Colds do not always go away without a trace. In some cases complications can occur in the form of a hoarse or hoarse voice. The cause of this can be a larynx that is inflamed. Recover the voice after the damage is not easy, but possible. Especially, this is important for those who need to talk a lot at work. To the aid can come drugs and recipes of traditional medicine.

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General recommendations

  • 2 General recommendations
  • 2 Methods for the adult
    • 2.1 Medications
    • 2.2 Folk recipes
  • 3 Solving the problem in the child
  • 4 Solving the problem in pregnant women
  • General recommendations

    You can bring the voice back to normal after the loss, only for a week. In order for the restore process to be faster, you must follow these rules:

    1. Less talk .Vocal cords need rest. Because of inflammation, they are tense, so they do not need extra loads. This can only lead to a worsening of the larynx. Therefore, in the
      first few days after the beginning of treatment it is desirable to limit conversations.
    2. Increase the amount of liquid consumed .It is best to drink warm drinks without gas. Do not use anything that can irritate the sore throat. Therefore, you must abandon the hot and sour. Better to give preference to broths, herbal decoctions and infusions, milk.
      liquid consumption

      On the photo, drinking water to restore the voice

    3. Food irritating the mucous throat, should also be excluded from the diet at the time of treatment .Salty, spicy, spices, marinades, rough food - all this is forbidden in any otolaryngological diseases. The patient is suitable for warm, steamed or boiled, semi-liquid, slimy food.
    4. Moisten the room. It is necessary to fight with dry air. The rooms should be regularly ventilated and use a humidifier for air.
    5. Abandon the use of cigarettes. Smoking can be an obstacle to the return of a normal voice.
    6. Do not drink coffee and spirits .It leads to dehydration and can cause dryness of the vocal cords.
    7. Avoid preparations with vasoconstrictor properties. They lead to dryness in the nose and throat and can also affect the vocal cords.

    These recommendations will help to carry out the procedure of voice restoration much faster. And if they are observed for colds, then recovery will come much earlier.

    On video how to restore voice after a cold

    Methods for an adult

    To return the ability to speak normally in an adult person with the help of medicament and folk remedies.

    lost voice, sore throat and cough appeared What needs to be done, when the voice went missing, sore throat and cough appeared, is described in great detail in this article.

    How to treat a cold, when the voice was gone, and what drugs are the most effective, will help to understand this information.

    What to do when the throat does not hurt and the voice is hoarse, and what are the main reasons for this can indicated in this article: http: // simptomy-g / xriplyj-golos-prichiny-no-gorlo-ne-bolit.html

    You may also be interested in learning how to cure colds and runny nose with folk remedies.


    To heal vocal cords and restore voice, you must use inhalation. Such a procedure can be used with the help of a modern instrument - a nibulizer. For inhalations, such medications may be needed:

    • Solution .This is the most economical option. Two days are enough to improve the condition of the larynx and return the voice. Within this short period, it will be possible to notice significant improvements. But what is the ratio of Lazolvan and saline solution is necessary for inhalation, and how to determine the correct amount is indicated in this article.
      saline solution

      On the photo-saline

    • Alkaline mineral water. If you inhale the mineral water with the gas in, the irritation will decrease and the voice will return faster.
      alkaline mineral water

      On the photo - alkaline mineral water

    • Glococorticosteroids .With complete loss of voice, glucocorticosteroid preparations are needed. Since these are hormonal drugs, they should be prescribed only by a specialist.

      On the photo-glucocorticosteroids

    • Drugs based on ambroxol .Such inhalations relieve perspiration in the throat and have some moisturizing properties that can partially return the ability to talk. And here's how to apply Ambroxol with a damp cough, and how effective this tool is.will help to understand this information.
      preparations based on ambroxol

      Some photos of preparations based on ambroxol

    Some local preparations can also speed up recovery. You can use antiseptic sprays and lozenges. They contain a large number of useful substances that help moisturize the larynx, so that within a few days they will help restore the voice.

    Folk recipes

    Traditional medicine can help to cope with the problem. There are many recipes for rinsing, ingesting and inhalation, prepared on the basis of medicinal plants.

    Popular recipes are:

    1. Seeds of anise .To prepare the medicine half a glass of seeds should be cooked in half a liter of boiled water. The remedy should stand for several hours. After this, it must be filtered and add 50 g of honey and 10 g of cognac. To return the voice, the medicine should be drunk on a spoon once every few hours and so the whole day. Improvements will be seen within 24 hours. But even if the voice is fully returned, the course must be completed. Its duration is a week.
      anise seeds

      On the photo- seeds of anise

    2. Root of horseradish. It needs to be washed and grated.10 g of the root is curled 100 grams of boiled water. All this should stand for several hours, after which you need to add a little sugar. You need to drink it all day in small portions once an hour.
      horseradish root

      On the photo- horseradish root

    3. Hot compress. It is necessary to heat vegetable oil on a water bath. In it, soak a piece of cloth and roll your throat, put plastic wrap on top and tie a scarf. Walk with such a compress it is necessary at least half a day. After it is removed, the throat should be slightly massaged to increase the flow of blood. But what kind of compressor nebulizer is better to buy, and what kind of reviews exist, is described in great detail in this article.
      hot throat compress

      On the photo- hot compress for throat

    4. Whipped protein. This recipe is used by vocalists, who urgently need to return the voice. It is necessary to whip the egg white to a foamy state, add the cooled boiled water to it and rinse every few hours.

    Solving a problem in a child

    Children are usually treated with the same means as adults, but with some restrictions. For example, some sprays and medications can not be used. Therefore, before using them, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    If you have a child's voice, you should do so:

    • Do inhalation with alkaline mineral water or saline.
    • A child should drink several glasses of warm milk a day, in which it is desirable to add a little soda or butter.
    • Gargle with special solutions.
    • In the nose, dig in oil droplets.

    You can ask for help and folk medicine. But it is necessary to consider that for some herbs or berries the child may have an allergy.

    On video, how to return voice after a cold:

    The loss of voice in small children can be a sign of stenosis of the larynx. This is a very dangerous condition, so if you have such a problem, you should immediately call your doctor.

    Solving the problem in pregnant women

    hoarse voice after a cold in a pregnant woman

    In the period of bearing the child's immunity weakens. Therefore, women in this situation often suffer from catarrhal diseases, the consequences of which can be a loss of voice.

    Folk remedies and medication can not be used alone, as most of them are contraindicated in pregnancy. Any treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor.

    Women are usually recommended to use home remedies: drink milk with honey, raspberry, currant, mint and other teas.

    But is it possible for pregnant Pinosol spray, and as far as this facility is effective and safe, specified in this article.

    It will also be interesting to learn about how the pharyngitis is treated during pregnancy, and which medication in this case will help the fastest.

    If this does not help return the voice, and the condition worsens, then prescribe medications. Now there are medicines that practically do not harm the child.

    Loss of voice is a rather unpleasant and common complication of colds. It can be eliminated first of all by curing the disease itself. Speed ​​up the process of restoring the voice can be done with the help of folk remedies. But it is necessary to take into account the individual intolerance of certain plants.

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