With a disease such as purulent angina, almost everyone is familiar. Severe sore throat, squeezing sensation, difficulty swallowing - these symptoms cause tremendous inconveniences to a sick person. But the problem here is not only in discomfort. If you do not start treatment of angina in a timely manner, it can cause serious complications, and in some cases even death.

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What is purulent angina

purulent angina treatment at home quickly

In the initialstage angina sick person experiences headaches, weakness in the body

Angina refers to diseases of an infectious nature. It appears as an inflammation of the tonsils of the sky. This disease is caused by certain types of microbes that penetrate t

he body in contact with the infected person or his things, or when eating dirty food.

The initial stage of angina is characterized by painful sensations in the throat, which is especially felt when swallowing. Body temperature can rise to 40-41 degrees. A sick person experiences headaches, weakness in the body. By touch, you can identify significantly enlarged lymph nodes.

There are 4 types of purulent sore throat:

  1. purulent angina symptoms and treatment Catarrhal. It is considered to be the least dangerous form of angina. It is characterized by a bright red shade of the tonsils, because of the growth of which the swallowing process becomes more complicated. With proper therapy, catarrhal angina is easy enough to cure, and for a short time. From this article, you can find out whether catarrhal sinus infection is contagious or not.
  2. Follicular. Often develops in the absence of treatment of catarrhal angina. It is manifested by puffiness of the tonsils, pronounced pains in the pharynx, which prevent swallowing of food, especially hard. The body temperature is above normal, the lymph nodes are enlarged, and when they touch, painful sensations arise. How to treat follicular sore throat at home is indicated in the article.
  3. Lacunar. It is manifested by the formation of a touch of white or grayish shade covering the tonsils. Plaque is able to spread rapidly around the tonsils, expanding the area of ​​infection with pathogenic microorganisms. The rest of the symptoms are identical to follicular angina.
  4. Phlegmonous .The most dangerous type of sore throat. Characterized by a sharp increase in temperature to extreme values, which requires urgent hospitalization. In the absence of treatment, it can lead to edema of the neck, difficulty breathing, even asphyxia.

Only a doctor can determine exactly what kind of purulent sore throat, since the symptoms of different types are very similar. In addition, there are often mixed types of disease that require specific treatment.

Causes of angina

The causative agents of purulent sore throat are pneumococcal or streptococcal viruses. When entering the human body, the virus passes through the tonsils, which are a natural filter that keeps the pathogenic microflora in its cells. It is the tonsils that are primarily exposed to the attack of bacteria, which leads to the onset of purulent sore throat.

Predisposing factors of this disease are:

  • and treatment of purulent sore throat with folk remedies nissanitation;
  • reduced immunity due to severe illnesses or malnutrition;
  • consumes unwashed or unprocessed food;
  • Diseases of the teeth and gums;
  • ENT diseases, including rhinitis or sinusitis, when one has to breathe a lot with the mouth due to stuffy nasal sinuses;
  • hypothermia of the body;
  • a long stay in rooms with a lot of dust in the air;
  • smoking and alcohol abuse.

Angina can also occur if there were injuries to the tonsils, or an operation was performed to remove them, during which the tonsils were not completely removed.

First signs and symptoms of

It is possible to determine the onset of the disease by the occurrence of chills, weakness in the body, difficulties and pain when swallowing. These are the classic first symptoms of angina. Chills quickly replaced by a fever, a sore throat, which initially manifests itself only in the process of ingestion of food, and then it is felt in a calm period.

The most important difference of purulent angina from all other species is the formation of abscesses on tonsils, as well as redness of the tongue and palate. Other signs of purulent sore throat are:

  • neck edema;
  • redness of the eyes;purulent sore throat than to treat
  • swelling of the mucous membrane in the mouth;
  • cough, discharge from the nose;
  • abdominal pain;
  • lymph node enlargement;
  • rash on the skin.

The appearance of these symptoms requires urgent treatment in the hospital. Self-treatment of purulent sore throat can lead to serious consequences, which then will be very difficult to cope with.


treatment of purulent sore throat in adults

The doctor quickly diagnoses purulent sore throat by external signs

Diagnose this disease by external signs and complaints of the patient. The doctor determines the presence of the disease for such symptoms as: dry lips, high temperature, red shade of the cheeks, plaque on the tongue, unpleasant odor from the mouth, enlarged tonsils with white dots on them, bright red hue of the tongue and an increase in the size of the lymph nodes .

how correctly to gargle with throat furatsilinom at an angina How to gargle with throat furatsilinom in angina, indicated in the article.

Is it possible to do an alcoholic compress in angina, indicated in the article.

How to properly use azithromycin in angina in children is indicated in this article here: http: //prolor.ru/g/lechenie/ azitromicin-pri-angine.html

In addition, urine tests are performed that show the presence of albumin, and also take a smear from the pharynx that reveals the presence of streptococcusin organism.

