Ointment Vishnevsky - an effective classic for the treatment of hemorrhoids

According to statistical data, among proctological pathologies, the diagnosis of "hemorrhoids" is made for every second patient.

The disease develops with unbalanced diet, constipation, sedentary lifestyle and many other provoking factors.

The disease is accompanied by inflammation of enlarged and blood-filled vessels of the rectum, the appearance of painful knots and the release of blood.

It will not be possible to defeat the disease in a couple of days, the treatment of hemorrhoids is a long process, which requires an integrated approach and along with medication it will be necessary to adjust the lifestyle, diet, and increase physical activity.

There are many different anti-hemorrhoid drugs on the drugstore shelves.

In addition to special medicines used only for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other proctologic problems, there are also those that were originally developed for other purposes and only by chance they were used in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

To such pharmaceuticals i

s the ointment of Vishnevsky, another its name is balsamic liniment according to Vishnevsky.


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  • Childhood is not a hindrance
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers
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theory Developed by the test of time

Developed drug A.V. Vishnevsky, doctor, author of more than 100 scientific works. In due time among medical workers disputes concerning minuses and pluses from application of ointment were conducted.

The fact is that when applying the dosage form, an airtight film is formed on the wound surface, which promotes the development of anaerobic infections.

Also, the ointment has a warming effect and increases blood circulation in the inflamed area. As a result, under the formed film, there is an intensification of the inflammatory process, maturation of the infiltrate and a breakout of the pus outward.

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In the following uses, the medicine cleans the wound from the contents well and drains it, accelerates the healing of damaged tissues.

With hemorrhoids liniment reduces the swelling of the anorectal zone, eliminates pain and inflammation, and has a disinfectant effect.

Vishnevsky ointment is used in the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

The drug has almost no undesirable effects, only occasionally, in case of individual intolerance, an allergic reaction may develop when it is used.

The only contraindication to use - ointment can not be applied to contaminated wounds.

The composition of liniment

The therapeutic effect of the drug is determined by its composition:

  1. Xeroform has an astringent and drying property, it also causes the death of pathogenic microflora, contributes to epithelization of damaged skin.
  2. Castor oil , which is obtained by cold pressing of castor oil seeds. It has a softening effect and helps the other components to penetrate deeper into the damaged tissue.
  3. Birch tar from , obtained by dry distillation from birch bark. It consists of almost 10 thousand useful ingredients, which have a disinfectant and antipathy effect on the wound. Also tar helps to remove puffiness of the inflamed area, improves blood supply, eliminates stagnant phenomena in the hemorrhoid cones and promotes tissue healing.

How to use ointment for hemorrhoids

Before using balsamic linings according to Vishnevsky, it is necessary to treat hemorrhoidal nodes with a weak pink solution of potassium permanganate for 3 days.

For this, the sterile bandage is impregnated with a solution of potassium permanganate and applied to the affected area three times a day.

With severe pain, you can simultaneously take analgesics prescribed by your doctor. After 3 days begin treatment with ointment, for this it is applied to a sterile bandage and applied to external hemorrhoids.

The compress is fixed with adhesive plaster and is changed every 12 hours or it is applied for 2 hours 3 times a day. After 2 days, the hemorrhoidal cones will subside, and the inflammatory process will subside.

To fix the effect for two more days, you can make warm baths with a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate for the night.

Then, before the morning, apply the application with liniment.

It is important to start using the ointment at the first signs of the disease, bandages with the drug will help reduce pain and better tissue regeneration.

Ointment should be used in combination with other phlebotonic medications that normalize the blood circulation of the rectum.

With Vishnevsky liniment, it is possible to do microclysters or simply to lubricate diseased areas.

The medicine well removes suppuration of hemorrhoidal cones and disinfects the anorectal zone.

Very often, the drug is prescribed as an anesthetic after surgical removal of hemorrhoids.

Its application improves the condition of patients, relieves inflammation, accelerates the healing process of postoperative wounds.

Childhood is not a hindrance

Liniment has no contraindications to use, so it can be used in pediatrics.

In children, it can be a habit to sit on a pot and frequent constipation to provoke the disease. It is used to treat small patients in the same way as in adults.

Parents should remember, although this is a non-prescription drug it can be used for children only with the permission of a specialist.

Pregnant and lactating mothers

Very often, hemorrhoids appear in women during childbearing. The growing fetus exerts pressure on the organs of the abdominal cavity, as a result of which the rectum descends, its blood supply is disturbed.

The difficulty of treating pregnant women is that many drugs penetrate the placental barrier and can harm the baby.

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Active components of Vishnevsky ointment do not enter the systemic bloodstream and do not have a fetotoxic effect, therefore it is allowed to be used to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

Labor during labor often also can provoke the appearance of hemorrhoids. In this case, you can also apply balsamic liniment, it is not excreted in breast milk, so you will not need to transfer the newborn to artificial feeding.

Advantages and disadvantages in the theses of

Among the majority of modern pharmaceuticals Vishnevsky ointment stands out with a number of advantages:

  • it has practically no contraindications, except for individual intolerance;
  • of side effects in rare cases may be allergic;
  • preparation has wound healing, drying, disinfecting and analgesic effect;
  • medicine is sold in almost every pharmacy and is inexpensive.

Of the minuses can be noted persistent smell. And also that when you get the ointment on clothes, after it there are brown spots that are hard to wash.

Practice in the service of the theory

Numerous reviews of doctors and patients who used Vishnevsky's ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids are not straightforward. Here are some of them.

The pharmaceutical industry produces a wide range of more effective medicines.

In addition, when using the ointment, a fat film is formed, under which the pathogenic microflora can develop, which increases the risk of unwanted complications. Therefore, I do not recommend Vishnevsky liniment for my patients.

Alexander, doctor-proctologist

After the birth of the child got out hemorrhoids, it was painful to sit, and since I did not want to give the baby a mixture, I did not know what to do. Mama advised to do compresses with liniment balsamic. I consulted with the proctologist, and he allowed.

First I processed 2 days knots with potassium permanganate, and then I made compresses with ointment for the whole night. The smell is certainly unpleasant, but I decided to suffer, especially since the effect was noticeable: the bumps diminished, the pain went away and after a few days I forgot about my ailment.

Svetlana Kazan

I once did not like to be treated with Vishnevsky's ointment, firstly, it spreads, and secondly, it has an unpleasant smell. I switched to another medicine that helped me.

Rose Moscow

Before you start treatment for hemorrhoids ointment Vishnevsky always need to consult a doctor, weigh the pros and cons.

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