Very often, children are diagnosed with diseases of the upper respiratory tract. One of the ways of treatment is washing. Here you can read than to wash the nose to the child with a cold. Also here you will find a list of tablets against the common cold. However, the most effective treatment in this situation is the use of drops for the nose. But what drugs should be used for children to get the maximum effect and not to harm the baby and which children's drops from the cold are better? Let us consider in detail the most effective drops for children of different ages.


  • 1 For babies up to a year
    • 1.1 vasoconstrictive
    • 1.2 Homeopathic
    • 1.3 Moisturizers
  • 2 From year to three
    • 2.1 vasoconstrictive
    • 2.2 Moisturizers
    • 2.3 Antiviral
  • 3 children after 3 years
    • 3.1 Homeopathic
    • 3.2 Antibiotic

For babies up to the year

Before using nasal drops for such small patients, and especial

ly infants from birth, it is better to consult a doctor. As a rule, he can prescribe vasoconstrictor, homeopathic and moisturizers.

baby drops in the nose of the cold


Use of such drops to treat colds in children under 1 year is allowed no more than 3 days. To avoid side effects, the dosage prescribed by your doctor should be strictly followed. Otherwise, there is a risk of poisoning with drops in the baby, which will lead to sad consequences. To vasoconstrictor drops for children up to a year can be attributed the following:

  1. Vibrocil - for such small patients this drug is authorized for use only in the form of drops. This drug perfectly copes with green snot, diluting the mucus and removing it out. It is necessary to irrigate the nose in 1 injection no more than 3 times a day. The cost of the drug is 160 r Vibrocil - a drop in the nose
  2. Nazol baby - drip 1 drop into each nasal passage no more than 1 time in 6 hours. Buy drops in the pharmacy can be for 130 r Nazol baby drops in the nose for the baby
  3. Nazivin - vasoconstrictor drops, with the use of which you can remove puffiness and eliminate nasal congestion. Use the drug by drop in each pass 3 times a day. The cost of the drug is 157 Nazivin drops in the nose for children


This group of drugs for infants includes Rinitol Edas 131( 126 r).They are used for the treatment of acute and chronic rhinitis. Drip into each nasal passage of 3 calories 3 times throughout the day.

On the photo - instructions for the use of children's drops Derinat:



During the therapy, it is necessary to maintain the normal state of the mucous membrane at all times. So that it does not dry up, it is necessary to use moisturizers. Their composition presupposes the presence of sterile sea water, which does not have any side effects. The most effective are Aquamarine( 130) and Salin( 130 r).

On the video - children's nasal drops from the cold:

From year to three

Treatment of children of this age is not very different. Here, the doctor also prescribes vasoconstrictive, moisturizing, homeopathic drops. The difference may be in the name of the drug and dosage.


The action of these drops is aimed at narrowing small vessels of the nasal cavity, removing puffiness and flushing of nasal passages. When using drops, it is possible to relieve congestion, reduce the amount of mucus, eliminate the runny nose.

Although vasoconstrictive drugs have an instant effect, the duration of their action is short-lived. For this reason, many parents increase the dosage, which is very unreasonable. The result of such an independent activity may be the development of seizures. The most effective for children from one year to 3 years can be attributed:

  1. Children's Nazivin( price - 157 rubles);Children
  2. Baby Nazon( 120 rubles);
  3. Children's Rinazoline( 180 r).Children


Treatment of any runny nose necessarily involves the use of moisturizing drops. Thanks to them, it is possible to facilitate the process of cleansing the nose and dilute thick mucus.

These drops contain purified sea water or saline. The drug is absolutely safe for children, there is no overdose. The instruction assumes to wash out each nasal passage in 2 hours. Apply moisturizing drops are necessary before instillation of antiviral, vasoconstrictor compositions. Such actions help to clear the nasal passages and strengthen the action of drugs. The most effective and inexpensive with a moisturizing effect is:

  1. Saline( 130r);nasal drops
  2. Aquamaris( 67 r);drops in the nose Aquamaris
  3. Aqualor Baby Spray( 105);Aqualor baby for the burial of the nose
  4. Remove the baby( 300);Bear for the little ones
  5. Physiomer( 12);Physiomer for baby

The presented funds are allowed to be used for any kind of rhinitis.


When a runny nose in a baby is caused by a viral infection, then complex therapy is impossible without the use of antiviral drugs. The basis of such drugs is an active substance called interferon. Assign with acute symptoms of the disease or children with weakened immunity. But by appointment, a doctor can order complex drops. In a pharmacy, each parent can purchase for the child from one to three years the following antiviral drugs:

  1. Grippferon( 250 r);Grippferon for the nose of toddlers
  2. Nasoferon( 305);
  3. Interferon( 80).Interferon

Children after 3 years of age

Which drops are better for treating children from 3 years of age? For patients older than 3 years, Otrivin helps cope with the common cold. It is a vasoconstrictive drug, in which xylometazoline hydrochloride is present. These potassium do not have color and odor. When they are used, it is possible to narrow the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa, eliminate swelling, redness, and alleviate nasal breathing.

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This drug is very easily tolerated by children, despite the fact that they have a very delicate nasal membrane. The influence of Otrivin on the tissue does not prevent the mucus from escaping. You can buy this medicine in a pharmacy for 300 rubles.

If the child has a green mucus in the runny nose, then Vibrocil( 160 r), Rinoprint( 135), Polydex( 468), Snoop( 80 r) should be used to divert and dilute it. These drops are analogous in their effect. Snoop drops in the nose for toddlers


To date, there are no any information that the medicines presented have a curative effect. But many doctors prescribe them at a children's runny nose and believe that they have a complex effect on the damaged respiratory tract. The result of this treatment is the elimination of swelling, inflammation. In the pharmacy, parents can buy the following homeopathic medicines:

  1. Edas-131( 126);edas 131 drops in the nose
  2. Dloufen( 600);
  3. Euphorbium compositum( 320 r).


For children over 3 years of age, antibiotic-based drugs may be prescribed to treat colds. But you can use such drugs only for the doctor's prescription. When the cause of nasal congestion - influenza, herpes or other virus, then without antibiotic drops it is impossible to overcome all the symptoms of the disease and its cause. Also often prescribed drops with genyantritis with antibiotic. To the preparations of this group are:

  1. Polydex( 250 r; Polydecote in the nose
  2. Bioparox( 400);
  3. Isofra( 195).

If the common cold is allergic, then by reference you will find drops from allergic rhinitis for children. A child's runny nose is a very common phenomenon in medical practice. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and the causes of the disease, it is necessary to use drops that have a vasoconstrictive, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Be sure to follow the dosage indicated in the instructions, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect and cause the baby even greater suffering. If the drops do not help, then read what to do if the child does not have a runny nose for a long time.