Snoring is a sign that in a dream, the air comes in with difficulty. Such a condition can cause a stop of breathing and lead to a lot of unpleasant consequences. Causes impairment of vital organs, provokes strokes and heart attacks during sleep. There are cases when breathing during sleep stops temporarily.

The result may be a decrease in the performance of the snoring, there is unreasonable fatigue, the human immune system deteriorates. This can also cause conflicts and quarrels in the family.


  • 1 Causes of snoring
  • 2 Treatment methods
    • 2.1 Surgical treatment
    • 2.2 Laser treatment
    • 2.3 Traditional medicine
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Causes of snoring

ways to treat snoring In men, snoring can be caused by a number of reasons:

  1. Respiratory disorders - chronic runny nose,, polyps;
  2. Features of the structure of the body - increased tongue in the sky, narrowed upper respiratory tract;
  3. Increased adenoids;
  4. Overweight;
  5. Alcohol and smoking;
  6. Reduced muscle tone of the pharynx;
  7. Distorted bite;
  8. Due to severe fatigue and lack of sleep.
Snoring in men causes and treatment

Because of snoring in a dream, mental abilities decrease, memory and attentiveness worsen, the sexual function of

suffers. Snoring often provokes a breath stopping in a dream. When a person stops breathing, they completely stop breathing for a certain period of time, because the larynx blocks the flow of air. When snoring, the air flow is only partly blocked. During apnea, a person can stop breathing until a minute, then the brain signals a danger and causes the larynx to contract. And so it can continue all night. This contributes to lack of sleep, the body does not rest, which causes drowsiness, irritability and health problems.

The mental capacity decreases, memory and attentiveness worsen. The development of testosterone in men occurs in the stage of deep sleep, snoring becomes an obstacle to the normal production of this hormone, which leads to impairment of sexual function.

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Methods of treating

There are several ways to treat such an annoying and,harmless disease. Sometimes you have to resort to surgical interventions. But do not run such a case and put everything back on hold, as this can be fraught with consequences.

Surgical treatment

treatment of snoring surgically

The airway expansion operation is indicated when all other methods are tried

If you decide to start radical measures for the treatment of snoring, then one option may be an operation for ovulopalatopharyngoplasty , abbreviated as UPPP.It implies the removal of excess soft tissues in the oral cavity, in order to expand the airways. This procedure will help to get rid of snoring, a method of breathing easier. During the operation, the following can be removed:

  • treatment of snoring at home A site of soft tissue of the sky;
  • The tongue in the sky;
  • Adenoids;
  • Tonsils.

The recovery period after such an operation can last up to three weeks. Until complete recovery, you will experience difficulty swallowing. They perform such operations in the most neglected cases, when they tried all traditional methods and snoring does not allow them to live a full life.

The result of the UPFP is felt instantly. Practically 70% of patients ascertain the disposal of the problem of snoring for a long-term period.

But, like any operation, it carries a portion of the risk and the possibility of complications. During the operation, blood vessels and surrounding tissue are at risk of damage, which can lead to swelling, pain, apnea attacks and bleeding.

Laser treatment

laser treatment of snoring A more gentle method of curing snoring is a surgical correction of nasal breathing, using laser therapy. But before going to such surgery, doctors prescribe the necessary examination:

  • It is required to make a general blood test to determine blood coagulability and bleeding time according to the Duke method;
  • Take a picture and pass a computer tomogram of the paranasal sinuses;
  • Mandatory confirmation of the operation from the surgeon and the therapist.

The operation is absolutely painless and is not complicated. The result can be observed after a few weeks, due to a decrease in the variation of the curtain of the sky.

Traditional medicine

snoring folk methods of treatment

Large amount of water helps to remove mucus from the body, allowing you to quickly get rid of snoring

Before you run to the clinic and doctors at the operating table, think about it and try to apply traditional medicine at home. As a last resort, you will be sure that you have no other options but surgical intervention.

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Please note, reviews about these folk methods of treatment are the most favorable, which means they work:

  1. treatment of snoring folk methodsthe evidence that the usual white cabbage can be very effective in treating snoring. To do this, grind a few cabbage leaves in a blender, or pass them through a meat grinder and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. Take this mixture you need every time before going to bed. A month later, the popular healers promise to help get rid of snoring.
  2. Many argue that in the fight against snoring helps and the collection of such herbs: a tablespoon of black elderberry, a teaspoon of root of a saber and field horsetail and two tablespoons of burdock. Milling in
    With the help of a grinder, steam one tablespoon into a glass of boiling water. Infuse this broth for one hour and take treatment of snoring with sea buckthorn oil inside one tablespoon five times during the day until the snoring goes away.
  3. Training of the throat muscles. Will spare you from snoring gymnastics for Grade
    A great exercise is the singing of the "AND" sound every day, at least twenty times during the month.
  4. Burial in the nasal sinuses of sea buckthorn oil for up to three weeks will also help to cure the disease. Follow the procedure four hours before bedtime.
  5. Treatment with distilled water gives its effect by removing excess mucus from the body. For it is simply to use every day as much distilled water as possible.

If one of the reasons is a chronic runny nose, it is worth trying the treatment with effective folk recipes from the common cold, which can also help with the flow of snot when the snot flows like water.


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At first glance, snoring may seem not a dangerous and not a serious disease. But such a trifle can signal a serious abnormality in the body, which must be subjected to immediate treatment. If your loved ones snore in a dream, they should immediately go to the doctor to find out the reason for snoring.

Otherwise, it can lead to the cessation of breathing in sleep, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and even fatal consequences. At the same time, getting rid of the problem of snoring, you will feel much healthier, full of energy and strength.