Very many people, unfortunately, have hearing problems. And the older a person becomes, the more likely the acquisition of this or that "ear" pathology will become. According to medical experts, about 30% of the entire population of the earth has any problems with hearing, and modern life - in its stresses, rapid rhythm, existence in a noisy city - in many respects contributes to this.

One of the most common complaints that LOR-doctors and audiologists have to listen to is the patient's feeling of pressure on the ears from the inside. It is this question that we will consider in the article: we will find out what causes this symptom cause and what methods of therapy can eliminate it.

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Common causes of

Presses on the ears with migraine

We learn what diseases and pathologies can cause sensations of pressure in the ears from within.

  • Migraine is the most common and most common cause of sensation of internal pressure in the ears. Manifestations of migraines are extremely unpleasant and, in addition, also lasting. Increased intracranial pressure can also cause a feeling of squeezing in the temples, near the ears.
  • Otosclerosis .This disease is characterized by increased proliferation of spongy bone in the inner ear. This sprawl, if present, will necessarily cause a feeling of pressure and bursting in the auditory organs.
  • Atherosclerosis of vessels located in the brain. This pathology of lipid metabolism in blood vessels may well cause a feeling of pressure. Vascular diseases leading to the appearance of this symptom may be different: in addition to atherosclerosis, an aneurysm and other pathologies are possible. Virtually all diseases of the vessels located in the neck and head can lead to a persistent or periodic feeling of compression in the temples. The so-called neurinoma, or swelling of the auditory nerve, sometimes also becomes the cause of the described symptom.
  • When hypertension ( high intracranial pressure) by itself, as in the ears this pressure will be felt. Diseases of colds, as well as sinusitis can also cause this symptom.
  • The middle ear otitis in the acute or chronic phase of the can also lead to this problem. Inflammatory processes, possibly of an infectious nature, may be one of the possible causes of this symptom. To cause inflammation may have otitis or other diseases. More often, if the reason is just such, a feeling of pressure from the inside in the ears arises at the last stage of the disease, when purulent otitis will lead to perforation( rupture) of the tympanic membrane. In this case, the feeling of squeezing will be accompanied by severe pain in the ears.
  • Osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae. In this case, the feeling of pressure arises from the microtrauma of the blood vessels to which the osteochondrosis leads.

otitis media of the middle ear

Sensation of pressure can have, in addition to the serious above, and such a simple and banal reason, as the sulfur plug in the ear. Eliminate such a cause is easiest, but it is better to do it under the supervision of a specialist.

Taking certain medications can also be the cause of a feeling of raspiraniya in the ears from the inside. For example, this effect has an antibiotic Gentamicin. In this case, if you have this symptom, you will most likely have to change the medicine.

On the video presses on the ears from the inside:

In addition to the above reasons, the sensation of squeezing in the ears from the inside can also be caused by such everyday reasons of external nature, such as frequent listening to loud music, long telephone conversation, etc. factors. Sometimes loud background sounds can cause a sensation of pressure from inside the ears.

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Recommendation: for normal health, and that the tympanic membrane does not suffer, you should avoid listening to loud music. Sometimes even a single visit to a rock concert can cause a feeling of squeezing in the temples, let alone a systematic listening to such music.

Rare Causes of

In addition to the already disassembled common causes of this phenomenon, there are others - more rare, but, nevertheless, also occurring and quite real. What are these reasons, we learn.

  • Anatomical pathology of auditory organs. Sometimes congenital anomalies of the hearing organs lead eventually to the appearance of squeezing in the ears from the inside.
  • Diseases such as adenoids, proliferation of polyps, various types of tumors lead to an increase in deformed soft mucosal tissue, which presses on the blood vessels, causing an unpleasant symptom.
  • Sometimes, the atmospheric pressure changes can play a cruel joke with meteozavisimyh people, causing them an uncomfortable state of internal pressure in the area of ​​the temples and ears.
  • Flight on the , diving, carousel riding and some other activities can lead to the appearance of so-called aero-otitis, one of the signs of which is just a feeling of squeezing in the ears from the inside. By the way, in this case you can get rid of this unpleasant feeling quite simply: you just need to suck the candy or chew the cud.
  • Eustachiosis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the same tube can also lead to the appearance of this symptom. This, by the way, is a very disturbing diagnosis. It is necessary to take measures for treatment sooner, as otherwise complete loss of hearing is possible.
  • When the hypertensive crisis of occurs, a full laying of the ears takes place, but the stroke that occurs when the stroke threatens to stop.
  • Water ingestion of can also cause an unpleasant symptom in the form of a sensation of pressure in the ears. It is therefore necessary to carefully dispose of the water after bathing, and in the pool to swim in a rubber cap.

