The entire nasal cavity, as well as the nasopharynx and the paranasal sinuses are covered with a special mucosa. It produces a liquid that moisturizes the respiratory tract. A lot of blood vessels pass through the mucous membrane, and they help warm the incoming air. Thus, the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms occurs. When bacteria or viruses enter the nasal cavity, there is an edema of the mucosa, it is damaged and mucus is produced in large quantities. As for the color of mucus, it is possible to recognize the disease, which causes such pathology. Brown snot from the nose in an adult or at least one nostril is always unpleasant, but if they are yellowish brown, then it is worth considering and talking to a doctor.

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Causes of pathology

brown snot from the nose in an adult

Why can a snot have such a color? When a patient( an adult or a child) shows brown snot, it is always worthwhile to seek help from a doctor. Thus, you can protect your body from severe consequences. To begin with, it is important to understand the underlying factor. In most cases, the viruses and bacteria that enter the maxillary sinuses through the nasal cavity are irritants. Only if an accurate definition of the cause of inflammation can be made effective therapy.

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With prolonged inflammation in the sinuses of the nose, pus is formed, and the patient develops brown snot. This shade indicates that the pus dries. When such crusts get into the mucus, they dissolve, resulting in the discharge becoming brown.

More brown snots indicate the presence of fungi in the nose. As a rule, in the sinuses focus fungi candidiasis and mold fungi. The result of this pathogenic interaction is white mucus, which eventually becomes brown. The cause of this coloration is neglected inflammation.

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Treatment of

After consultation with your doctor and examination, you can leave the following therapy scheme:

  1. Use of vasoconstrictive drops - Naphthysine, Galazoli, Ximelin. But they should be used before going to bed and washing the nose. If you do not do such activities, then one washings to achieve a positive result. Naphthysine
  2. If the patient accurately feels that it is necessary to perform a rinse with .For these purposes, the drugstore has a drug based on sea water - Akmaris, Salin and Physiomer. Thanks to such treatment it is possible to clear the mucous from accumulated brown snot and increase the tone of the vessels. You can still wash your nose with such effective means as Dolphin. Who does not trust pharmacy solutions, can cook on their own. For this, put a spoonful of salt on a glass of boiling water. Do washing is 5 times a day. 13
  3. Protargol has the bactericidal effect. Its composition is rich in proteins and silver salt. You can dig in the nose with sea buckthorn oil. With severe nasal congestion, doctors recommend the use of Rinofluimucil or complex drops, according to a doctor's prescription. Protargol
  4. If the brown snot is caused by sinusitis, the doctor will prescribe a tablet of Sinupret to the patient. The drug contains medicinal plants. For the removal of inflammation in the nose help homeopathic remedies, one of which is Corizalia. Cinnabsin allows you to have two actions on the human body: immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory. Sinupret
  5. Effective homeopathic medicines can be considered : Allium Cepa, Nux Vomica, Euphrasia, Gelsenium, Arsenicum, Rumex, Aconitum, Gelzemin, Mercurius. For those patients who suffer from allergies, take these medications with extreme caution. Allium Chain
  6. If the dark brown snot is accompanied by an increase in temperature, an antibiotic with a wide range of effects of should be used during treatment. Such a preparation can be considered Ceftriaxone and its analogs. The dosage of the medication is prescribed by the attending physician taking into account the patient's state of health and the cause of the disease. Ceftriaxone
  7. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen should be used to eliminate pain and temperature.

If the cause of brown snot lies in the sinus, which proceeds very hard, then the doctor can drive the patient to a puncture. Thanks to him, he can remove the accumulated pus and restore air circulation. If you do not take such emergency measures, then the infection can move to the brain. Ibuprofen

Traditional medicine

Non-traditional prescriptions can be used only in combination with basic treatment. Otherwise, it will not be possible to obtain the required result.

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When brown snot is the result of maxillary sinusitis, patients should not include thermal procedures in the treatment( riding with a hot egg, applying a bag with salt). Under the influence of high temperatures, bacteria can only be multiplied.

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Nontraditional remedies for brown discharge from the nose suggest the use of infusions, decoctions and juice of the plant, which have an antiseptic and immunomodulating effect. The most effective tools include the following:

  1. Rinsing of the nasal cavity with decoction from chamomile .For cooking, you need to take a spoonful of grass and pour a glass of water, set on a water bath. Wait until the infusion cools down, drain and use to wash the nose. wash the nose with chamomile tea
  2. Perform nasal cleansing with propolis solution .On a glass of water you have a teaspoon of salt and 15 drops of propolis tincture rinse with propolis
  3. A powerful natural antiseptic is celandine .But use it only after dilution with water. In its pure form it is forbidden to drip its nose, since this remedy is very poisonous. To prepare a solution is simple: for 200 ml there are 2 drops of celandine juice. celandine
  4. You can still rinse your nose with the following plants : calendula, shawls, eucalyptus, oak bark.
  5. Drip your nose with Kalanchoe Juice .It can be dripped in its pure form or treated the nose from the inside with the help of a cotton swab. Similar properties have another plant called aloe. nasal flushing
  6. You can remove brown snot with the help of beet juice .This vegetable is actively used for various diseases of the nose. Thanks to the juice it is possible to eliminate the stuffiness of the nose, to remove the mucus and to facilitate breathing. Juice of onions, currants and cranberries can also be used. The resulting juice should be diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 3.

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Brown snot is a sign by which you can recognize such a dangerous ailment as sinusitis. But such a shade of mucus may indicate an ordinary cold. Treatment for these two pathologies is different, therefore, before the appointment of therapy, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis exactly, and only the attending physician can cope with it.