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Dysbacteriosis is a violation in the intestine of the balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria. The amount of bifido- and lactobacillus beneficial to the body decreases, and the number of pathogenic bacteria, on the contrary, increases. As a result, a person's state of health worsens, and pains appear in the abdomen. These symptoms of dysbacteriosis, as a rule, are accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. In special cases, even skin reactions may occur. To treat this problem, a drug such as Linex can help.


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The agent referred to in this article refers to eubiotics. This group of drugs contains microorganisms and bacteria that enter the intestine, begin to "work" over the creation of a nor

mal microflora. With the help of "Linex" you can increase the number of useful and stop the development of dangerous bacteria in the body.

"Linex" is a capsule made of opaque material, inside of which is a white powder. This drug is designed to normalize the microflora not only of the intestine, but also of other digestive organs. This drug contains bifido-, lactobacilli and microorganisms that destroy harmful microbes( enterococci).

IMPORTANT: Lactobacilli are necessary for the body not only for the normalization of the intestine. But also for the development of certain substances and vitamins, which the body needs for its normal work. In addition, these microorganisms are used to normalize the natural acidity of the colon( 5.5-5.6 pH).

Instruction for use

How does

Get into the body, this drug activates the fermentation process. Such an environment will begin to kill harmful organisms and improve the action of enzymes that are involved in the synthesis of ascorbic acid and vitamins B and K. This will help the body cope with unfavorable external factors.

In addition, the components of "Linex" substances are involved in the synthesis of bile acids and improve the work of antibacterial substances. That leads to the improvement of the immune system.


"Linex" is a powder, sealed in capsules of opaque plastic. One capsule contains 280.00 mg of Lebenin. In 1 g of this powder contains: L. acidophilus -300 mg, B. infantis - 300 mg, E. faecium - 300 mg. They are supplemented with magnesium stearate, lactose and potato starch.

Indications for use

  • Enterococci inhabit the small intestine of the human body. Its lower part, as well as the large intestine, is the habitat of lactobacilli. In addition, the colon is also inhabited by bifidobacteria. All these microorganisms produce the
  • compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. They are able to withstand various infections and viruses. For example, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, cholera vibrio, etc. With a lack of useful microorganisms in the intestine, the number of pathogenic bacteria increases. What causes dysbiosis and more serious problems of
  • Disbalance of bacteria in the body can result from antibiotic treatment and chemotherapy. In addition, such a problem can be caused by frequent stresses, malnutrition, consumption of alcohol in large quantities, poor hygiene and harmful working conditions. To restore the intestinal microflora, Linex is shown, as well as its analogs

Lineks to children

Dysbacteriosis in childhood is very dangerous. It can lead to:

  • Poor performance of the immune system
  • Increased susceptibility to various diseases
  • Risk of allergic reactions
  • Deterioration of food intake

You can help your child cope with dysbiosis with the help of "Linex".Today you can buy this product specially designed for the child's body.

Lineage dosage

Use this medication after eating, squeezed with a little water. If the child can not swallow the capsule, then it is necessary to remove the powder from it and pour it into a teaspoon. There you need to add water, mix and give the child in this form.


  • for children under 2 years of age: 1 caps.3 times a day
  • for children from 2 to 12 years: 1-2 caps.3 times a day
  • for adults and children over 12 years: 2 caps.3 times a day

IMPORTANT: Do not drink this drug with hot beverages and consume it simultaneously with alcohol.

Tablets Lineks

Many people mistakenly call "Linex" on a blister tablet. This is not true. Under this type of packaging are all the same capsules of this product. On one blister are 8 capsules of "Linex".In one carton can be from 2 to 8 blisters with capsules of this product.

Linex in capsules

"Linex" in capsules is the only form of packaging of this drug. Capsules can be packed in a blister( 8 pieces) or in dark vials of 16 or 32 pieces.

This drug is dispensed in pharmacies without the prescription of doctors.


This drug should not be used for the treatment of dysbacteriosis with increased sensitivity to the components of this drug.

Lineage or Bifiform?

This question is difficult to answer. The composition, and accordingly, the effect of these drugs is almost identical. But, it is believed that the "Lineks" is more susceptible to antibiotics. Therefore, it can be used simultaneously with them. A "Bifiform" after the course of antibiotics.

If you doubt that you choose "Lineksk" or "Bifiform", then you can try alternating capsules of one and the other remedy. They will not interfere with each other.

Analogues of Linex

This drug belongs to the probiotic of the third generation. In this class of means from a dysbacteriosis enter the combined preparations consisting of several strains of one kind of bacteria. This leads to an increase in the action of bacteria.

In addition to the "Linex", third-generation probiotics include:

"Bifiform" - is used to improve bowel function and to prevent gastrointestinal disorders."Bifiform Baby"( powder and chewing sweets) is a children's version of this drug.

  • Dosage: Children over 2 years and adults - 2-3 caps.daily

"Acipol" - a remedy for normalization of the intestine. Contains lactobacilli and kefir fungi.

  • Dosage: Children over 3 years and adults - 1 caps.3-4 times a day for half an hour before a meal

"Bifiliz" - is prescribed for intestinal dysfunctions and acute intestinal infections. The composition of this remedy includes bifidobacteria and lysozyme.

  • Dosages: 5 doses - 2-3 times per day

"Bifidumbacterin forte" is a probiotic of the fourth generation. It consists of bifidobacteria sorbed on activated carbon particles. Has a strong effect in the fight against dysbiosis, than the probiotics of younger generations.

  • Dosage: 2 packs / caps.2-3 times a day


Xenia. After I fell ill with angina, the doctor prescribed strong antibiotics. I drank them and started having problems with the intestines. It was necessary to solve this problem. Tried "Lineks" and he helped me. They say that now there are even better drugs. I do not know. But I stopped here.

Catherine. My friend advised me to drink kefir more. Says it is the same bacteria as in pharmaceuticals. Here I drink, I save.

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