How to treat purulent angina

Treatment of purulent sore throat is a complex measure that is aimed at combating viral infection, removing inflammatory processes and increasing immunity.

With any form of angina, strict bed rest is shown. The patient's diet should consist of soft or liquid food to prevent injuries to the tonsils. In addition, you need a lot of drinking.

Folk remedies

treatment of purulent sore throat in the home

Treatment of purulent sore throat with raspberry decoction gives fast positive results

In combination therapy, along with medicinal treatment, people can also use folk remedies for purulent sore throats, which provide effective help in the fight against this disease.

  • Aloe. This healing plant exerts a decontaminating effect on the mouth and helps to draw purulent contents from the inflamed areas. From the plant you need to cut off the fleshy leaf and attach it to the cheek, leaving it for the whole night. Perform this procedure every day for the entire duration of the disease.
  • Salt. Rinse with salt for angina has long been used as an effective folk remedy. Salt disinfects affected areas of the throat and removes purulent deposits. Prepare this solution very simply - you just need to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water, then rinse your throat for about 5 minutes. Good help and warming up with the use of salt. To do this, you need to heat it in a frying pan, put it in a bag of cloth and wrap your throat.
  • treatment of purulent sore throat with folk remedies Raspberry. Dry raspberry branch is crushed, filled with two incomplete cups of boiling water and aged for about 15 minutes. The broth then need to strain and add there three large spoons of honey. Drink it you need an hour before bedtime for 9-10 days. Thyme and sage. Inhalations using these herbs enhance the expectoration process, in which mucus that is saturated with harmful bacteria is removed from the body. To prepare the product you will need a tea spoon of sage, as much thyme, a couple drops of fir oil and peel from a dozen potatoes. Purification from potatoes is boiled, after which they are added herbs. The resulting mixture should be held for a minute on the fire, add oil and start inhalation.
  • Garlic. Three medium cloves garlic pour hot milk, a few minutes to insist and strain, then drink in small sips. Use this tool is recommended every day until the disease goes away. Garlic has powerful immunomodulating properties, actively destroys bacteria and helps to strengthen the body.


the better to treat purulent sore throat

Sprays for the throat - one of the mandatory preparations for the treatment of angina

For the treatment of purulent sore throat, a combination of local preparations and tablets is usually used.

Antiseptic sprays, rinse solutions and antibiotic sprays are used as topical products. Among them, the most effective are: treatment of purulent sore throat without antibiotics Potassium permanganate;

  • Solution of furacilin;
  • A solution of salt, iodine and soda;
  • Chlorophyllite solution;
  • Stopangin spray;
  • Miramistin;
  • Ingalypt;
  • Infusion of eucalyptus;
  • Rotokan;
  • Bioporox spray;
  • Tarantum Verde;
  • Tharyngept;
  • Dentistry;
  • Chlorhexidine.

The general therapy of purulent sore throat is the use of antibiotics, analgesics and corticosteroids. How to treat sore throat with antibiotics? Usually the drugs are prescribed the following: Phenoxymethylpenicillin, Clindamycin, Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin or Erythromycin. The most effective painkillers for angina are Ibuprofen, Nurofen or Paracetamol. Corticosteroids are used to relieve swelling and facilitate breathing.

With purulent sore throat, Prednisolone, Hydrocortisone or Dexamethasone is often prescribed.

Treatment for pregnancy

purulent sore throat during pregnancy treatment When treating tonsillitis during pregnancy, it is necessary to use gentle methods, as well as to exclude drugs that can harm the vital functions of the mother and child. Particular complexity here is the selection of the right antibiotics, without which it often fails to cure purulent sore throat.

Usually, either local remedies, or those drugs that do not affect the developing fetus. These include: clarithromycin, cefepime, sumamed, rovamycin and cephalosine.

In addition to medicines, pregnant women with angina are strictly shown the following recommendations:

  • eat mostly liquid food, drink more;
  • observe bed rest;
  • gargle with antiseptic solutions - furatsilinom, miramistin, use special sprays from sore throats for pregnant women;
  • does not soar your feet and do not take hot baths.

In advanced cases of purulent angina during pregnancy, it can lead to serious consequences, up to the threat of miscarriage.

Consequences and complications of

If you do not start therapy on time, purulent tonsillitis can go into a chronic form, getting rid of which will be very difficult. In some cases, angina can spread to nearby organs, causing inflammation in the nose or ears, causing difficulty in breathing.

One of the most dangerous complications of angina is meningitis. In the absence of treatment, this disease can provoke serious diseases of the joints, heart, kidneys.


details on how to properly treat a festering sore throat, in this video:

purulent tonsillitis - a serious infectious disease that can not ride. Many people confuse some of the symptoms of angina with a common cold and do not give it the proper attention, which often leads to sad consequences. That is why it is necessary to start treatment at the first signs of the disease.