Flu and cold are diseases that often visit the human body in the autumn-spring period. It is at this time that the organism is most vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms. Cold and flu should be treated, and it should be done immediately after the first manifestations are detected. Therapy should consist of several medications, one of which are powders.


  • 1 What to take with influenza
    • 1.1 Coldrex
    • 1.2 Upsarin Uppsala
    • 1.3 Rinzai
  • 2 When cold
    • 2.1 Farmatsitron
    • 2.2 Fervex
    • 2.3 Antigrippin
    • 2.4 Nimesil
    • 2.5 Theraflu

What to take with influenza

Forinfluenza is characterized by such clinical picture as temperature rise, general weakness, headache, choking in the throat, stuffiness in the nose. Specially designed powders can cope with all these manifestations.


This medicine relieves heat and has a vasoconstrictive effect. Thanks to him, you can quickly reduce the temperatu

re, ease nasal breathing and tear. The composition of the preparation contains a large number of components, including vitamin C, paracetamol, phenylephrine hydrochloride.


On the photodiamond

Improvement occurs 30 minutes after use, but only carefully read the instructions, since Coldrex has contraindications. You can buy the powder at a price of 160 rubles.

Uppsarin Oopsa

It contains vitamin C, so the drug quickly removes heat and symptoms such as body aches and headaches. The therapeutic effect can be observed 15 minutes after the application of the powder.

Uppsarin Oopsa

On the photo-upsarin Oopsa

And it will last for 2 hours. The cost of the drug is 185 rubles.


With the help of this drug you can eliminate all the symptoms of the flu. Achieved this effect due to the presence of paracetamol and caffeine. They have a combined effect on the body. Thanks to them there is a rapid relief of heat and chills.


On photo-rinse

After taking the drug, the patient feels vigorous, which allows him to return to the old way of life. You can buy the powder at a price of 175 rubles. To learn more about the powders from colds Rince, will help understand this article.

With a cold

Colds are accompanied by a rise in temperature to 37.5 degrees, painful sensations in the throat, nasal congestion. To eliminate them, you can use proven powders.


This drug has a combined effect. The powder must be diluted in water to get a therapeutic drink. The role of the active ingredient is paracetamol, which belongs to the group of analgesics. With the help of Pharmacitron it is possible to have an analgetic and antipyretic effect. The composition contains antihistamine components, with which you can eliminate allergic rhinitis and other cold symptoms.


In the photo-pharmacitron

Pharmacitron effectively cures pain of different etiology and localization. It is forbidden to receive people who drink alcohol, pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients with kidney failure. Children can take powder from 6 years.

Before applying the powder, it is necessary to take into account its compatibility with other medicines. With the help of Pharmacitron, the effect of taking antidepressants and sedatives can be enhanced. Learn more about the powder from the cold Pharmacitron, will help understand this article.

In combination with them, side effects can occur in relation to the central nervous system and digestive tract. When taking the drug, do not use drugs that contain ethanol.

Also do not interact powder with hot drinks, otherwise you can not avoid symptoms of intoxication. In the course of therapy, concentration of attention and slowing of reaction can decrease, so during the Pharmacitron intake one should not sit behind the wheel. The cost of the drug is 365 rubles per package.


This drug is based on such components as paracetamol, phenyramin and vitamin C. It is advisable to use in the treatment of allergic rhinitis of the acute course, inflammation of the nasopharynx and pharyngitis. Has a bright analgesic effect. In addition to treatment of acute respiratory infections, it can be used to eliminate the pain syndrome in thermal trauma.


On photo-fervex

Do not use pregnant women, people with alcoholism, hypertension and glaucoma.
Children can apply Fervex from the age of 15.And for young patients there is a children's version of Fervex. During therapy, it is worth noting the use of hot drinks. The cost of the drug is 275 rubles per package.


This drug has a combined effect. In its composition, you can find paracetamol, vitamin C and chlorphenamine. The powder successfully cope with heat, painful sensations in the muscles, headaches.


On photo-antigrippin

Can be used in the therapy of rhinitis, which is viral, bacterial and allergic in nature. Before using Antigripp, it is necessary to take into account that the drug has a number of side effects that affect the central nervous system. Thus, a person can be visited by headaches, weakness, poor sleep and fatigue. In some situations, there may be a violation of the functioning of the food tract.

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You can not use Antigripp for people with glaucoma, chronic ulcer, severe anemia. It is absolutely impossible to take the drug during pregnancy.

During lactation, the drug is only allowed if lactation is interrupted. Take Antigripp with extreme caution to people who consume alcohol. This is due to the fact that the concentration of active ingredients can cause damage to liver tissue. You can buy the product at a price of 150 rubles.


This drug has a bright anesthetic and antipyretic effect. Assign in order to eliminate the symptoms of cold and flu, but this is not the whole spectrum of the effect of the drug. Nimesil is prescribed to relieve pain in case of severe migraine, after surgery and in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


On photo-nimesil

It is forbidden to use at the time of pregnancy, with lactation, stomach ulcer, poor kidney and liver function, diabetes and impaired GIT function. It is forbidden to take Nimesil in small patients. In the period of breastfeeding, use of powder can only be provided that lactation is terminated. With caution, administer the medication in tandem with diuretines.

This is due to the fact that it is able to enhance their influence and lead to dehydration of the body. It is forbidden to use Nimesil when taking medications that reduce blood clotting, since the powder enhances their influence, and this is a direct way to the development of thrombophlebitis. The cost of Nimesil is 700 rubles per package. But how Nimesil is used for colds is described in great detail in this article.


This medication has a combined effect. In the role of active ingredients are paracetamol, phenylephrine and phenyramine maleate. Medicines are involved in the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, colds and influenza. It removes the inflammation badly, but the powder effectively reduces the temperature and pain syndrome.

In this case, you can not take Teraflu for a long time. The action of the drug is aimed at cupping the fighting in the head and muscles, reducing the temperature. Apply the drug is a cold and nasal congestion, as it facilitates nasal breathing.


On the photo-terafle

In addition to the standard contra-indications for admission, Teraflu is banned for epilepsy, bronchial asthma and ailments of the urinary system. It is not necessary to use the drug during lactation, but pregnant women can use it only in extreme situations after consulting a doctor. Teraflu should not be used for more than 7 days, and even exceed the maximum dosage of the drug. The cost of the drug is 200 rubles per package.

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Powders for cold and flu are reliable means, which can help not only the course of the disease course, but also alleviate the patient's symptoms. The choice of a suitable preparation is made taking into account the degree of damage, the available symptoms and the contraindications that the chosen drug has.