkillers - the largest group of drugs

There is a large number of anesthetics from hemorrhoids, as a part of preparations more often than others:

  • belladonna;
  • anesthesin;
  • propolis;
  • benzocaine;
  • lidocaine.

To choose is from what

Assortment of the candles realized in drugstores is wide enough. You can buy inexpensive and effective suppositories for the treatment of suppositories from hemorrhoids hemorrhoids, consisting of a variety of substances:

  • ichthyol;
  • of sea-buckthorn;
  • extract of the belladonna;
  • of glycerol;
  • papaverine.

Candles absorbable type are made only abroad, and are much more expensive. The most famous and popular products are produced in European countries:

  • Poland;
  • of Germany;
  • of Serbia.

Certainly, it is difficult to say unambiguously which of the antihemorrhoidal candles are needed in each specific case.

In order not to spend extra money, and most importantly health, you should immediately consult a proctologist if you have symptoms of the disease. He will determine what medicines will need to be used and tell about the ways of using them.

Anestezol is what the doctor prescribed

Often patients use special anesthetic candles, which have many positive qualities:

  1. Once they enter the rectum, they immediately begin to affect the hemorrhoidal node that has appeared. The action begins immediately after the drug has melted.
  2. Special hemorrhoids can easily be purchased at any pharmacy. Usually their cost does not exceed 50 rubles.
  3. The form of the medicine is very convenient to use. It is easy enough to enter the anus.
  4. Do not have contraindications. They are put to kids and women in position. Anestezol

To reduce pain in hemorrhoids, an over-the-counter drug is used - Anestezol.

It includes:

  • benzocaine;
  • menthol;
  • bismuth subhalate;
  • zinc oxide.

Pharmacological action

The medicine will anesthetize a specific surface of the mucosa. The drug has astringent properties, have a characteristic anti-inflammatory effect.

Reviews of patients with hemorrhoids who have been treated with Anestezol are positive. They talk about reducing the intensity of inflammation. This remedy facilitates the moment of defecation. In addition, such a medicine helps to speed up the process of tissue regeneration.

This medication is intended to eliminate pain and other symptoms of hemorrhoids. It also helps in the formation of cracks in the anal passage.

However, you do not need to take this medication as one single medicine curing for hemorrhoids. The medication acts locally and its therapeutic effect is temporary. Completely cure of hemorrhoids only with anesthetic candles, will not succeed.

Application features and dosage

The drug is used only rectally. To get the maximum effect, the anus must be previously well cleaned. Sometimes, naturally, it is difficult to conduct such a process at the right time, physicians advise using an enema.

Before you begin to enter the candles, you should definitely wash your hands and the area of ​​the anus with slightly warmed water.

How to apply candles

The dosage of the medicine and the optimal time of therapy are determined by the attending physician.

To ensure maximum effect for adults, it is recommended that candles be treated several times a day.

And hygienic procedures must be preliminarily carried out. The medicine must have room temperature. Strictly forbidden to use cold medicine.

In case of long-term treatment it is necessary to perform a blood test during this period, since deviations from the normative indices are possible.

In the instructions for use it is not specified during which period it is necessary to use the drug, the fact is that Anestezol affects only the emerging pain sensations in hemorrhoids.

The term of the selected therapeutic treatment can be determined only by the attending physician. The same applies to the dosage of the drug. Usually, an adult uses candles twice, in the morning and in the evening.

In gynecology, suppositories containing Anestesol are treated with:

  • cyst;
  • myoma;
  • candidiasis.

Candles are prescribed by a gynecologist and during pregnancy.

Contraindications and restrictions

It is not recommended to use the medication:

  • to people who are hypersensitive to the components of the medication;
  • for pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • for children.

Nuances of using

Anestethole candles As mentioned above, it is forbidden to use candles for nursing and pregnant women.

However, when the expected result is much higher than the possible risks to the fetus, then despite the danger of such treatment, doctors can recommend the use of the drug.

Do not use candles for children under 12 years old.

With great caution, you can use the drug to drivers of cars, as well as people managing complex mechanisms.

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The fact is that for the time being there have not been enough studies that could confirm the complete safety of the drug in this category of patients.

Side effects of

Anesthetized candles, in addition to the positive effect, can cause several negative effects:

  • burning;
  • diarrhea;
  • allergy;
  • attention violation.

Very many patients who use such candles, ascertain the appearance of burning sensation in the anal area.

What do patients think?

Patients using such suppositories speak of Anestezol only in a positive way. Here are some typical examples.

Constantly was tormented by strong pains, because of hemorrhoids. I could not find a tool that would help. The pharmacist advised me to buy Anestezol. At last my torment is over. I feel like an absolutely different person.

Igor from Krasnodar

There are strong cracks, causing severe pain. Gynecologist advised to use Anestezol.

Fantastic, the pains disappeared right away, the baby continued to breast-feed, nothing happened to him.

Elena from Volgograd, recently gave birth to a child

How can I replace a candle?

The most effective analogue of Anestezol is the newest remedy for hemorrhoids Relief. Relief Ultra

It contains one of the most valuable components - the liver oil of a young shark.

This substance has a positive effect on the body:

  • prevents the onset of inflammation;
  • reduces bleeding;
  • heals wounds.

Other substances that make up the drug, relieve swelling, completely eliminate the itching.

The composition of the product includes benzocaine, the high efficiency of which is observed with strong pain.

Due to zinc sulphate entering Relief Ultra, healing of anal fissures occurs, hydrocortisone acetate does not give rise to inflammatory process.

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