All you need to know about gel Herbion Escolus

herbionus esculus Herbionus Esculus is a natural preparation, a gel with a pleasant odor for external use, with a venotonic effect, a capillary stabilizing agent.

The drug is recommended for those who walk a lot, during pregnancy with swelling, with varicose veins and other venous insufficiencies, in the postoperative period and with bruises as a healing agent.

The drug is prescribed for external use on small areas of the skin.

Table of contents

Table of contents

  • Usage
  • Usage is not recommended
  • Usage is not recommended
  • Instruction for Use
    • Form of release
  • Side effects and additional indications
  • Opinion of professionals and common people
    • Reviews of patients
  • Pros and cons of the drug
  • At what price can I buy the gel?
  • Than to replace a medicine?

Pharmacological action

The component of the drug is a rare alcoholic extract of horse chestnut and sweet clover, it contains active substances that eliminate the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency


The drug has antieksudativnymi and tonic vascular qualities.

Seeds of horse chestnut contain flavone glycosides, which perform the protective function of the walls of capillaries, exert a tonic effect, improve the stability of the walls of the vessels.

Coumarin and melilotin( components of the grass of the sweet clover) affect the permeability of the walls of the vessels, improve blood circulation in blood vessels and venous blood flow.

In aggregate, the components of the drug serve to protect the walls of blood vessels, reduce inflammation, increase venous tone, reduce edema and inflammation of the lower extremities, eliminates itching.

Electrolytes, proteins and water stop filtering into the intercellular environment.

At the time of taking the drug, the itching disappears, the swelling of the extremities decreases, the traces of inflammatory processes on the skin disappear.

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The gel has a cooling and absorbing effect, so it does not remain on the clothes and leaves no traces.

Indications for use

Gel is used when:

  • peripheral venous circulation and venous stasis;
  • varicose veins and superficial inflammation;
  • bruising and swelling on the lower limbs;swelling of the feet
  • postthrombophlebitic syndrome;
  • swelling of the legs during pregnancy;
  • postoperative vasodilation;
  • pains and a feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • during fatigue with active walking, standing or after heavy physical exertion.

Application is not recommended


  • is not recommended for use in persons who have previously seen personal intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • if there are various scratches, cuts, ulcers and wounds on the skin.

Instructions for use

Herbionus esculus gel is taken only externally.

Do not apply the product to cuts, wounds and mucous membranes. It is necessary to avoid getting the gel in the eyes.

Children are not recommended to use the gel for a long time and for large areas of the skin. The gel should be applied over the skin and wait until the drug is completely dry, do not need to rub.

Procedure is to be carried out 3-4 times a day. In case of neglect and active progressivity of venous insufficiency, it is recommended to use the gel as a compress for the night each evening. The maximum permissible period of use of the drug is 3 months.

Form release

Herbionus is available in the form of a gel in aluminum tubes with a capacity of 40 grams, the instruction manual is also attached to the packaging.

Side effects and additional instructions

In case of personal intolerance to the components of the drug or skin hypersensitivity, various allergic reactions may occur-itching, reddening on the gel application site. In such cases, you need to contact your doctor.

During prolonged use of the drug, excessive dryness of the skin, irritant reactions may occur. No cases of drug overdose have been observed.

Herbion Cream Herbione esculus is not recommended to be applied to the skin areas together with other topical products. On open mucous membranes, ulcers, wounds, cuts and other traumatic results with damage to the integrity of the skin, the drug can not be applied.

The use of gel during pregnancy and during lactation is acceptable, since there are no systematic disorders and negative influence( except hypersensitive persons).

Opinion of professionals and ordinary people

Judging by the reviews, Gerbion Esculus really enjoys the respect and confidence of all doctors, since it has a fairly low cost and high efficiency in the systematic use of the drug.

It is released in any pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. Herbion esculus, primarily, treats venous insufficiency, varicose veins, pain and fatigue, has a positive effect on blood circulation and microcirculation of nutrients in the walls of blood vessels, improves the tone and permeability of the walls of the capillaries and veins.

If a patient has an advanced stage of varicose veins, he is usually advised to make compresses on his feet at night using a gel, put his feet on the pillow.

Repeat the procedure until varicosity and insufficiency completely disappear.

Usually the drug has an effect not longer than a week, and it is not recommended to use it for more than 3-4 months, since the skin on which the ointment is applied begins to peel and becomes irritable, the results of inflammatory processes appear.

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Reviews of patients

The drug is inexpensive, many doctors advise the gel, since it starts its action immediately and absorbed into the skin instantly.

To use during pregnancy is not at all dangerous, the only negative is the gel is very sticky and has a rather sharp smell of herbs. Within 2 days, there was swelling, fatigue of the feet and in the morning it becomes much easier.

Elena, 32

To make the drug work much more effectively, the doctor advised to do a compress for the night. The result surpassed all expectations - in the morning the legs were like new, fatigue, swelling, veins disappeared. The drug is pleasant, active and available for any purse.

Only the tube is small, the gel can last for a maximum of a week, if used on small areas of the skin.

Katerina Vasilenko, 48

After applying the gel, which the pharmacist advised me in the pharmacy, a sharp herbal smell first appeared, but then the gel quickly absorbed into the skin, I did not even need to rub it.

Within a week, all outflows have resolved, it became much easier and more pleasant to walk, pain and fatigue disappeared.

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Sergey Viktorovich, 53

Pros and cons of the drug

The drug has a positive effect on people suffering from venous insufficiency, pain and fatigue from the early days of its use Effects on the body.

First, leakage, bruising, pain and fatigue disappear, circulation of nutrients at the intercellular level improves. There is lightness in the gait.

During a week the drug is no longer needed, as all causes of pain, fatigue and varicose are eliminated. The gel is cheap, sold in all pharmacies and is produced without a doctor's prescription. The gel itself is absorbed quickly and does not require additional actions to rub it into the skin.

You can use the drug as pregnant, during lactation, and children .The gel is also used for bruising and during the postoperative period of the patient.

The gel will help even if the patient just walked a lot during the day and performed active physical activities.

Minus the drug can be considered its small volume. Also, when applying the gel appears too sharp herbal odor. The consistency of the gel is sticky, unpleasant to the touch.

The drug can not be used with other external gels, as allergic reactions can occur in the form of redness and itching. Do not apply gel to open wounds, ulcers and mucous membranes.

At what price can I buy a gel?

Price of gel Herbion esculus - 80-100 ruble th.

The drug is recommended to store in dark, inaccessible places for children, at room temperature not higher than 25 ° C and not below 0 ° C.

The drug retains its functional properties for 2 years from the production of the gel.

In pharmacies, the drug is produced without a doctor's prescription.

How to replace the medicine?

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