On video, why presses on the ears from the inside:

Symptoms of


Most often, along with a feeling of squeezing in the ear, a person experiences other, no less unpleasant symptoms, causing severe discomfort. What are these symptoms, we will find out.

Reducing the level of auditory perception is often accompanied by a feeling of pressure in the ears from the inside. Most likely, this is a banal sulfuric plug, but there are more serious reasons. Exactly this will be determined only by the doctor at the examination.

  • Headache. And the pain can be of a different nature( blunt, acute, pulsating), and felt in various parts of the head. Headache in this case can be both periodic and almost background nature.
  • Dizziness. This unpleasant symptom often accompanies a feeling of squeezing in the temples. Dizziness can be observed only with a sharp rise, but can also be felt constantly in a less pronounced form.
  • The disturbed coordination of movements directly follows from the previous symptom.
  • Nausea and even vomiting of may also be present with tinnitus pressure from the inside. Nausea, by the way, can be felt and almost always, but vomiting is rare.

Sharply negative reaction to sharp light, loud sounds, intolerance of these factors.

Periodically, a person hears those sounds that were not actually( phantom).For example, he can hear hourly clocks that are not in the house, non-existent calls to the door or other similar sounds. nausea and vomiting

Often there is accompanying noise in the ears, hum, sometimes - ringing. Such sounds can be very annoying, and people with a weak nervous system - and derail themselves.

Sometimes there may be pain in the heart, under the sternum, in the intercostal space.

Treatment of

Let's find out how to treat this unpleasant symptom.

The first thing to do when there is pressure from the inside in the ears is to go to the doctor. As we have already established, the reasons for such pressure in the ears may be different, therefore, the treatment, as is clear, also needs different. When eliminating the cause of the symptom, the latter usually passes by itself. an ENT specialist

First you need to visit ENT specialist , who will examine the ears for inflammation, otitis, cold infections and other factors that affect your overall well-being. The presence of injuries of the tympanic membrane, its possible perforation, various pathologies of internal auditory organs can also be detected at this stage. It may also be that the feeling of raspiraniya in the ears is caused by a banal sulfur plug, which the doctor can immediately remove. It is likely that this method will return normal health, and the sensation of pressure will disappear.

ENT doctor will also conduct a special examination - an audiogram that will help to identify existing problems with auditory perception. After the examination and the exact diagnosis, the doctor prescribes a treatment corresponding to this diagnosis.

Usually complex therapy includes:

  • reception of internal medications;reception of internal medications
  • drops in the ears;
  • antihistamines;
  • pain relievers;
  • physiotherapy.

Treatment varies depending on the cause of the disease, and may also include taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, cough drugs, vitamins and other medications. If the cause is serious enough, and it can not be eliminated medically, an appropriate operation can be prescribed.

It is necessary to follow all the doctor's instructions precisely to prevent the development of a chronic disease or any complication. If the ENT doctor was unable to identify the cause of internal pressure in the ears, then you will have to undergo a complete complex examination of the body: take the necessary tests, and visit the doctors of other specializations.

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Types of surveys

We will find out what diagnostic options will be needed in case the ENT doctor could not immediately establish the cause of the pressure from the inside in the ears.

  • Analysis of intracranial pressure. This indicator will be measured in a special way.
  • Scanning of the brain.
  • Special examination including X-ray of the spine and ultrasound of the cervical vessels. This examination will reveal the existing problems with the vessels, which too often cause the squeezing of the ears from within.

Other types of examinations are possible that will help the doctor to make a conclusion about the patient's health and make an accurate diagnosis.

We examined the features of pressure on the ears from the inside. As you can see, there can be several reasons for this symptom, and most of them are quite serious. Therefore, having noticed this symptom, it is better to go to the examination to the doctor, rather than start the disease, and lose valuable time. Qualified treatment will help to eliminate the cause, which caused a feeling of pressure, will return good health and health.